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EnLIGHTened Equipment Epiphany-K Quilt

in Sleeping Bags - Quilts & Top Bags

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Anthony Weston
( anthonyweston )

Southern CA
EnLIGHTened Equipment Epiphany-K Quilt on 06/30/2011 11:58:16 MDT Report Post Print

Rating: 5 / 5

6/8/2015 I reviewed this quilt several years back. Now I think the cubin was not durable and an inflatable sleeping bag has one big drawback, if it doesn't inflate then no loft and you freeze, yes it patched easy with ductape but another peice of experimental gear best left home

My original review follows:
light, warm, versatile

The 2 things I like most about the Epiphany-K quilt are I have a 20 oz quilt that will keep me warm down to zero degrees and
the same quilt has a wide temperature range by adjusting the loft (it's an inflatable quilt, if you find yourself getting to hot or cold you can increase/decrease the loft of the quilt by forcing air in/out of the quilt.) I can use this quilt from zero to 40 degrees and be comfortable.
I can sleep on my side, roll over to my stomach no problem.

I'm 55 years old and I've been backpacking since 1967. I've used many bags over the years.

So far the Epiphany is my favorite, not the most comfortable but light, warm and adaptable to many conditions.

I purchased an Epiphany-k with 3" loft good to approximately 0*F + Vapor Barrier effect with the lighter white cuben .33 oz.
Even though I'm 5'11" I purchased the reg and have had no problem with the size. The enlightened equipment web site says
Half Taper cut which allows the most room at the shoulders and torso of any tapered quilt made.
Regular: 50" head x 39" foot over 78" long- will fit avg to large sized adult shorter than 5'10"

I've used the quilt on 3 trips, in 15 degree weather in Golden Trout Wilderness, in 38 degree weather on top of Mount Baldy with a 20 mile an hour wind and in 40 degree weather in Emigrant Wilderness with 6 feet of snow as far as the eye can see on 6/25.
In 40 degree weather I slept with my jacket on and lower half in the bag, even in 15 degree weather I did not cinch up the quilt and I'm a cold sleeper.
I used a neoair short with a very thin gossamergear pad inside the quilt and my feet propped up over my pack on 2 trips and just a foam pad inside the quilt on Baldy.
I tried using the quilt in my bivy but it was too hot. I think I may be able to use it in my bivy should there be a bad storm with the rain coming at me sideways by flipping the quilt over so it's mostly open at the top and sleeping on it with most of the down compressed under me but I have not tried this yet in the wild. I'm surprised to find the light cuben soft and comfortable next to my skin. It is possible to use the inflatable tube as stuff sack but I don't recommend it. I tried it and the cuben got knicked inside my pack making a small hole as I bushwacked up the side of the mountain postholing now and again in the snow so I recommend protecting the gear with a stuff sack. Inflating the bag by mouth does put some moisture inside the inflating tube and in the bag which might be troublesome on a long trip fortunately I'm in a dry climate but there may be another way to do it. Here are a few photo's from the trips mentioned.
On the cliffs above Chewing Gum Lake in Emigrantslept under a tarp on cliff

deflated quiltdeflated quilt

using inflating tubeinflating tube in action

quilt in my Tarp on Mount Baldy before the wind started at sunsetin tarp

Sunset on BaldyBaldy Sun going down

using pad inside quiltI leave the bottom of quilt open all the way for ventilation

I've used the quilt now on about 6 trips. One drawback is you can't wear down pants inside the bag without waking up hot and clammy. It's not a problem for me, since I have a zero degree quilt that I'm using in 20 degree conditions. However it could be dangerous if you had a 20 degree quilt in much colder conditions. If you attempt to wear extra clothes inside the quilt and you wake up clammy but then later in the night the temperature drops; you could have miserable night.

A picture is worth a 1000 words

this is a photo of 4 quilts:
from left to right
classic cubin enlightened quilt 15 degree 14.35 oz
Katabatic Sawatch 15 degree 24.5 oz
Katabatic Palisade with 4 oz over stuff
Enlightened Equipment Epiphany cubin quilt 20 oz zero degree bag


in warm weather don't inflate it! Now it covers a wide temp range.


With the Epiphany quilt you control how much loft the bag has, keep in uninflated in warmer temps and give it loft when it gets cold. You can open up the top and bottom in warm weather to let heat out or drap it loose over yourself. If it's 60 I would probably just drap it over my legs and sleep in my jacket. I have not used it in 60 degree weather but I have been comfortable with it at 48 degrees and also at 15 degrees.


with me in the Epiphany warm as a bug in a rug, I sold off the Palisade and the Sawatch ready for zero degree weather.


Edited by anthonyweston on 06/08/2015 23:05:57 MDT.

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