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AlpinLite Bug Tent

in Shelters - Bivy Sacks

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Michael Landman
( malndman )

Central NC, USA
AlpinLite Bug Tent on 05/22/2009 08:40:56 MDT Report Post Print

Rating: 5 / 5

I think this is the correct category...

The tent is a No-See-Um mesh tent over a SylNyl bathtub floor. It has a solid foot wall and a single zippered door. The specs are as follows:
1 oz No See-Um netting
1.1 oz. Ripstop Nylon
(with Silicone Blend Impregnation)
- Height: 36" at head / 19 " at feet
- Width: 34" at head / 24 " at feet
- Length: 7'
- Floor Area: ~ 17 ft2
Average Weight:
8.9 Ounces
(does not include guylines, stakes, or seam sealing)
4, 1 @ each corner (1/2" Grossgrain webbing)
2 on ridgeline (loop of cord)
8' x 3/32" dia, nylon
6' x 3/32" dia, nylon
Zipper: #3

They also now make a 1.5 sized one.

Construction is solid, and the company is easy to work with.

I had mine here in the Grand Canyon for a week long hike in mid April. I used a SpinnTwin for rain protection most nights (it always rains in the desert!).

Cloudy GC panarama

We had all the weather one could want, snow on the rim, clear nights where I did not need a tarp, rain and snow on the Tonto, winds that made pitching a tarp a formidable task, and great desert blooms.

AlpinLite Bug tent no tarp GC

S. rim snow

New Hance cache camp spot

GC Desert blooms 01

GC desert blooms 02

GC Desert blooms 03 (cedar)

GC desert blooms 04 PP

GC Colorado/near Cottonwood

Some notes on the Bug Tent:

Construction is good throughout.
All seams are tight and no fabric/mesh ends exposed to fray.
All seams are sealed (nice touch) comes with nice vented stuff sack, with a mitten hook so it does not get lost over night.
Water protection afforded by the SylNyl foot end and raised SylNyl at the entrance was sufficient for the rain we saw that blew from every direction (the canyon head walls and sides made the wind shift wildly all night).
I personally would prefer a button and loop system rather than the mitten clip to hold the door open, but that's just me, no biggie.
A stash pocket would be helpful (head lamp, the whistle I have had around my neck all day, small stuff like that).
The zipper for the front door is a bit short. It appears to be a stock size and does not go all the way to the edge of the wall. This makes the door effectively smaller than it could be.

Bug tent zipper detail

It is a bit heavier than the MLD Serenity Shelter, but you can have it in a week or so, not in a month or month and a half. Good for us planning impaired folks!

All in all, I like it, the business is good to work with. As a thought, having it shipped via FedEx or UPS, as opposed to the USPS shipping would make tracking the package easier and might be worth the bump in costs.

I recommend this gear and would buy from AlpinLite again.

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David Roberts
( justdave01 )
Simple and Well Built on 07/09/2009 07:55:50 MDT Report Post Print

Rating: 5 / 5

I decided to go with Alpinlite because of price and the fact that I needed a superlight shelter combo quickly. I had and MSR Hubba and long story short I don't have it anymore. Gen was easy to deal with and from order time to receipt of the Bugshelter and a custom Catenary tarp was 6 days. All the seams on the bugshelter are very well reinforeced and are as good as any other gear I've owned and this includes the main line manufacturers like MSR and so on. I told Gen the specs I wanted on the custom cat tarp and he sent me back a CAD drawing of the tarp within a few hours for my approval.

As for specs The shelter weighs 8.7 oz and the tarp weighs 7.9 oz. The ridge lines on the bugshelter have linelocs on them and the stake loops are folded in the center section and bar-tacked in the curved area to reinforce them. There is a small mesh pocket on the inside and a mitten hook hanging from the ridge line seam which comes in handy. The cat cut of the ridge line on the bugshelter allows for a very tight set up and the custom cat tarp has the same curve so the two mate perfectly for no contact between tarp and netting. The tarp has small rings sewn in to it for the bugshelter to hook to or you obviously could just use the shelter by itself.

I am very impressed with the quality of this piece of gear. I am extremely impressed with the customer service and the turn around time for the entire order. Alpinlite came through for me in a pinch and I'll be doing business with them again.

qAlpinlite Bugshelter with custom catenary tarp

As for the discussion about the zipper in the earlier review, you'll notice that the zipper does go all the way to the edge on the newer models.

Edited by justdave01 on 07/14/2009 14:54:19 MDT.

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