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MLD Silnylon Pro Poncho The new Pro

in Shelters - Tarps & Floorless

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George Matthews
( gmatthews - M )
MLD Silnylon Pro Poncho The new Pro on 02/03/2008 06:55:44 MST Report Post Print

Rating: 5 / 5

MLD Silnylon Pro Poncho

For poncho tarping, I started using GoLite's poncho tarp and switched to the MLD Pro because I heard good things about it on BPL. The hood slit roll up is fantastic. My regular weighs right at 8 1/2 oz. I like the curved ridgeline and side. It's easy to get a nice pitch with a bit of practice. The hood has a nice brim. I'm 5'11 and pleased with the regular size. This poncho tarp is well made and offered at a good price.


Specifications and features...

8.5 oz

Exclusive: 65’ wide front / 53” wide rear

8.7’ (104”) Regular Size
Shape tapers front to rear for good coverage in tarp and poncho mode. Widest front width poncho tarp made for full coverage in tarp mode. Tapers to 56” in the rear. In poncho mode the wide end is in the rear to wrap around pack. In tarp mode the wide end is over the chest and head for more rain and wind protection. Pictures of the Regular length on a 6'1" studly model with a small pack. Reg size is fine for most everyone. Ron even includes a tube of SilNet and recommends we use a small amount for long term protection.

Exclusive HoodSlit system (TM, Pat. Pend) The hood is set into the ridgeline and seals shut quickly in tarp mode without the need to tie up and stake out the hood top to prevent water pooling like common circle-in-the-middle hood style ponchos. The MLD SlitHood is also the strongest hood design possible.

Exclusive: Hood features a stiffened brim and volume adjustment for a tight fit and drastically reduced mind numbing wind flap when worn vs. other poncho tarps. Hood is off set forward for full pack coverage and the wide end is in the rear for wrap around pack coverage in poncho mode.

Exclusive: Catenary cut (curved) ridgeline AND sides for a fast and tight set up in tarp mode. Note: The ridgeline curve is just enough for a nice A frame pitch but not so much that other tight pitches can not be achieved- Works fine in the lean-to pitch. This design offers tight pitching with less fuss, better wind resistance, water shedding and far less possibility of stakes pulling out or insomnia inducing wind flap.

Exclusive: Two additional ridgeline tieouts positioned 20” from each end for various pitch options and to secure the waist bungee in poncho mode. Pictured is an A frame pitch with the rear pitched closed using the rear ridgelien tieout. A third ridgeline tieout at the center for use in lean-to mode. -Great protection without a closed in feeling.

The hood/ridgeline seam is internally taped and then sewn. Many users do not use any seam sealer. We recommend a very small amount (tube of SilNet suppplied) for long term seam stitching and water protection. Our seam requires up to 1oz less than other poncho tarps, saving even more weight by design.

Front and rear ridgeline tieouts includes a CF tarp pole tip grommet.

Front ridgeline tieout quick to identify: It has the MLD Logo label integrated as a tie out reinforcnemt. No more what color is the front / rear tieout memory challenge!

Multiple hang loops on the inside ridgeline for bivy, watch, glasses and bug bivy hanging.

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Drew Smith
( Drewsmith - M )

Colorado Rockies
Does the job on 11/13/2012 09:49:50 MST Report Post Print

Rating: 5 / 5

Like George I started with a GoLite tarp, but found it a bit too small for adequate coverage.

I've had the MLD tarp for a year now and and am fully satisfied with its performance both as a tarp and a poncho. With the catenary cut it is pretty easy to get a taut pitch, and the seams are strong enough to take a lot of tension. The the box foot option provides good protection, and it is sufficiently long and wide to keep out most wind spray without having to pitch it so low that you can't sit up.

This size means that it is potentially floppy in poncho mode. However I have found the elastic strap keeps the poncho under control in high wind conditions. The hood is excellent, also.

The only drawback is that the catenary/trapezoidal cut limits your pitching options. Other than the standard pup tent, the only other satisfactory pitch that I have found is the lean-to.

Delivery times are long, but they are upfront about this, so no grounds for complaint.

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