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Big Agnes Clearview

in Sleeping Pads - Inflatable

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4.00 / 5 (7 reviews)

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Sven Klingemann
( svenklingemann )
Big Agnes Clearview on 08/22/2008 14:06:40 MDT Report Post Print

Rating: 3 / 5

Just tested the Clearview (mummy style full length) on a three day trip to Michigan. Temperatures overnight were between high fourties to high fiftees.
- Comfort: The pad was quite comfortable when inflated by about 75%. Not as comfortable as an Exped Downmat though (not surprising). The sticky surface though is my major complaint (pros: the pad does not slide around). Very uncomfortable, especially on bare skin. Plus makes inappropriate noises at every single move/shift.
- Warmth: At these temperatures the pad performed well, no cold spots. I was wearing full-length light hiking pants and was using a summer quilt.
- Ease of inflation: Very easy and fast. Moisture does get trapped inside.
- Durability: I was freaking out that the pad would explode or puncture any second. It did not, but it certainly does not look very resistant. No patches included either.
- Weight/storage: Very light and compact.

Overall this is a 3.5
If you can live with the stickiness and durability concerns it will be great for you. It is also only of limited use when temperatures drop significantly. If I find something better at a slightly increased weight I will probably ditch this one(hello new thermarest?).

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Craig Shelley
( craig_shelley )

Rocky Mountains
Lightweight and low volume on 08/24/2008 15:13:46 MDT Report Post Print

Rating: 5 / 5

I've had a Clearview Pad for a little while now. For the warmer conditions the pad is designed for, I think it is the best choice. It is very comfortable. It is very lightweight. Another big advantage however, is it takes up much less space than other pad options. A Big Agnes Air Core pad was often the luxury item I put in my backpack, ignoring the weight. Now, the Clearview pad will be the one I take when the weather is above freezing.

Added 8/27: My pad weight is 325grams or 11.45 oz. Slightly lighter than the reviewed pads.

Edited by craig_shelley on 08/27/2008 06:19:35 MDT.

Price comparison from GearBuyer: Big Agnes Air Core Pad priced at: $49.95 - $99.95
Kevin Egelhoff
( kegelhoff )

Southern Cal
LOVE this pad on 10/07/2008 16:39:44 MDT Report Post Print

Rating: 5 / 5

I talked three people in our group of five into buying this pad for our 9 day, 80+ mile hike in the high Sierra's. Night time Temps ranged from a low of 28 deg to a high of 38 deg. All three of us LOVED the pad and thought it was the best pad we have used to date. The material is a little sticky which ends up being perfect when slipped into a bivy with the sleeping bag on top. Keeps everything in place! The mummy shape is a little narrow and limits movement slightly and the sticky nature of the material can make the pad a little more difficult to deflate until you figure it out but these are minor complaints compared to the great comfort, temp range, and weight of this pad. The two guys on our hike who didn't get these pads are now looking to buy them !!!

Edited by kegelhoff on 10/07/2008 16:41:22 MDT.

Mary D
( hikinggranny )
Not thick enough on 10/17/2008 17:01:01 MDT Report Post Print

Rating: 3 / 5

I know that this pad is supposedly the same thickness as my POE InsulMat Max Thermo (now the Ether Thermo). However, it has more tubes, which seem to make it effectively thinner. The Clearview has to be blown up harder to keep my hips off the ground (I'm a side sleeper). During three nights, I could not find a happy medium between too hard a pad or having my hipbone on the ground. Either alternative was quite painful. I therefore have gone back to the POE mattress (very comfy when pumped up halfway) and will give the Clearview to my son for Christmas. He's younger, has smaller hips and backpacks only in summer. He's been using my old Thermarest LE. The Clearview is less than half the weight.

The Clearview is also longer than I need. I am short and sleep curled up on my side, so a 48" pad is plenty long enough for me. However, even the 60" Clearview plus a 1/8" GG Thinlight pad on top (for cold nights) are several ounces lighter than my insulated POE air mattress.

I like the stickiness--it keeps the Clearview from sliding. With other pads, I've had an occasion or two when between the silnylon tent floor and my nylon-shelled sleeping bag, my pad has shot out from under me when I turn over. That won't happen with the Clearview! I certainly wouldn't want to have nothing between me and the pad, though, so as pointed out in another review here, it may not be for quilt users.

I'm just sorry that the thickness wasn't enough for me. I would have appreciated the lighter weight for week-long trips.

Edited by hikinggranny on 10/18/2008 12:15:14 MDT.

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Nate Meinzer
( Rezniem )

San Francisco
Not Fit for Side-Sleepers on 04/18/2009 13:43:51 MDT Report Post Print

Rating: 2 / 5

I purchased the BA Clearview pad (size 20x66") and was excited for the possibility to experience the same comfort as the AirCore with half the weight, however, I was disappointed with the performance.

First, the pad had a leak right out of the package. I seam-sealed it and fixed the problem easily, but was not encouraged.

I used the pad one night and had a miserable experience. The material is different than the AirCore and stretches when you lay on it for extended periods of time. I could not keep my hips and shoulders off the ground and found sleeping this way to be extremely uncomfortable. In order to use this pad, I would have to inflate it fully, making it very stiff and uncomfortable again.

This pad would work fine for a back sleeper, but is not suitable for side-sleepers.

I'm 5'8", 140, for reference, and don't think my body put an inordinate amount of pressure on the pad.

Patrick Young
( lightingboy )

Light and Comfy on 05/01/2009 15:03:51 MDT Report Post Print

Rating: 5 / 5

This is truely a lightweight full length (20"x72" rectangle) pad. It weighs 15 oz and compacts down really small. Have used it down to 34F and had no cold spots. The material is fairly durable. Works great for side sleeping. My back doesn't feel sore when I wake up.

Downsides: No included repair kit and deflation takes a little longer due to the different construction method of the I-beams. Air can only pass through at the ends of the tubes unlike the other Big Agnes pads which allow airflow along the length of the tube.

Edited by lightingboy on 05/06/2009 07:53:24 MDT.

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Troy Adair
( aztrekker )

Hauling Organic Grains
A Bit Heavy but Extremely Comfortable on 09/16/2010 16:56:13 MDT Report Post Print

Rating: 5 / 5

Big Agnes makes quality gear and the Clearview is no exception. I have the 72" Mummy Style Clearview that weighs in at 13.3 ounces. Obviously it is much heavier than my 3/8" closed cell pad, but there are two distinct advantages: Pack size and comfort. I often value a smaller pack size over weight, and this pad fits into that mantra. Also, when I want to insure a great night's sleep, I go with the Clearview. This pad is extremely comfortable. I can even sleep on my side with this pad. I also stay on this pad very well.

There are a few negatives. There is no insulation to this pad. However, here in AZ I use it for 3 seasons on a regular basis. The I-Tube construction does not allow for easy deflation. It takes a few minutes. The other negative would be if you punctured this pad out in the field. Fortunately, with a little care in placement of my sleeping system I haven't had this problem.

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