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Watchful Eye Designs Aloksak

in Miscellaneous Products

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1.67 / 5 (3 reviews)

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Jeremy Pendrey
( Pendrey )

Watchful Eye Designs Aloksak on 06/21/2008 14:06:11 MDT Report Post Print

Rating: 2 / 5

There are other reviews on O.P. Saks/Aloksaks pertaining to the bear-can size and the food storage and protection issues those bags raise. This review concerns Aloksaks generally. The main problem with Aloksaks is that they don't close securely if you have anything of significant volume inside them. A supposedly waterproof bag is worthless if it doesn't shut or stay closed. I tried to use one for my first-aid kit, but many times when I opened my pack, the kit had opened and bandaids, etc., had spilled out. Now I use a store-bought quart-size freezer bag, which works great, and is waterproof (I tested it by submerging it in my sink with air inside. It is watertight).
The other big downside is the price of these bags compared to store-bought freezer bags. The Aloksaks are way too expensive. The only upside with these bags is the variety of sizes available, especially the smaller sizes, which can be handy. Store-bought freezer bags, as far as I can tell, come only in quart and gallon sizes. Overall, I'm disappointed with Aloksaks.

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Mark Verber
( verber )

San Francisco Bay Area
aloksak expensive, fragile, hard to use on 06/22/2008 10:50:12 MDT Report Post Print

Rating: 1 / 5

I used Aloksak for a year or two: both storage and the odorproof bags. I was disappointed with these storage sacks. First, getting the seal shut is very tricky. While I can seal traditional ziplock bags first time, it often two 2-5 tries with the Aloksak. Second, I found that even when I had seemingly correctly sealed the bag (e.g. no bubbles when I put it under water) that the seal could still pop open when compressed by the forces inside my backpack. Finally, I found the material prone punctures... I find freezer ziplock bags (especially the ones by hefty with the white zipper) more durable and way less expensive.

Edited by verber on 06/22/2008 10:50:44 MDT.

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Fred eric
( Fre49 )

France, vallée de la Loire
aloksak on 08/09/2009 14:16:13 MDT Report Post Print

Rating: 2 / 5

i usualy use a ziploc for my money, visa card and id card while hiking

this time when i left for 3 weeks in Greenland i decided to use the small aloksak that was given me with some other purchase on BPL

it looked stronger than my ziploc

the platic held well for the 3 weeks except the part for sealing, and i didnt used it that much

back to ziplocs i guess .


Edited by Fre49 on 08/09/2009 14:16:59 MDT.

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