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Patagonia Lightweight Capilene Glove Liners

in Clothing - Headwear, Handwear

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4.75 / 5 (4 reviews)

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Craig Shelley
( craig_shelley )

Rocky Mountains
Patagonia Lightweight Capilene Glove Liners on 11/13/2006 12:59:38 MST Report Post Print

Rating: 5 / 5

This is a favorite piece of clothing when I expect cold temperatures. The size large weighs 25 grams for a pair. With them on, I can easily operate items like a camera or gps. As long as I'm active, they keep my hands plenty warm under most conditions. The black color is a plus when the sun is out. I normally use them as my only glove, but I also use them in combination with homemade fleece mittens, homemade waterproof/breathable mitten shells, and latex medical gloves to give me protection from a large variety of the most extreme cold, wet, and windy conditions with very little weight.

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William Webber
( micwebbpl )
I Agree, I Usually Leave Heavier Duty Gloves at Home on 11/15/2006 11:42:26 MST Report Post Print

Rating: 5 / 5

These so-called "glove liners" have worked well for me as all the gloves I need. They weigh practically nothing, don't get hot or sweaty, but add a needed touch of warmth before bed or when getting up.

If I were "adding features," I'd like to see the with some "grip dots" on the palms and fingers, but since the number of people using these "glove liners" as their main gloves is probably pretty small, I doubt that will happen.

My two pairs are white. You got black? Cool.

b d
( bdavis )

Mt. Lassen - Shasta, N. Cal.
Patagonia Capilene glove liners as main glove on 12/18/2006 17:12:20 MST Report Post Print

Rating: 5 / 5

I entirely agree with the previous reviewers: Patagonia capilene glove liners work great as my main gloves and can be supplemented with an outter weather proof / resistant and insulated glove for wet weather or extreme cold or 3/4 trekking or sailing gloves for durability and functionality in better weather.

Patagonia capilene glove liners

specs at:

The trekking gloves shown below weigh 1 oz. per pair (.5 oz. each) and have leather palm and finger pads for gripping. Outters are synthetic breathable material for sun screen and hand protection. I believe I picked up these 3/4 trekking gloves at REI.

Glove liners and 3/4 trekking glove

The blue glove liners in the photo are like the Patagonia capilene, but they are not because I misplaced my Patagonias. The liners in the picture are generic polypro since we always keep a few around for visitors or to leave in the car in case we ever get stuck in the cold.

A waterproof and insulated glove (2.5 oz each in this case) fits on over the 3/4 glove and capilene liner for snow, rain, colder weather:

Glove liners, 3/4 trekking glove and waterproof outter glove

Sturdy vinyl gloves, 1 oz. per pair, can be used for waterproofing as well, for short storms, digging in snow, or other uses where they will not suffocate the hand or get too sweaty:

capilene glove liners, 3/4 trekking glove, and vinly waterproof layer

They can even be used with a plastic grocery bag (bag weighs .5 oz. or less if not cut down) for waterproofing hands. The bag is also for trash and to cover a sooted pot, when cool. Here they are with the bag and with Drop Stoppers holding a trekking pole:

capilene glove liners, 3/4 trekking glove, and shopping bag

capilene glove liners, 3/4 trekking glove, shopping bag and trek pole

For sailing or wet conditions in above freezing temperatures we used to use West Marine 3/4 sailing gloves over the Patagonia capilene liners, a size bigger than for bare hands if necessary. Sailing gloves are designed to be water repellant, to drain and to dry well.

West Marine 3/4 sailing gloves

That system worked to keep hands warm in all weather conditions above freezing, and when wet from spray or deck wash in heavy, cold winds. Even when wet that system allowed control of lines, tackle, and ability to pick things up and use fingers easily.

I have been using the Patagonia capilene glove liners for sailing, and then for camping, for a long time now. The design appears to have gone through some changes, but not much since I first got a pair years ago. I use them as my main glove, weighing 1 oz. a pair. I have also used them as pot handle holders w/o melting or burning them (knock on wood). They never wear out, I just misplace or lose them.

For weight, durability, and usefulness/ functionality they are a 5 IMO and they are always in my pack if there is any chance of cold air temps or moisture.

This is the system I am using for now, until the possum down gloves are back in stock. I pray to the Gear God they will be back ... even soon.

Edited by bdavis on 12/18/2006 18:53:17 MST.

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( sheilabaynes )
... on 05/21/2008 14:43:48 MDT Report Post Print

Rating: 4 / 5


Edited by sheilabaynes on 10/30/2014 11:45:24 MDT.

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