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Enlightened Equipment Revelation X

in Sleeping Bags - Quilts & Top Bags

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Art Tyszka
( arttyszka )

Enlightened Equipment Revelation X on 05/29/2012 17:53:25 MDT Report Post Print

Rating: 5 / 5

This was my first quilt, and I couldn't be happier. I needed a new cold weather bag, so I went with the 20F 6' Wide and had the 30% over stuff. The loft on this quilt is incredible, more than I expected.

I've had a few chances to use the quilt this Spring, but not at the temps it's capable of going down to. The coldest I've had it out is 39F, and it was toasty warm, so much so that I kept it loose or off me at certain points.

The RevX quilts use cosmetic seconds fabric, but you're hard-pressed to tell. The quality of the quilt is absolutely top notch.

Being 6' and 200 lbs I went with the Wide taper and it gives me plenty of room, considering the quilt should be good down to 15F, the 25 ounces is pretty light.

I like the quilt so much I'm considering selling my Montbell #3 and ordering a 40F quilt for the warmer months. Considering the very good price, competitive weight, excellent build quality, and impressive loft, I find it difficult to beat.

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robert v
( mtnbob123 )

Upstate South Carolina
Rev X is an Amazing Quilt!!! on 08/01/2012 11:35:48 MDT Report Post Print

Rating: 5 / 5

Love this Quilt! It is Huge(2.5"baffle, Wide and Long model- overstuffed ) but weighs very little(28oz in stuffsack). Very warm when cinched up tight, but still useable as a lightweight quilt in warmer weather. The Rev X fabric is great! The Karo baffles work exactly as advertised!

Tjaard Breeuwer
( Tjaard )

Minnesota, USA
Fit is roomy, loft and quality are high, price and weight are low! on 09/17/2012 12:30:41 MDT Report Post Print

Rating: 5 / 5

The sewing is very neatly done, I have not looked super close at the fabric but from a casual glance I don't see any blemishes. Nice soft hand.

I have a 6'6" wide.
I am 6'5" with size 11 feet and it was plenty long for me, even with the footbox closed I had plenty of length to pull over my shoulders and up over my ears.
I also have plenty of foot room, don't even come close to compressing the down with my feet.

The WIDE is very roomy, I would compare it to XL or even XXL in jacket shoulder width.

Average loft is very high (for such a light bag).
I have a 40 degree quilt with 30% overstuff. Even with the overfill, some of the compartments end up a slightly low on down. I think this is because the Karo compartments are so large and this is such a 'thin' loft for that size compartment, so the down slides to one side; and also due to some down migrating between baffles.

On the other hand, the benefit of the Karo baffles is that it allows you to adjust the down to where you want it, and I assume making the boxes smaller, would raise both price and weight.

The way I see it, the rating should be for the lowest outside temp an average person is comfortable inside a tent wearing light baselayers. Wind, humidity and sleeping outside will all require a warmer bag.

For me personally, I would rate this bag at ~45F. The manufacturer rates it as ~35F, and backs this up with personal experience.

I know I am a cold 'sitter' and stander. I wear more clothes than many when standing around outside. I have little comparison for sleeping as almost all my sleeping bags have been from a cottage maker, but I suspect I might sleep cold as well.
Unfortunately I have never tried a CE rated bag to see how I compare to the CE standard.

I am happy with this bag's warmth. I wanted a very light summer quilt. Many nights here in the midwest are quite warm and there is not much you can do about a quilt that's to thick. On the other hand I always wear warm clothing in camp if it's cool, and plan on wearing that to bed too, as it gets colder I simply add warmer clothing.

Quilt vs bag:
For me this was the first time using a true quilt. I have several sleeping bags with full zippers that I use in quilt mode when it's warm, but in cold weather I zip them up.

This quilt forms a sleepingbag-like enclosure for the bottom legs. The fully opening bottom with drawcord will be a bit colder than an true enclosed footbox, as there is no drafttube.
If you are using this style quilt in truly cold weather, you could stuff a a small down pillow down there, or use very puffy down booties. Mine is a warm weather quilt, so not concerned about that.

For me, there is enough width in the WIDE to wrap underneath me a fair bit, combined with the elastic cords there were no drafts at all. The only difference with a bag being that if you move around, you might have some temporary draft as you roll over. A breathable bivy would be a good idea in cold or exposed situations.

I did struggle a bit one night to keep my butt warm, sleeping on my side. I think in my attempt to stay warm, I was pulling the quilt to tight, compressing the down. This is more likely to happen with a quilt than a sleeping bag, because you are actively trying to tuck it under you.

A wider sleeping pad would help too. I was using a Neoair and those are quite narrow. When I shared the quilt together with my daughter, we had two pads tied together, this extra pad width really helps prevent drafts, without having to resort to tucking the quilt in so snug.

The versatility of a quilt is wonderfull. On a recent trip with my wife we used these quilts with light down clothing at about 28F, and were more than warm enough. A few days later it was about 55F and we opened up the quilts and were still comfortable without overheating.

Edited by Tjaard on 10/22/2012 14:41:26 MDT.

Chad Helmke
( the-gear-recycler )

High Rockies
Couldn't get much better... on 09/24/2012 19:03:01 MDT Report Post Print

Rating: 5 / 5

I felt compelled to add my review after several cozy nights in a wide 20 degree Rev X and the subsequent purchase of a second 40 degree as I'm thoroughly pleased and, dare I say, enamored with this quilt.

Having broad shoulders at 5'11" and 210, the wide wraps around me without any cold spots and has kept me warm and comfy down to a measured 24 degrees. As a side sleeper who has never been able to get very comfortable in a mummy bag (most comfy I've tried is the MB UL SS), I can move around and still be both covered and comfy without losing precious heat to the outside. Bottom line, on my wide Exped UL Synmat with the Rev X, I recently experienced my best night of sleep outdoors ever. Which is a big statement from a 10 year ex backcountry ranger and wildland firefighter who has spent literally hundreds of nights camped out.

Quality is superb, price is almost unbelievable for what you get, and customer service is phenomenal.

I'm perhaps a tad overly scrutinous when it comes to gear and I don't think you can go wrong with this quilt.

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Brian Hook
( OceaniaAE1 )
Changed the way I pack!!! on 10/11/2013 12:19:11 MDT Report Post Print

Rating: 5 / 5

After reading nothing but good things about the Revelation X I decided to pull the trigger and all I can say is that this quilt is the very last word in UL sleeping. I opted for the 10 degree as the Midwest can get a little brisk in the winter, but upon testing this out i don't think ill have any problems taking it down to 0 degrees or further as I am a hot sleeper anyways. This paired with my Exped Synmat 7 I say bring it on.

One thing that led me to going the quilt route (My First) is the fact that being a bigger guy that tosses and turns all night im a complete trainwreck when it comes to sleeping bags and mummy styles. I ordered the 6'6" Wide, and being 6'3" and 275 this thing is perfect. This is honestly the best thing I have bought for my pack in a long long time. Thanks Tim!!!

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