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Equinox Silnylon Poncho

in Clothing - Raingear

Average Rating
4.75 / 5 (4 reviews)

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Mark Larson
( mlarson )

Southeast USA
Equinox Silnylon Poncho on 11/04/2005 02:29:26 MST Report Post Print

Rating: 4 / 5

This is a review of the non-extended version, which I've really grown to like. Just a bit over 7oz, about 7.75 feet long, and a bargain at $40-50. I have had no problems with durability; snags on trees and brush have surprisingly not made a mark. No signs of wear or loose stitching or failed snaps after 700 miles.

Ventilation is excellent as expected. The hood is generally functional, and hasn't gotten in the way. Fits well with a baseball cap underneath.

Using the two rear corners to wrap around your waist does a great job of keep things from flapping around and protects your pack. I also like the color, a bright and cheery blue.

Complaints? I wish the hood was a bit longer to give more coverage to the forehead, and total length just a bit too short for use as a tarp [for me].

Price comparison from GearBuyer: Equinox Poncho - Kid's priced at: $29.95 - $35.95
Richard Matthews
( food )

Colorado Rockies
shelter AND rain gear on 01/04/2007 09:54:18 MST Report Post Print

Rating: 5 / 5

I use the extended version sold through Campmor. Recently I did a rainy week long hike with my 74 year old friend. We wore our ponchos at some time every day for a week. When we were coming out we met a couple of young guys going in. One had on a beautiful name brand waterproof breathable jacket and a Gregory pack cover. After they passed I remarked to my friend that it wished we could look as good those the young men if we could be as comportable us. He said he was thinking the same thing. Ponchos are not high fashion, but for 3 season hiking they work better than any breathable rain gear I have used.

This stock poncho is only a 4, but is a 5 with the following additions:
1. A cordlock needs to be added to the hood drawstring,
2. You need to girth hitch cord loops for your fingers into the side guy loops - this keeps most all your arm dry in a storm.
3. I carry .5" webbing and a side release buckle in the back guy loops to make a belt - it will handle high winds with a belt,
4. Guy loops need to be added to the short sides - this allows an A frame pitch.

The poncho is also the fly on my Hennessy Hammock.

john Tier
( Peter_pan - M )

Co-Owner Jacks 'R' Better, LLC, VA
Great utility piece of gear on 09/22/2007 18:10:42 MDT Report Post Print

Rating: 5 / 5

Agree with Richard on the mods.... all easy to do....I've had the extended length model for over 4 years and it is super through the mid season.... and yes it will cover a HH.

Here is my mod.... sewed a couple of 1 inch square piece of omnitape on the outside front, about an inch above where my nipples would be.... corresponding to the back of the same spot I sewed a 4 inch piece of 3/4 elastic with a 1 inch pad of omnitape on the loose end.... When it is warm and the wind is not straight at you I can roll up the front and secure it with the elastic .... open front even more cool air... wind changes, pop the tabs and down rolls the front... couldn't be easier.


Edited by Peter_pan on 09/22/2007 18:11:42 MDT.

Keith Selbo
( herman666 - M )

Northern Virginia
Nice Poncho on 04/21/2009 10:37:14 MDT Report Post Print

Rating: 5 / 5

I own the 8 oz. short version. What I like most is the 8 oz. The airiness is also superb. My only other experience with ponchos were rubberized military versions and those cheap vinyl ones both of which became hot and clammy right quick.

It took me a while to figure out how to get it over my pad and pack. I stuck my hiking poles in the rear tie-out loops and used them to lift the back of the poncho over the pack. Then I snapped the back to the front.

When it's hot out, in light rain, I just use it as a pack cover instead of wearing it over the rest of me.

The snaps are REALLY tight. I'm always afraid the fabric is going to rip when I pull the snaps apart, but it hasn't yet. Knock wood.

Edited by herman666 on 09/22/2009 17:15:27 MDT.

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