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MSR Titan Kettle

in Cookware - Titanium

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4.68 / 5 (22 reviews)

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Dug Shelby
( Pittsburgh )

Bay Area
Does it's job lightly on 02/18/2011 03:23:40 MST Report Post Print

Rating: 5 / 5

Love this kettle.

My impressions after using it for a while now:

[] It's wider, squat profile is really well suited for the type of home-made cat food can stoves I use most. The flame throws perfectly on the bottom and does not waste fuel at all. (if you're wasting fuel with a pot/stove setup, more than likely you need to switch it up).

[] It fits inside my modified Ikea pot stand/wood stove holder like it was made to do so.

[] Fits everything in my cook kit inside.

[] As far as measuring goes, and it not having measurement lines: really? How often do we use our kits, and how many times would I need too see where one or two cups fill the cookpot to? We remember pin numbers, license numbers, passwords...but we can't remember a simple visual? Take your Titan kettle to the kitchen right now, measure a cup of water, pour it in, burn the approximate fill line to memory. And if your backcountry recipes are THAT complex, then I'm impressed. Emeril meets Survivorman. Ok, rant over. I just don't see how you can knock a point off a rating for that. Learn yourself sumthin' goodly on where the fill lines are. It's not brain surgery.

[] Seconds as a cup really well. It's basically just a big cup anyways.

Downsides: haven't found any yet. Not really looking. It does what I want so I can do what I want while camping.

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Daniel Pittman
( pitsy - M )

Central Texas
Here's what you can do... on 05/26/2015 22:37:08 MDT Report Post Print

Rating: 5 / 5

Use it with a fancy feast stove. Cut a wind-screen as tall as will fit inside the kettle. Store your stove, matches, mini bic, fuel, bandana, olive oil, s&p, Dr. Bronner's, etc. inside it.

Oh, and where they weld the handle brackets to the outside it leaves burn marks on the inside; use those to gauge water level. Use a spoon handle or knife blade in the spout to pop the lid.

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