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Big Sky International

in 1 - COMPANIES (Customer Service)

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Doug Hile
( dhile )
Big Sky on 11/24/2006 21:12:02 MST Report Post Print

Rating: 1 / 5

Ordered a jacket last Feb and still I've not seen it. The promise date just keeps moving, now it is 4-6 weeks, but from when.
I have call Bob a couple times only to here of supply problems.
His wears look good; the time that I meet him he seemed to be a nice guy. I don’t think his operation is a get the money and be gone operation, but I would like to see what I ordered.

Edited by dhile on 11/24/2006 21:12:51 MST.

Denis Hazlewood
( redleader )

Luxury-Light Luke on the Llano Azul
The Big Problem with Big Sky on 12/05/2006 12:47:44 MST Report Post Print

Rating: 1 / 5

On December 5, 2005 I ordered, and paid for, an Evolution 2P tent from Bob Molen. Bob has given me many promised delivery dates, the most recent on November 29, 2006, when Bob said he had the tent. I have been calling and emailing in order to confirm just what, after all this time, I'm getting for my $417.89. I've emailed and phoned at least once a day. I get no response. I've given him a deadline to contact me. If I don't hear from him by December 7 I told him to cancel my order. I'll get a Big Agnes Seed House. Damn, but I wanted that tent. Now I just hope I can get my money back. If only Bob would reply to phone messages and emails.

SEE MY LATEST POST IN THE G SPOT:Big Sky shelters --- who has ordered? who got their's? The tent may be on the way. NOTICE: I revieved my tent on December 14, 2006 373 days after I ordered and paid for it. It's a great tent but I wouldn't change my rating until Bob improves his customer service.

Edited by redleader on 12/18/2006 20:09:39 MST.

Don Selesky
( backslacker - M )
Shoestring operation on 12/05/2006 14:02:45 MST Report Post Print

Rating: 1 / 5

I ordered a tent about mid-December of last year also, and would be stunned at this point if it ever showed up. I suspect that you'll never get a refund simply because Big Sky doesn't have it - the funds from the initial orders were used to finance the startup of the business and at this point is long gone, and I suspect that he's in a catch 22 situation now - he can't ship until he gets more money from orders, and he won't get any orders until he starts shipping.

I suppose that he could have just gotten a loan up front to start the business, but I gather either that's not what happened, or it was insufficient to carry him through.

I'm guessing Big Sky is toast as a functioning business. Pity, because the gear is actually good. I'm curious if he shows up at any more industry trade shows...

Edited by backslacker on 12/05/2006 14:04:08 MST.

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