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Darn Tough Socks Boot Sock Cushion and Full Cushion, Merino Wool

in Footwear - Boots, Shoes, Gaiters

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Kat Coons
( kcoons )
Darn Tough Socks Boot Sock Cushion and Full Cushion, Merino Wool on 03/24/2008 15:05:52 MDT Report Post Print

Rating: 5 / 5

Mud, snow, water, dirt, gravel, ice, my feet have seen it all. I do trail work with the Vermont Youth Conservation Corps and I wear Darn Tough Socks every single day. They're warm but breathable and they NEVER bunch up around your toes. These socks fit perfectly. The Full Cushion model is perfect for cooler weather, or if you're going to be on your feet for long hours. The Cushion model is a great choice for hot weather and all-leather boots.

Even if my feet get wet, they remain extremely comfortable in Darn Tough socks, which dry out quickly when allowed ventilation. These socks aren't going to blow a hole in the seam after one season; I'm planning on keeping mine for hiking upon many trails in the years to come. You won't go wrong with Darn Tough, and they come in a full-line of extremely stylish colors.

Price comparison from GearBuyer:
Darn Tough Boot Sock Cushion - Men's priced at: $12.77 - $21.00
Darn Tough Boot Sock Cushion - Women's priced at: $12.77 - $21.95
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Mike M
( mtwarden )

wonderful socks on 08/23/2009 12:34:11 MDT Report Post Print

Rating: 5 / 5

for years I used to wear two pairs of socks (syn liner/wool outer) old school. on the recommendations of several folks, I gave the Darn Tough socks a go. well....... these are bar none great socks. fit is great, wick nicely, dry quickly and comfortable- not much more you can ask of a sock- well maybe that they last a long time- these do that too.

warranty isn't half bad for a sock either- full lifetime! :)

I won't be switching socks anytime in the near future

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Buck Nelson
( Colter )

Darn Tough Socks: My new favorite on 12/03/2010 22:43:44 MST Report Post Print

Rating: 5 / 5

I have been a loyal Smartwool wearer for years. For me, Merino wool is the way to go. On prior thru-hikes Smartwools were very comfortable but seemed to wear out too quickly. So for the PCT I got some Darn Tough socks. I used four pairs of socks total (wearing one pair with one pair in my pack and the others in reserve at home) in the 2,600+ miles of the trail. I had the Darn Tough, 1/4 Sock, Mesh, which I weighed at 1.6 ounces for the pair; and the Darn Tough 1/4 Sock Cushion at about 2.4 oz. pair.

My Darn Tough socks lasted longer than the modern Smartwool socks. I wore out three pair of Darn Tough socks during the five months of my hike. The fourth pair was going strong at the end. I liked the lighter mesh socks for the desert, but the cushion socks lasted longer and I liked them better for the cooler and wetter sections of the trail. My feet held up very well with both types of socks.

One small flaw I found in these socks is they tend to get small holes in the "upper corner" of the heal cup. Apparently there is stress in that spot. It had no affect on the comfort of the sock, however.

Overall I found them to be outstanding, comfortable, long-wearing socks.

Update: I also wore Darn Tough 1/4 Sock Cushion socks for the Desert Trail, Mexico to Canada. They are my go-to sock from now on for thru-hiking. I used them in combination with Darn Tough 1/4 Sock Mesh until my feet toughened up.

Edited by Colter on 11/20/2012 08:55:08 MST.

Price comparison from GearBuyer:
Darn Tough 1/4 Sock Cushion - Men's priced at: $9.77 - $16.99
Darn Tough 1/4 Sock Cushion - Women's priced at: $16.95 - $17.00
Darn Tough 1/4 Sock - Men's priced at: $9.75 - $16.95
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Ryley Breiddal
( ryleyb - M )

Pacific Northwest
Best socks out there on 08/08/2014 10:52:10 MDT Report Post Print

Rating: 5 / 5

I somehow made it through the PCT in 2007 without knowing about these socks, and thus I went through so many pairs of other wool socks. Sometimes wearing holes in them after 2-3 days.

On the CDT in 2011, via the unanimous praise of other thruhikers, I was introduced to Darn Tough and that was the end of my sock dilemma. 1/4 sock cushion is the one I settled on, and I used 4 pairs in total over my whole CDT hike. The last 2 pairs are still going strong 3 years later. They are warm when wet, don't lose their shape, and are very comfortable.

Darn Tough also has a ridiculous policy on returns: All returns are honored, no questions asked. I know people who have sent back socks with 1000+ miles on them (and a couple small holes as a result) and gotten replacements.

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