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Titanium Goat 2 section poles

in Trekking Poles

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4.75 / 5 (4 reviews)

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Bernard Shaw
( )

Upstate New York
Titanium Goat 2 (4.7 oz. revised wt.) on 04/08/2006 20:32:06 MDT Report Post Print

Rating: 5 / 5

These two section poles are very stiff, come apart and join effortlessly, are quiet, the tip is replaceable, very light, about 4.7 oz. per pole (the non-take down pole, 3.1 oz), and the handles comfortable foam, I thoght I would prefer cork, but the foam is shaped to make them more versatile, especially as a tarp pole. They are super stiff and make great tarp poles for my SpinnTwinn from CG. Although their web site was temporarily down, they shipped me a pole without payment in advance, now that is generous and I appreciate the service.

TG's information is accurate, in my experience, little or no hype here. Their online info follows:

Goat poles are back and redesigned! All the original strength, plus some
weight savings and versatility. At only 3.1oz (125cm(49") length) each,
Goat poles are very light, but very stout. Goat poles feature light weight
EVA foam grips, 14mm(.560") carbon fiber shafts, and custom machined
aluminum tips with hardened points that accept Black Diamond baskets.
Also new to the redesigned poles is the option of a take down version.
With a single joint and internal ferrule, with compression fitting, you can
have your Goat poles break in half for easy transport " width="13" height="1"></td>

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Scott Peterson
( scottalanp )

Northern California
Fantastic! on 08/08/2007 17:36:18 MDT Report Post Print

Rating: 4 / 5

These poles are the answer to someone seeking UL with a few more options. I wanted poles that collapsed for several reasons: airport travel/tarp use/minimum trail interference while on my pack. I was not willing to settle for 8 or 6 ounces per pole. These poles performed extremely well on a recent 5 day trek that included pretty varied terrain. Not once did I have any difficulty with take-down or locking. They never once collapsed while in use. Overall I would give them a 5, but they need to allow for the addition of leashes to be perfect in my book. I will probably fabricate some kind of light-weight leash myself, but on 3 or 4 occasions, especially toward the end of the day, I would drop one. Generally extra soft terrain would suck the pole in a little more than usual, and in my tired state, I would not have a good grip on the handle and leave it in the ground behind me.

In addition, I have found the users of these poles who combine them with Black Diamond baskets can use florescent light covers (widley available at hardware stores)cut down to size as a perfect fit for protective cases. Duct taped together, mine went into a duffle bag and onto 4 seperate airplanes with no damage. The florescent light covers fit perfeclty and are super cheap.

Price comparison from GearBuyer: Black Diamond Trail - Women's priced at: $45.95 - $119.95
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Seth Lyon
( EagleScout )
Quality product, excellent customer service! on 10/01/2007 17:54:36 MDT Report Post Print

Rating: 5 / 5

I chose the Titanium Goat Adjustable Goat Poles because of the super light weight and collapseable design. I've used them on a day hike and found them to be sturdy and comfortable in the grip. I especially like the ease with which I can transfer my upper body weight to the poles when I am descending. My previous poles had wrist straps, but I don't miss them on these poles. The expanders work great to adjust the pole lengths.
I requested Doug and Josh make a threaded part I could use to make one pole work as a photography monopod. They graciously included a well designed adapter and it works great for even my heavy Nikon camera.
Buy these poles, you'll be glad you did!

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Lynn Tramper
( retropump )

The Antipodes of La Coruna
Straps available on 01/13/2008 16:54:28 MST Report Post Print

Rating: 5 / 5

I've been testing the new straps for these poles. I have the two piece set, and I love how light they are. I needed adjustable poles for tarping, so these are a god-send. I don't know if the straps can be retrofitted to existing poles or not, but worth asking the guys at TG if you're interested.

My only criticism is that I personally would prefer the tapered foam grips to go the other way, ie with the flare towards the bottom. This would make it easier to use the poles without straps as the heel of my hand would have something to push off from...but they still rate a 5 in my book.

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