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Jacks R Better No Sniveller quilt

in Sleeping Bags - Quilts & Top Bags

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Stephan Guyenet
( Guyenet )
Jacks R Better No Sniveller quilt on 11/30/2005 13:35:37 MST Report Post Print

Rating: 5 / 5

I bought this quilt to use as insulation for ground sleeping down to 30 degrees. I received it a week ago and I've had the opportunity to test it overnight in my backyard twice.

The design couldn't get much simpler: a rectangular quilt made of 1.1 oz nylon with 2" no-see-um baffles full of 850 fp down. It also has omni-tape (like velcro but better) along part of the long axis and drawcords along each short axis. As a bonus, there's a slit in the middle of the quilt lined with omni-tape that allows it to be used as an insulated poncho (it's not waterproof though). The fabric is very pleasant on the skin. The construction appears flawless. The down seemed a bit clumpy at first but I've let it loft for a few days and it looks better now.

The whole thing weighs 20 oz and packs down small (7" cube if compressed). They include a silnylon compression sack but I don't plan on compressing it much.

The bottom drawcord allows you to form an adequate footbox. My advice is to also use the top drawcord to seal in the heat and avoid drafts. Pull the toggle out on one side, then tie the cord to the loop on the other side. This will act sort of like a neck baffle in a cold-weather bag.

I bought this quilt for ground sleeping. I was able to spend the night comfortably at 32 C under a tarp in the rain, but only once I optimized my use of the quilt. I wore a light insulating layer, thin balaclava, wool hat, and wool socks. I also loosely cinched the top of the bag around my neck as described above. I should also mention that I'm a cold sleeper. The quilt is wide enough (48") that you don't get too much cold air when you turn.

Overall, a good deal on a good quilt. The design is thoughtful and well executed. It's very versatile, just like the Jacks designed it to be. The price is good, next to comparable products. This will be my new primary bag for lows between 30 and 50+ degrees F. I'd say it's about as warm as an average 30 F-rated sleeping bag, if used correctly.

There is one improvement I would love to see on this quilt: one more small loop in the center of the quilt's left side. This would allow me to tie a cord across and cinch the center of the bag more snugly around me. I think that would improve the bag's temp rating further for essentially no weight. I'll make this modification myself on my own quilt.

Richard Matthews
( food )

Colorado Rockies
great product on 01/03/2007 15:23:35 MST Report Post Print

Rating: 5 / 5

I got the No Sniveller and Nest together to use with my hammock. When wearing expedition weight long underwear the quilts will keep me warm to 30 degrees in the hammock.

I also use the NS on the ground in the Grand Canyon. For this I have added guy loops opposite the hammock pull out loops and can use watch bank clips and .75" grosgrain ribbon so the NS can be held down tight like a Nunatak Arc.

The NS combined with a Nunatak Arc Alpinist is my winter kit. The NS worn with a baggy shell can replace your camp coat.

A lot of quality and a lot of uses for a reasonable price.

Greyson Howard
( Greyhound )

Sierra Nevada
Made me a quilt convert on 08/17/2007 19:28:02 MDT Report Post Print

Rating: 5 / 5

I have used this quilt 15 nights this summer, all in the northern Sierra in the greater Lake Tahoe area.
Temperatures were between the low 30's and the high 40's.

The quilt was used in conjunction with either a water resistant bivy or a single wall tent.

I slept warm and comfortably every night I used the quilt (save for one overnight where a cold sleeping pad let me down), even when others were cold in 15-20 degree mummy bags.

Sizing on the large quilt was long enough to pull the quilt over my head when cold (I am 6'3"), and wide enough to seal out drafts, except when I drew my legs up in a fetal position, which would cause drafts.

Even when I've used the provided compression sack, the quilt lofted more quickly than my Mountain Hardware Phantom 32 bag (also 800 fill down).

I haven't really used the quilt in poncho mode, except for comic value, so I can't comment on functionality of that design.

My only complaint is the improvised neck closure described on this site does come apart from time to time, but most nights I didn't even have to do that.

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George Matthews
( gmatthews - M )
No Sniveller on 02/03/2008 07:13:08 MST Report Post Print

Rating: 5 / 5

I've become a quilt convert and don't plan to go back to a bag. I started using No Sniveller last year. The quality of the product is superb. Of course, you have to pay what it's worth, but that shouldn't be a problem it you seek an excellent sleeping solution. I find the No Sniveller to be warm and comfortable for three season (note: I supplement it with Cocoon Hoody and Pant. Also I use a bivy when under a tarp). It also is a great piece of dual use gear for around camp when used as a quilt poncho.

It's a 5!

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Albert K.
( archer )

Northeastern U.S.
My Favorite Piece of Gear on 02/26/2008 07:31:42 MST Report Post Print

Rating: 5 / 5

The title says it all.

I just got back from a winter camping trip on which I used the No Sniveller for the first time. It's now my fav. piece of gear. Here's a few observations:
1. Temp rating (at 30 deg. F.) is conservative to spot on. I was able to keep comfortably warm with the NS down to 19 degrees F. by supplementing it with a silk liner, silk insulating pants, a fleece jacket, a balaclava and a windstopper cap. Without the liner (but with the other items) I was slightly chilled at that temp. I should mention that I'm a notoriously cold sleeper (as in I get cold at 15 degrees in a 0 degree bag). (Note: I'm 5'10" and got the large. Draping the excess over my head but leaving a breathing hole helped a lot.)
2. It works great as a camp coat. I wore it under my oversized shell and kept toasty warm with it, the shell, and my base layer (low was about 15 degrees while awake).
3. It's much easier to change clothing in/under than a sleeping bag.
4. I was able to successfully use it in conjunction with a bag to push the bag's temp. rating much lower. I combined it with a 20 degree bag when it appeared the temp was going to plummet (it actually hit 10 degrees, and I easily could have gone to 0). It's slippery surface allowed me to spin around in the bag without any movement of the quilt.

Overall, I'm very impressed with the NS's performance in the field.

Robert Taylor
( Robtay )
Light, Warm & Comfy on 07/17/2008 05:37:02 MDT Report Post Print

Rating: 5 / 5

I agree with the positive comments mentioned above. I'm a cold sleeper and I've used the No sniveller in the height of winter with a reactor thermolite liner (can't give accurate temp ratings). I've never been keen on the restrictiveness of sleeping bags and a quilt is the perfect solution.. and weighs less.

Being tall 6.2" i went for the long one and can pull it up right over my head.

I would say its a more durable than most, all stitching is even with no threads showing and no zips to break, seems very well made.

Although they recommend lying it flat for storage, if like me your short of space I've been using the storage container it came with, with no ill effects.NS in storage bag

Rick Cheehy
( kilgoretrout2317 )

Get it on 07/22/2009 13:24:38 MDT Report Post Print

Rating: 5 / 5

Not much left to say on this thread. It's a great design, warm, simple, light, adaptable. I got the full length omni tape and this is going to be the core of my year round system. I talked to one on the Jack's on the phone, he gave me a good deal of his time, figured out my needs and got my quilt in the mail that day. I also got the hood and it is now my cold weather sleeping hat.
If your a bag guy/gal ant thinking about switching, I'll say this: If your thinking about switching then you will like a quilt better. all the things you hate about bags will be gone forever.

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