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Marmot Precip Jacket Mens

in Clothing - Raingear

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3.90 / 5 (20 reviews)

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Sam Haraldson
( sharalds )

Gallatin Range
Marmot Precip Jacket Mens on 10/29/2006 14:48:37 MST Report Post Print

Rating: 5 / 5

My Marmot Precip has been seen it all. I've used it for wind, snow and of course rain. It has seen two grueling seasons of work on a Glacier National Park backcountry trail crew, it joined me on a 200+ mile hike in Northern Minnesota. It was my key outer layer for last years snowboarding season.

I've had the jacket for 2 and 1/2 years during which it has been a key piece of both my backcountry as well as front country clothing. In terms of durability this coat absolutely excels! It's ability to stand up to two seasons of trail crew abuse is reason enough to make this statement unabashedly.

Even now, 2 and 1/2 years later I can wear the jacket out in pouring rain and only feel water through the handful of holes I've accidentally burned into it's surface.

One design flaw is in the two long front zips that act as both pockets as well as vents. I often wish these would have been located under the arms to keep blowing moisture out, but their doubling as pockets could arguably justify their location.

Another design flaw is the full-length zipper in front of the jacket. In it's 2 and 1/2 years of service the zipper has constantly been a pain in that it catches on the strip of fabric that folds over the zipper to act as a means of keeping drafts and moisture from coming through the zipper. I've many times contemplated removing this fabric but have instead simply found ways of "putting up with" the annoyance of the zipper catching.

The size and cut of the jacket allowed for layering of other clothing underneath which is good for use "in camp" as a wind and cold barrier. Addition of baselayers and insulative layers really keep you warm with this as the outer layer. You have the assurance that your insulative and base layers will stay dry in the event of precipition this way as well.

I give this jacket a 5 fo 5 for it's absolutely bomber performance over many years.

Price comparison from GearBuyer:
Marmot PreCip Jacket - Boy's priced at: $35.97 - $65.00
Marmot PreCip Jacket - Girl's priced at: $26.99 - $65.00
Marmot PreCip Jacket - Men's priced at: $50.00 - $119.99
Marmot PreCip Jacket - Women's priced at: $49.99 - $100.00
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Greg Vaillancourt
( GSV45 )

Mine hasn't been as durable on 10/29/2006 20:33:54 MST Report Post Print

Rating: 4 / 5

A very good jacket but after 2 years of moderate use (I have 2 other rain shells) I had to refresh the DWR.

I don't think this is unreasonable and for the price it is a fine piece of gear. Light, vents well with pit zips, fits nicely over insulation.

I don't think the Precip breathes particularly well but neither does my Gore-Tex XCR and PacLite shells.

Edited by GSV45 on 10/29/2006 20:37:34 MST.

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Robin McKay
( rlmckay - M )

Auckland NZ
Precip Jacket on 11/26/2006 00:28:51 MST Report Post Print

Rating: 4 / 5

I use to swear by my MacPac but when I started going light a couple of years ago, 750grams of jacket became a "must ditch" item. Enter Marmot Precip. Now after two season and a work out on NZ's Stewart Island grand slam trip Xmas 2005, I'm sold. I'm giving it a 4 plus. Not that there are faults, my Macpac jacket is better (warmer, feels more storm proof), but, far too heavy. Going light involves compromises, as long as it's not safety.

Edited by rlmckay on 11/26/2006 00:32:52 MST.

Price comparison from GearBuyer:
Marmot PreCip Jacket - Boy's priced at: $35.97 - $65.00
Marmot PreCip Jacket - Girl's priced at: $26.99 - $65.00
Marmot PreCip Jacket - Men's priced at: $50.00 - $119.99
Marmot PreCip Jacket - Women's priced at: $49.99 - $100.00
Patrick Young
( lightingboy )

Cheap Cheap Cheap! on 12/05/2006 12:44:32 MST Report Post Print

Rating: 3 / 5

It's great to find rain gear that's inexpensive but works. The Precip is cheap, found it for $65.00 at REI outlet. It keeps the rain off, the hood works reasonably well but the fit and breathability leave something to be desired. I prefer jackets that are cut a little more athletic. The Precip in Medium felt like a large which would be great for wearing over a down insulation piece. For most of my needs I find it too bulky. Also the breathability left something to be desired even with mesh pockets and pit zips(I run a little on the hot side). I've since gone to softshells for my rain gear. They feel better and breath way better. If your looking for cheap, then this a way to go.

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b d
( bdavis )

Mt. Lassen - Shasta, N. Cal.
Marmot Precip - hardcore gear on 12/28/2006 16:14:54 MST Report Post Print

Rating: 5 / 5

Marmot Precip

See Marmot Precip description at:

We finally went for the Marmot Precip, as follows:

After several months of reading reviews, talking with experienced hikers, checking out gear on the Internet and in-store try-ons we finally each got Marmot Precips at REI over the holidays.

We travelled to visit family and ran into cold desert winds(40 - 60 mph, 32 - 50 F). Our carry along gear, which is always in the cars was not light weight. So on a break from the family visiting we stopped in at the local REI, which is always a treat for us because there isn't one in our hometown. My goal was to get a hardshell that was waterproof and windproof for just such circumstances and for prolonged rainy weather.

First question was which to get -- Marmot Precip or Montbell Jacket(s) (see Montbell jackets at:

First, I love Montbell gear and have no problems with it as far as functionality and quality, or weight. After spending a lot of time trying on Montbell gear at the one shop we visit which carries some of it and pondering over whether to get the more common Marmot Precip 12 oz. $99 or the more expensive Montbell Peak Shell 11 oz. $198.00, Versalite 11 oz. $139, or less expensive Super Hydro Breeze 13 oz. $89.00, I finally decided on the Precip.

(I eliminated the (1) Sierra Designs Nanolite approx. 4 oz. because it apparently has problems with really being rainproof; (2) the Intergral Designs eVENT jacket at 9 oz. for $220 and thru hiker jacket at 11.9 oz. because it was listed at $260 merely because of price v. weight savings in specialized weather conditions, and (3)the OR zealot at 8 oz. for around $200,(4) the GoLite Virga at 6 oz. for $80, and (5) the North Face Diad at 7 oz. for $139 because they got low weight but did not have the hand side pockets I was looking for in something I was going to wear in the rain, lots of rain or I wouldn't be wearing it because I would use a windshirt, baselayer, and maybe a mid-layer (as my confidence builds that RJ and the BPL staffs' advice is correct about lighter, layering is better than heavier, bulkier and unbreathable in wet, windy, and moderate cold weather conditions).

Trying the Precip on In-Store -- the reason I bought the Precip is I could:

The deciding factors were (1) that I could try on the Precip in the store and (2) price v. amount of use in specialized weather conditions (the cost of other jackets would substantially have purchased a tent v. a jacket -- and, for about $265 I could get a heavy duty expedition type 29 oz. Patagonia DAS synthetic fill jacket with all the bells, whistles, and blizzard protection).

Gear sizes, particularly in raingear, seem to really vary. A large sometimes fitting better than a medium or a medium fitting better than a large might be expected to do (less common but has happened in trying on different gear).

Sizing the Precip:

Because I could try on the Marmot Precips and the REI brand rain jacket for comparisons of hardshell raingear I was able to determine that what I needed was a Large (normally I wear a medium) Precip, especially if I am going to wear it over other layers. A large fit well over a merino wool baselayer and a Western Mountaineering Flash vest. It also would fit well over a medium or highloft mid-layer.

NOTE: I would highly recommend trying on raingear hardshell jackets before purchasing, if that is at all possible. I read that here somewhere in the last several weeks and it really struck home in checking out hardshells at REI. I think Brett may have mentioned that in purchasing Montbell there was a need to make sure the size was comfortable, since some of their sizes are a bit smaller than one might be used to.

REI Jacket v. Marmot Jacket/Precip:

REI made a jacket similar to the Precip which was on sale for $59.00 but when I compared the quality I decided that because the hardshell I purchased was going to be hardcore gear used when the weather was particularly bad or threatening to be bad (in lieu of my DropStopper jacket) I went for the Marmot product (I also would rely on this jacket to get me through moderate winter snows and weather, but the main use was as a safe, durable, hardcore hardshell for the spring and fall/early winter precip). The Marmot Precip simply was clearly superior, although the cheaper REI coat was also functional and appeared to be very durable and high quality, especially for the price -- the REI just didn't have the same appeal when you looked at the overall garment.


A comment that the REI salesperson made, the reviewers at BPL have made, and readers have confirmed is that the Marmot Precip jacket holds up well under a lot of use (one commentor noted that the DWR had to be maintained, but that is not big issue for us).


It has huge pockets, mesh sided for ventilation. It has a cozy neck piece so it doesn't stab the chin or neck when tightened up. It has all the necessary draw strings and velcro to control wind getting in or staying out. Big pit zips, and heavy duty storm flaps over the front zipper which is easy to use. The hood is big, has a great fit on me and does not obstruct peripheral visibilty when tightened down.

Stealth color:

In particular I liked the fact that it came in a kind of "stealth" greenish color, since I will be using it in the spring and fall as a raingear/ windblock garment when the weather is bad enough that the DropStopper won't work well for interim relief from wet or wind. Thus, I don't need it for winter safety in snow, which would tend to cause me to go orange at this point, or yellow, red or something a bit more visible. So I appreciated the color choices available.

Used in cold, high desert winds:

This jacket performed beautifully in high (40 - 60 mph desert winds in later December, 32 - 50 F). Battening down the waist drawcord, the neck and hood draw string and the wrist adjusters kept all the wind out, giving the light weight baselayer and lightweight down vest the chance to do their job. So it is highly functional.

Maramot Precip is a 5 so far:

For all of those reasons this piece of gear gets a 5 from me, unless something goes wrong with it, which I don't expect it to do. All I wish is that someone would make a durable material jacket that only weighs a few ounces -- and so does everyone else wish, I imagine. I always have the choice of a poncho, but this is the piece of gear that I will be taking with me for comfort and versatility when rain is probable for extended periods of time.

Edited by bdavis on 12/28/2006 18:22:42 MST.

Price comparison from GearBuyer:
Marmot PreCip Jacket - Boy's priced at: $35.97 - $65.00
Marmot PreCip Jacket - Girl's priced at: $26.99 - $65.00
Marmot PreCip Jacket - Men's priced at: $50.00 - $119.99
Marmot PreCip Jacket - Women's priced at: $49.99 - $100.00
Montbell Down Vest - Men's priced at: $119.95
Montbell Down Vest - Women's priced at: $119.95
Patagonia Down Vest - Girl's priced at: $39.00 - $119.00
Western Mountaineering Flash Vest - Men's priced at: $159.95
Western Mountaineering VersaLite priced at: $424.95 - $494.95
Robert Stanek
( rstanek )

Southeast, Atlanta, GA
Marmot Pre-cip, whopping good value on 01/02/2007 12:11:06 MST Report Post Print

Rating: 5 / 5

This was my first real piece of lightweight rain gear after a full on 3-layer gore-tex jacket.

I've owned mine for the better part of 4 years, and it's still going strong.

The best part is the dual ventilation system of pit-zips and mesh pockets. I tend to overheat easily, and this feature is critical for me.

My jacket has survived some adventure races, numerous backpacking trips and other vacations without a hitch. Yes, I have had to refresh the DWR, but that would affect any jacket.

This is my "go to" jacket when flexibility and toughness override weight.

I also own the Marmot Essence jacket which is a fine lightweight peice, but does lack quality ventilation. If they could drop the weight of the pre-cip by 5 or 6 ounces, I'd be a happy camper.

Michael Coulter
( azhiker )

Marmot Precip Rain Jacket on 02/12/2007 18:49:57 MST Report Post Print

Rating: 5 / 5

I just received this rain jacket a few weeks ago and I got to use it this weekend backpacking through the Superstition Wilderness in Arizona. It rained off and on while hiking, which is the worst kind of rainstorm. I normally would have to keep putting my gear on when it started raining and then taking it off when it stopped. However, I noticed that with the jacket zipped down and the pit zips open, I just didn't overheat on the hill climbs. I was able to feel comfortable even when it wasn't raining. The temperatures were in the high 50's and low 60's and I was hiking with a 20lb backpack.

This jacket just flat out works and for the money you just can't beat the value.

Price comparison from GearBuyer:
Marmot PreCip Rain Jacket - Boy's priced at: $39.97 - $65.00
Marmot PreCip Rain Jacket - Girl's priced at: $44.93 - $65.00
Marmot PreCip Rain Jacket - Men's priced at: $59.95 - $99.00
Marmot PreCip Rain Jacket - Women's priced at: $54.95 - $99.00
George Matthews
( gmatthews - M )
Worked well on 02/15/2007 14:16:12 MST Report Post Print

Rating: 4 / 5

It's worked well in both heavy and misting rain over the past sixteen months. I use it when I'm off the trail, too, so it has been durable.

The pit vents help when I begin to heat up.

I don't rate it a 5 because there are lighter rain jackets available.

Nancy & Joe Robinson
( bogey_slim8898 )
Wets Out on 02/18/2007 14:27:30 MST Report Post Print

Rating: 1 / 5

We had Marmot Pre-cips and they leaked to the inside so we sent them back to Marmot for testing and they said they had leaked for them too. Marmot sent new ones and we wore them last March on a 12 day backpacking trip in Pennsylvania when one day it rained steady all day and was in the low 30's. By the time we reached a shelter we were wet into our inner layers of clothing. Friends who were hiking with us said the wetness we were experiencing was caused by perspiration generated from inside. Maybe for the men this is true, but I do not sweat in cold weather. I wore the Pre-cip again in the spring and after a few minutes of rain our inside clothing was wet at the shoulders and spreading downward. A friend who also owns A Pre-cip told me that they "Wet Out" and he expects to get wet. I don't want a RAINCOAT that wets out and doesn't keep the rain out. We went back to our GoreTex jackets and now we stay dry.

Edited by bogey_slim8898 on 02/18/2007 14:34:57 MST.

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Steve Martell
( Steve )

Eastern Washington
Not the best in rain protection on 02/18/2007 15:11:59 MST Report Post Print

Rating: 2 / 5

I agree with the previous post. Mine are about 3 years old and never keep me completely dry. Perhaps the current version has been improved (?).

Johnathan White
( johnatha1 )

3 years as well on 03/06/2007 17:14:52 MST Report Post Print

Rating: 5 / 5

I agree with the posts here and would like to share my current (over 3rd year) ownership. I have recently washed my Marmot Precip Jacket with Granger’s wash in treatment. It beads nicely like when it was new. The last trip I took was a knee-deep, 8 mile slog in wet snow to the top of a local mountain at 2500 feet. The jacket (and pants – later review) worked flawlessly until I overwhelmed the fabric near the top and it began to wet out. It never did successfully dry out on the way down. So for light exertions, which seems to always be the case with W/B fabrics, Marmot Precip, at original price of 99.00, is an incredible value.

Edited by johnatha1 on 09/21/2007 14:15:09 MDT.

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Devin Montgomery
( dsmontgomery )

one snowball away from big trouble
Great Versatile Jacket on 04/29/2007 20:48:54 MDT Report Post Print

Rating: 4 / 5

After having my last rain jacket stolen out of my car right before a long river trip, I picked up a Precip on sale at the local outfitter. It was a good brand, waterproof, breathable, lightweight, and at $70 the price was sure right!

I've only had it a few months and can't speak to its long term durability as others have, but I can say that it's been excellent both on and of trail (well, on and off river for me). On my trip I wore it while rowing in some pretty heavy rain, and it kept me comfortable. I wasn't completely dry, but I haven't met a jacket at any price that can keep up with serious aerobic excercise and terrential downpours at the same time. I've worn it other times during strenuous hiking and serious rain and it kept me nice and dry. Works great on rainy days going to and from work, too.

A jack-et of all trades. If you can find one on sale and need raingear, don't think twice. Full price (all of $99) ain't that bad either. If it's still going strong in a couple years, I'll come back and give it a five.

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Philip Mack Furlow
( PhilipMack )

North Texas
Marmot PreCip Jacket Light & Dry on 06/27/2007 13:11:38 MDT Report Post Print

Rating: 5 / 5

Found PreCip on sale for $43.00 bucks with sale price and added coupon and I must admit that I couldn't be happier with the purchase.

The big pit zips work great and vent well. The Hood is well articulated and cinches up nicely. This is the first rain jacket I have owned that has a good bib connected to the hood.

Excellent workmanship. I am very pleased.

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Jessen Jacobsen
( SmokiesHanger )

O.K. Bargain Jacket on 06/28/2007 21:54:26 MDT Report Post Print

Rating: 3 / 5

I got this jacket in 2005.

In terms of waterproofness, it worked pretty well for the first year I had it. However, it then started experienced "wet out". I have not yet tried to renew the DWR, since the jacket has been relegated to around town use (I use a poncho tarp now).

I do not find the jacket breathable at all, and the pit-zips are only a minor help.

But you get what you pay for, and this jacket can usually be found pretty cheap.

Edited by SmokiesHanger on 07/30/2007 14:02:39 MDT.

Ryley Breiddal
( ryleyb - M )

Pacific Northwest
Excellent value jacket on 09/18/2007 21:28:39 MDT Report Post Print

Rating: 4 / 5

Bought this jacket in 2005, have used it a lot in the Pacific Northwest (i.e. piles of rain), and also on a thruhike of the Pacific Crest Trail in 2007. The jacket looks as new as the day I bought it after all this abuse. I have renewed the DWR once.

I never found the jacket to keep out a decent downpour for more than an hour or two. It just wets out. It's not all that breathable, but the vents help with that.

It does great in high wind. I love the hood and drawstrings, very smart. Nice little fuzzy face patch too. Lots of room to layer under the jacket but still close cut enough to not feel like a poncho :)

Great price, OK weight. I'm moving away from hardshells whenever I can though.

John Garbarini
( uncle_buck )
Wet Out City on 11/13/2007 16:18:50 MST Report Post Print

Rating: 3 / 5

While I like my precip jacket I would NEVER count on it in extended rain. Mine starts to wet out after 1/2 hour in a steady down pour and this is after a total DWR refresh. It's perfect for showers but if keeping that rain out is a hypothermic priority find another jacket like the Golite Phantom. Goretex beats precip.
Thunderbird Mountain

Edited by uncle_buck on 11/13/2007 16:34:10 MST.

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William Webber
( micwebbpl )
The Houdini Works Just as Well on 11/14/2007 09:43:36 MST Report Post Print

Rating: 5 / 5

The Patagonia Houdini works just as well for a lot less weight. The Precip is cluttered with a rain fly (annoying Velcro keeps catching the fly and gets in the way of operating the zipper) and "pit zips" (if it breathes, why do you need the pit zips?).

The Houdini will wet out some, but nothing your exertion won't keep dehydrating (a little moisture isn't bad if you are pumping out heat to dry your clothes).

I give the Precip a 5 nevertheless because it nevertheless matches all the expensive "hard shell" traditional rain jackest (which can cost up to $300) for a bargain price, is made to usual Marmot quality standards, and is a great around town jacket - the Houdini is too fragile for urban use.

The mystery to me is why REI tried to knock of the Precip with their own design, and then priced it HIGHER than the Precip.

Sierra Designs comes close in price/quality with their Hurricane, but they still have a spotty record (inconsistent designs, some great quality some bargain basement).

Steven Hanlon
( asciibaron )

Mid Atlantic
this jacket goes the distance on 11/11/2009 08:13:39 MST Report Post Print

Rating: 5 / 5

i picked up my Marmot Precip in 2005 from REI for $42.83 - i figured i couldn't go wrong at that price. if it didn't work well for backpacking, i could wear it as a casual jacket.

it has been 4 years and this jacket has been all over the Mid-Atlantic in all seasons. while the jacket isn't exactly lightweight by current standards, the durability more than makes up for the added ounces.

i am starting to get some wear along some edges which will eventually becomes holes. the rip stop should keep all that in check.

the venting is decent. i have found that the first 10 minutes in the jacket are a bit uncomfortable during a humid rain. once the internal atomsphere gets humid enough, the jacket starts to perform. it's just a rough 10 minutes, but so is backpacking in wet, humid conditions (welcome to the Mid-Atlantic sauna).

i would buy this jacket at double the price i paid and not think twice. i would consider a lighter alternative if spending more. in all, i love this jacket. i have had to refresh the DWR a few times, but given the frequency with which i wear this jacket (all the time) it's not unreasonable.

Shop Marmot, Rei products at GearBuyer
Mark Primack
( Bufa )

Cape Cod and Northern Newfoundland
Great jacket for winter and for value on 12/08/2010 19:46:47 MST Report Post Print

Rating: 5 / 5

I currently own three Gore-tex jackets: older Marmot 3layer, which I love; Cabela Pac-lite, and TNF Mountain Light XCR. When I put an overnight backpack on, the jacket I take is my Marmot Precip. Its not perfect, but what is?

It is lighter than my three Gore-texs, which is important to my aging legs. Though it doesn't feel as protective as my two heavier Gtex parkas in my favorite wintertime windy/cold alpine areas, it gets the job done without complaint. My previous light rain jacket--the Cabelas Pac-lite--doesn't have pitzips, which are absolutely essential. So the pitzips and unlined mesh pocket are truly a breath of fresh air, really ideal for my strenuous wanderings. It gets hot when its all zipped and drawstringed up, but really not much more than my three Gtexs. It has kept me mostly dry in mist and steady rain and even a few storms, though I admit that I try to avoid packing in the rain and may even take my three layer Gtex if I know that it will rain all day.

The jacket has a looser fit, looser than most, which I was looking for as I explored shells. I need one which I can layer over two and sometimes three insulation layers in the winter: UL down jacket, UL vest, and Thermawrap jacket. The Precip is perfect for me in this regard, even if that means some loose fabric flapping around in the summer.

Marmot claims that the new Precip is both more breathable and more rainproof. Even without the improvements, its reasonably light, reasonably waterproof, and given that I got it on sale as last few year's model for $69, I couldn't be happier. I have increasingly turned to high-end specialized ultra-light gear and am not afraid bite the financial bullet for the best when my safety and comfort depend on it. This jacket does the job an a nice price.

Matt Garfin
( longrifle )
You can't depend on it ! on 03/21/2011 06:28:06 MDT Report Post Print

Rating: 1 / 5

A lightweight and well made jacket. Good for light rain of short duration. Long exposure (over an hour) or very hard rain and the jacket soaks through. I have worn this jacket on a few in light rains and it worked out very well, however a trip in moderate rain for a few hours and the jacket had failed. My clothing under the jacket had become wet. This has happened on two occasions (have had the jacket about a year). I would not recommend this jacket to anyone that wants to stay dry in a serious situation.
I am surprised that Marmot would advertise the Precip as "waterproof" as it is only water resistant.
It's not a bad windbreaker though.
Same goes for the pants.

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