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Backpackinglight Thurofare Pant

in Clothing - Wind & Soft Shell

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4.00 / 5 (2 reviews)

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Michael Davis
( mad777 )

South Florida
Backpackinglight Thurofare Pant on 02/27/2009 20:29:19 MST Report Post Print

Rating: 5 / 5

I love everything about these pants! They are so light it literally feels like I'm not wearing anything. My size large weighs 4.1 oz.

They have features that count but not ones that don't. The waist is simply a gathered elastic cord with a cordlock. The leg openings can be cinched tight to keep out bugs, drafts, etc. There is no fly.

The lightweight nylon material is a perfect balance of strength, breathability, water resistance and quick drying.

One observation would add is that the light tan color can be almost see-through when wet.

Bottom line: all my other hiking pants are now useless!

Dan Durston
( dandydan )

Light but fragile on 10/05/2009 18:32:37 MDT Report Post Print

Rating: 3 / 5

These pants are amazing light which is great, but the durablity doesn't seem to be there for long term use. Mine are showing significant signs of wear after about 10 days of hiking. Also the waist band elastic is too weak and the waist will sag if you put gear in the pockets. This is an easy fix though.

These pants are also quite baggy in the butt area since there is no fly. The lighter color that I have is also somewhat see thru and it could be quite revealing when wet.


- Ridiculously light
- DWR enables some rain pant function
- Snap at ankles to reduce tighten girth works well in buggy or muddy conditions.

- Durablity
- Somewhat see-thru
- Waistband cannot support much weight
- Hip pockets not that deep
- Baggy fit in butt area

- Use stronger waist elastic cord and grippier cord lock
- Deeper cut side pockets
- Less baggy cut in the butt/waist area
- Use heavier grade of nylon (70D?)
- Two snap adjustment options at ankles are too close together. Spread these out so the pants can go even tighter if desired.

Edited by dandydan on 04/04/2010 13:56:33 MDT.

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