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Gregory G pack

in Backpacks - Internal Frame

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4.00 / 5 (5 reviews)

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mark henley
( flash582 )
Gregory G pack on 01/03/2007 14:27:14 MST Report Post Print

Rating: 2 / 5

I bought two of these packs, one for myself and one for my wife.

After two years of use the packs have held up well, but we have both found that the load rating is VERY optimistic ... The pack becomes uncomfortable at loads above 20 lbs, very uncomfortable at 25, and 30 and above are UNBEARABLE.

There are way too many straps, bells, and whistles on this pack as well .... I don't want to spend 10 minutes adjusting my pack when I should be hiking.

The bucket pocket, altough it allows you to stuff everything but the kitchen sink in the pack (and would probably fit that as well), pushing this pack well above the 3000 cubes it's supposed to be, it's also very easy for things to get lost in the bottom of the bucket, and it's hard to stay organized.

Look at a Vapor Trail or ULA instead.

Keith Eldridge
( Eldridge )
Excellent Pack on 01/04/2007 06:47:50 MST Report Post Print

Rating: 5 / 5

I have taken several 25+ mile trips with this pack and it has performed beautifully. I usually carry about 30-31 lbs and this pack provides all day comfort. The multitude of straps provide for a variety of quick and easy adjustments, allowing this pack to ride snug and comfortable to the body.

The bucket pocket may be a little too big and loose for some, but I find the extra room just fine, providing ample space for lunch of the day and a few other essentials.

All this comfort under 3 lbs.

I have not had loads more than 31 pounds.

After 2 seasons, the pack show very little wear.

Robert Stanek
( rstanek )

Southeast, Atlanta, GA
Gregory G pack on 01/07/2007 14:53:01 MST Report Post Print

Rating: 4 / 5

Having owned one of these packs in the past, I'll attempt to highlight the positives and negatives:


A simple, lightweight pack and a clever design. No big frills, but some nice touches. Pockets on the hipbelt are a great touch, as is the big mesh pocket on the front of the pack (divided into 3 sections). Nice fabric.


Hip belt pockets too thin/narrow to be effective. Hip belt itself is much too thinly padded to be effective. Weight rating is optimistic, 20+/- pounds is the comfortable range here. 30 is not realistic.

Shop Gregory, Nice products at GearBuyer
Justin Riddle
( riddler )
Very comfortable pack on 02/11/2007 19:18:13 MST Report Post Print

Rating: 5 / 5

I have a 2005 G pack and I've carried up to 35 lbs with it. The material has been tougher than it looks and it's handled abuse quite well. Excellent load control and compression. I love the design of the large mesh bucket pocket.

I was surprised at how thin the hip belt is. However, the design of this pack seems to allow for a smaller hip belt because of the unique shoulder strap attachments at the bottom of the pack ("Wraptor" stabilizer).

Even though I measured as a medium, I found that the large pack was much more comfortable for me.

Martin Rye
( rye1966 )

Good Pack on 12/11/2007 16:22:17 MST Report Post Print

Rating: 4 / 5

I bought this pack for a two week coast to coast rout across Scotland (TGO 07) I needed a light pack that was stable as I intended to do a few summits via ridges etc. The good points where comfort at one point I had 5 days food plus kit so around 25 pounds with water and the G-Pack worked fine. Complaints would be too many straps and attachments and the hip belt adjustment, I am not fat or skinny but after a week there is little or no adjustment on tightening up the hip belt. The problem is that the mesh pockets come too far along the belt so giving little room for adjustment my pack is the long back size. To improve this pack the hip belt needs to have more adjustment range and there is room to bring the weight down. Saying that it’s a good pack that could be even better.

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