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Equinox 8 X 10 silnylon tarp

in Shelters - Tarps & Floorless

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3.71 / 5 (7 reviews)

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Stephan Guyenet
( Guyenet )
Equinox 8 X 10 silnylon tarp on 09/08/2005 00:43:19 MDT Report Post Print

Rating: 3 / 5

This tarp has ups and downs. Let's start with the ups: excellent value. Where else can you get a 14 oz 8 X 10 silnylon tarp for $65? Astonishing. Other ups are that it has three center tie-outs for stable pitches. I'm amazed to see that Integral Designs makes tarps this size without an equivalent number of center ties.

Now the downs: as I use this tarp more and pitch it with more force, I'm seeing stretching and possibly light damage around the seams and grommets. This is affecting my peace of mind at night in windy conditions, although it hasn't failed yet*. I recently put silicone seam sealer around the grommets and on the affected seams. This seems to have solved the problem. Another complaint is that the ridgeline and the center seam are perpendicular for the normal A-frame pitch. This makes me wary of putting a lot of force on the ridgeline.

So, in summary, this tarp is a good value. Due to inferior construction, however, if I had to buy a tarp again I would choose one with reinforced webbing loops instead of grommets and a seam on the long axis (such as an Oware flat tarp). If you do buy the Equinox, reinforce key areas with SilNet.

*Note: if a webbing loop or grommet pulls out of a tarp, cover a small rock in a sound portion of the remaining fabric and wrap a rope around the base of the rock to hold it in place. This gives you an instant tie-out point anywhere you need it.

Edited by Guyenet on 09/08/2005 00:48:43 MDT.

Joshua Burt
( idroptapul )

The Smokies
About right for the cost on 06/12/2006 19:46:13 MDT Report Post Print

Rating: 4 / 5

Myself and one other spent 5 summer nights at 11,000ft. under this tarp. Pitched as an A-frame we stayed dry and happy in afternoon thunder storms. Lots of room for gear as well. There was some minimal misting in the driving rain.
Winds at times were up to around 25mph, the tarp held up well with little noticeable stress around the grommits. Our site was well protected but flapping was still an issue.
As a shelter, I think it's a solid "3" but I give it a "4" for the affordability.

Eric Riddick
( 50Miler )
OK, but better stuff is out there on 02/03/2008 01:20:36 MST Report Post Print

Rating: 3 / 5

This ultra-lightweight tarp gets the job done, but the seam is stitched in a way that cuts the tarp in half. When you set the thing up, the tarp is being pulled apart at the seam. This weakens it in wind. I prefer silnylon tarps and tents where the seam goes along the tarp, not across.

Jeff Jeff
( TwoFortyJeff )
Versatile shelter on 08/23/2008 22:38:44 MDT Report Post Print

Rating: 4 / 5

I bought this tarp the replace the blue walmart tarp I started out with.

I was wary of the grommets at first, but I have had it staked out as tight as a drum and they haven't gotten loose at all. I have had it pitched in some bad areas where it was battered by wind for hours and it never gave way. It bad it through a tough storm with no seamsealing and no leakage. It did leak the next time I used it, however. Seamsealing obviously fixed the problem.

So far, my only gripe is that I can't get a good pitch with a 8x10 flat tarp for the wind. I haven't gotten wet with it yet and I've crammed 3 people in it, but it does make a lot of noise in the wind. This is more of a general complaint with my skills with a flat tarp more than anything.

All around, it's a very versatile shelter, but I can't seem to find the perfect pitch setup with it.

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Acronym Esq
( )

Easy gateway tarp on 04/30/2010 11:19:58 MDT Report Post Print

Rating: 4 / 5

I've got ~ 14 nights under mine now.

- Cheap
- Light (363 g w/o rigging)
- Big
- lots of pitch options

- Ridge line and tie outs are on the wrong axis
- most pitches are hard to get taught

- Great starter tarp. I've enjoyed playing with it.
- Center seam leaked in rain and had to be seam sealed (seam sealing instructions for tarptents worked fine.)

acronym 4/30/2010 12:15 PM

Edited by on 04/30/2010 11:21:17 MDT.

Jeff Hollis
( hyperslug )
Great Value with some quirks on 01/22/2011 10:49:02 MST Report Post Print

Rating: 4 / 5

I have had this for a long time and it has seen at least 30+ nights on the trail. Have used it as sleep shelter and a place to hang out on trail or in camp when it is raining.

Reasonably durable

As other have said the ridge line does not run along the seam. The seam runs left to right across the ridge line. This reduces tarp strength, and taught pitches. I still often run the seam along the ridge line and put the tie outs on the inside to hang stuff. However it is a bit short in length at that point.

The tie outs are cotton which is weird.

The stuff sack needs reinforcing on the seam. Mine seam failed over time and I replaced it. Not a big deal!

My brother has the 10' X 12' and sets the seam down the ridge line and it is a palace.

Steven McAllister
( brooklynkayak )

Atlantic North East
A Good Value on 11/08/2012 09:41:57 MST Report Post Print

Rating: 4 / 5

Although it has grommets instead of tie-outs, the grommets are reinforced and can take abuse.

It has mid-point tie-outs that help make it a more versatile shelter.

A great step up from the standard blue tarp and a great value.

If you want to go a step higher, look into Oware and others, but expect to pay more.

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