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Montbell Thermawrap pants

in Clothing - Insulating - Synthetic (Polarguard, Primaloft, etc.)

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b d
( bdavis )

Mt. Lassen - Shasta, N. Cal.
Montbell Thermawrap pants on 12/08/2006 16:43:19 MST Report Post Print

Rating: 5 / 5

These are the mate to the Montbell vest and jacket top that have been reviewed here.

For me, they are for sleeping gear and wearing in extreme cold as hiking mid-layer (or just going out of doors from the house as an outter layer), and cooling down in camp or in the car going home.

They appear to be durable, have not used them much. Mainly used as sleeping gear so far, combined with Integral Designs Hot Socks for lower body.

Weight is listed as 10 oz. (I had intended to buy the down pants at 7.4 oz., but they were out of stock.)

The wasteband is adjustable and the snap and zipper seem durable.

Zippers from cuff at bottom up both sides. Tab with snap pulls across the zipper when all the way down to lock it in place ... I guess. Don't use the side zipper, or have not so far ... although it is great for ventilation, I guess.

Pockets with zippers are a plus for use when they are the main outter layer, but not of much use when a mid-layer. The pockets are good for stuffing polypro glove liners and windshirt ... but don't need them or the zippers on the pockets usually.

They are plenty warm and functional for sleeping in, plus add a cushy soft layer over the snow under the tent when it has hardened up.

They are easy to slip on and off over socks and baselayer of expedition weight (old designation, now Base 4 or 5 I believe) Patagonia capilene long johns.

The Hot Socks have a great band at the top which seals over the lower leg opening of the Thermawraps and creates a wind proof bottom layer from waist down to the soles of the feet. (The Hot Socks can be used on snow, but get cold easily, so are not that great a snow camp bootie IMO -- also wouldn't want them to get wet when they are my sleeping bootie for foot comfort.

This gear appears to be working in concert with my upper layers and a MH Phantom 32 F down bag over GG pads, Emergency Bivvy Sack, and Tyvek ground cloth over the Rainshadow 2 Tarptent floor to keep me comfortable, if not hot down to 19 F so far. Hoping to get to try it out down to 10 F or 0 F if the weather sets up.

Durable, functional and can even serve as an outter layer with no problem. So they get a 5 as one of the pieces of gear that goes in my winter camping list, and for the cold fall and spring nights or days during the transition to summer nights.

Since they are of high quality and they will be in my winter pack or worn until I am warmed up or when I need to, they get a 5 as a keeper and will be used item.

Pants w/ ID Hot Socks

Sleeping gear

Edited by bdavis on 12/18/2006 13:01:39 MST.

Price comparison from GearBuyer: Montbell Down Pant - Men's priced at: $150.00 - $159.95
Sam Haraldson
( sharalds )

Gallatin Range
Minimal but featured on 02/21/2007 18:52:42 MST Report Post Print

Rating: 5 / 5

The Montbell U.L. Thermawrap pants are the perfect blend of function and minimalism. Full size zips make venting and putting on and taking off easy. Both a snap as well as a cinch around the waist keep them snug. Snaps at the ankles keep the zippers from coming un-done.

The weight is just right as well. For roughly ten ounces you can throw these in your pack along with the matching jacket and easily reduce the weight of the sleeping bag you carry significant amounts.

The choice of insulation and shell materials are of good quality as well. The Ballistic Nylon shell and Exceloft insulation provide good water resistance and excellent warmth.

I give the Thermawrap pants a 5 of 5 for being feature rich, minimal weight and maximum function.

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Dr Andrew Allan
( mathouramedical )

A great addition to a backcountry ski trip on 08/29/2007 04:48:40 MDT Report Post Print

Rating: 4 / 5

I recently acquired these pants, and have been very pleased with their weight and performance when used ski touring in Australia. They weight less, and are a lot less bulky than fiberpile pants, which have been the mainstay of backcountry skiers in Oz to date. They also allow me to use a lightweight sleeping bag/quilt to sleep, so the weight saving is considerable.

Although generally well made, I was dissapointed to find that on one of the pockets, the metal cramp that terminates the zipper had been placed too far down along the zip, such that the zip didn't open enough to allow a hand in the pocket. This was easily remedied by moving the cramp, but I'm not sure that the majority would be happy to do this.

The design and fit are fine, although, when used in combination with my Cocoon Parka, the small of my back is uncovered when i bend forward, even when lying on my side at night. Either a longer parka, or longer pants would fix this, however I'm not sure which piece of gear should "take responsibility"

The only real dislike is the shiny black outer fabric, which looks really tacky, but that's my problem

Overall 4.5/5.

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