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Hydropel Sports Ointment

in First Aid and Survival Gear & Accessories

Average Rating
4.50 / 5 (6 reviews)

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Ryan Jordan
( ryan - BPL STAFF - M )

Greater Yellowstone
Hydropel Sports Ointment on 11/03/2006 22:53:44 MST Report Post Print

Rating: 4 / 5

The product itself is a runaway "5" but I have to downgrade it to a "4" for its lack of packaging options. The 2 oz tube is just too much for a weeklong trek or less. I repackage it in a balm jar for short duration hikes.

I like Hydropel when I know my feet are going to be constantly cold and soaked, to prevent my skin from wrinking/folding/cracking.

I'm also reserving my grade a bit because I haven't tried it in the heat to see how it protects from blisters when it's very hot.

( dealtoyo )

Mt Hood
Hydropel in hot weather on 11/04/2006 15:48:25 MST Report Post Print

Rating: 4 / 5

Hydropel is the best product I have ever used on my feet. Better than Body Glide and Sportslick put together if that's even possible. Hydropel works great in hot weather with just one minor problem.
After hiking 22 miles on Mt Hood in 80 degree weather I started to get a hot spot on both of my heels leading me to the conclusion that one should re-apply the product mid way through a long hike.
Thus the reason for the rating of 4 instead of 5. Maybe one day someone will make a perfect product until then Hydropel will be my only choice for my feet.

Edited by dealtoyo on 11/04/2006 16:19:51 MST.

Mike Clelland
( mikeclelland - M )

The Tetons (via Idaho)
Hydropel Sports Ointment on 11/21/2006 13:09:46 MST Report Post Print

Rating: 5 / 5

I love this stuff.

I do long trips (30 days) a few times a year, and I deal with a crew of about 15 teammates on these trips. We took a tube on a 30-day trip in alaska, and we started calling it the "Magic Jelly"

This stuff works for me, and a little goes a LONG way.

Here's what I do: I put on a thin layer (as teeny possible) on a few spots on my feet. There's a little spot under my toes that gets a little sore. I do it at night before I go to bed, and it works the entire next day. I do this a few days in a row (maybe 3?) and it works for the next 10 days!

Also, it makes your socks feel absolutely luxurious!

David Neumann
( idahomtman - M )

Northern Idaho
Hydropel works and that's the truth! on 11/21/2006 13:43:04 MST Report Post Print

Rating: 5 / 5

I've been using this product for several years after reading about it in the Fixing Your Feet book. I use it daily when I run and I use it liberally when I hike. I applied Hydropel every morning on my JMT thru-hike (9.5 days in July 2005)and re-applied as needed during the day. As wet as my feet were, this product made a huge difference.

Just don't rub your eyes with the finger you used to apply it.

George Matthews
( gmatthews - M )
Good sheet on 04/27/2008 09:24:53 MDT Report Post Print

Rating: 5 / 5

I'd read several articles about its effectiveness from great athletes and adventures. I bought some from BPL shop because now I, too, am a world class outdoorsman (just kidding, in a way way).

After trying it now a few times, I agree that it works well to protect your sweaty, stinky feet. I don't use much when I apply it, and store it in a BPL MiniBalm 0.25-oz balm jar. It provides a good sheet of protection between the skin of your feet and the cruel world. Try it!

Mike M
( mtwarden )

works as advertised on 07/11/2010 20:42:52 MDT Report Post Print

Rating: 4 / 5

if you know your going to have wet feet, hydropel is well worth considering

in a recent trip to NM we had over 50 stream crossings in two days, our feet were wet the entire two days of hiking- we treated our feet in the morning (just a light coat) and neither my wife or I had so much as a hot spot- I was pretty impressed

I don't pack the stuff routinely, but if I know I'm going to have wet feet it's definitely going in

I rated it a 4 as I feel the price borders on outrageous, yes it works, but come on- $20 for two ounces

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