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Patagonia the company

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Stephen Parmenter
( parmens )

Patagonia the company on 03/01/2007 17:01:41 MST Report Post Print

Rating: 5 / 5

In January, I had ordered a Patagonia Synchilla fleece vest for my wife (this particular color had caught her eye), from Moosejaw. The order was accepted and supposedly mailed. After about 2 weeks of not having received the package, I wrote an e-mail to the customer service dept. They apologized and said that it in fact had not been mailed. They special ordered it from Patagonia, it was supposedly shipped, but long story short, Patagonia was out of the size/color I ordered and were not getting any more in. Fast forward to a month later... this past week I get a call from Moosejaw... Patagonia had called them, they had somehow came up with a few of the vest in the size/color I wanted and they wanted to know if I was still interested, if so they would ship it out. I was and my wife is a happy girl. I thought this was an example of terrific f/u on a blown order by both Moosejaw and Patagonia.

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David Neumann
( idahomtman - M )

Northern Idaho
Patagonia on 03/01/2007 20:41:18 MST Report Post Print

Rating: 5 / 5

I have been doing business with Patagonia from before it became Patagonia (Chouinard Equipment). Their products are high quality, environmentally sound and they have an outstanding business philosophy. Sometimes their prices are high, but you can often get a bargain online with their clearance sales. The service has always been quick. They have awesome catalogs.

Many of their products would not be considered lightweight, but there are plenty that fit within my pack and have for years. I have some of their stuff that has seen hard use for over 20, even 30 years! Any minor issues I have had with Patagonia have been quickly and satisfactorily resolved. Their customer service department is very helpful with sizing.

Edited by idahomtman on 03/01/2007 20:42:49 MST.

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Patrick Young
( lightingboy )

Recent Return on 03/20/2008 13:31:30 MDT Report Post Print

Rating: 5 / 5

I recently returned some White Smoke Mitts that did not meet my needs as expected and the store where Ipurchased them would not take them back. I shipped them to Patagonia direct and they refunded my money, no questions asked.
Thanks Patagonia

David Chenault
( DaveC - M )

Crown of the Continent
Could not ask for more on 12/06/2008 18:55:22 MST Report Post Print

Rating: 5 / 5

Patagonia has put a new zipper on my Houdini, replaced an R2 with a blown zipper with another without question (in the outlet store, and gave me full retail credit for the 2 year old jacket), and sold me tons of other pieces that are in the closet and going strong. Lightweight capilene crews from 2004-5 remain the best piece of outdoor clothing ever made. Too bad the latest generation of capilene has bad the sizing redrawn for fat people.

I buy from them with confidence.

Jace Mullen
( climberslacker )

Your guess is as good as mine.
Great online customer service on 03/19/2010 22:46:17 MDT Report Post Print

Rating: 5 / 5

I have never had to deal with there customer service department because of something I have bought, but many times i have had questions about there products and if you are on their website, on the top right corner there is usually a little speach bubble that sais "live chat". Also sometimes there will be a popup asking if you need help. Everytime I have used this service they have given me helpful information about their stuff that is accurate! I love it!


J Boro
( JBend )

Not quite an Ironclad Guarantee on 01/31/2013 22:55:22 MST Report Post Print

Rating: 3 / 5

I recently attempted to return a down sweater where the DWR coating had worn off. To be fair to Patagonia, I once had a really bad reaction to some DWR renewal products and won't put them on any of my gear. Patagonia said that the only option would be to wash in some DWR and see if I had a reaction to it. As much as I enjoyed several trips to the doctors and being on steroids for a week, I think I'll pass.

I'll continue to buy Patagonia products as the do make some great sweaters and trusty capilene, but for big ticket or technical items I'll make purchases from other companies I know will stand behind their products 100%.

Price comparison from GearBuyer:
Patagonia Down Sweater - Boy's priced at: $67.99 - $99.00
Patagonia Down Sweater - Baby Boy's priced at: $61.93 - $89.00
Patagonia Down Sweater - Girl's priced at: $66.75 - $99.00
Patagonia Down Sweater - Baby Girl's priced at: $62.30
Patagonia Down Sweater - Toddler Girl's priced at: $62.30
Patagonia Down Sweater - Women's priced at: $119.99 - $200.00

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