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Snow Peak LiteMax

in Stoves - Canister

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Richard Gless
( rgless )

San Francisco Bay Area
Snow Peak LiteMax on 12/06/2009 23:20:15 MST Report Post Print

Rating: 5 / 5

Snow Peak LiteMax Stove

I bought a Snow Peak LiteMax this spring (2009) to replace my MSR Pocket Rocket and have been really happy with it, having used it for about 20 days now.


1. Weight - 1.9 oz vs 3.0 oz for a pocket rocket (and the pocket rocket container weighs 0.9 oz. if you use it)

2. Compactness – the lite max collapses into very small unit. I just keep it in the ziplock bag with my matches.

3. Stability – the pot supports are much wider apart than the Pocket Rocket giving a significantly more stable situation when a pot is on the stove. It is not designed for large pots.

4. Flame Control – I have been able get to a “simmer” temperature much more easily than with the pocket rocket. I haven’t done a scientific evaluation, but I always seemed to have problems burning food onto my pot with the pocket rocket, but haven’t had this issue with the LiteMax – the flame seems to be broader and the heat more dispersed.


1. This stove is significantly more expensive than the pocket rocket ($59.95 vs. $39.95 at REI), but I had a coupon and a gift card.

In spite of the extra cost, from my standpoint, the LiteMax is a much superior stove.

Price comparison from GearBuyer: Snow Peak LiteMax Stove priced at: $54.95 - $59.95
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Steve S
( idahosteve )

Solid stove on 07/12/2010 08:39:15 MDT Report Post Print

Rating: 5 / 5

I decided to go with the cannister stove out of familarity instead of alcohol. I'm a new UL user, transitioning from a technical climbing background. The old MSR gas stoves were our mainstay for many years. I really like the ease and size of the stove. Packability is outstanding. Cannisters last and are easy to light. I've got about 12 days on it now. Very stable with the pots, and I can either extend the pot supports or not. Juts a very solid and well thought out piece of equipment. I'd recommend it for sure.

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