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Pak-Lite White Super

in Lights - Flashlights & Headlamps

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4.83 / 5 (6 reviews)

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Dave Wilson
( Daveyboy )
Pak-Lite White Super on 01/16/2008 14:04:15 MST Report Post Print

Rating: 5 / 5

i honestly think these things are bomb proof (really), according to these website they have thrown them out of planes and incased them in ice and they show a picture of it still working inside, after owning 2 for a few years, 1 of the basic versions and the new later model, i truly believe they aint making this stuff up. impossible to break accidentaly. The torch itself glows in the dark so its near impossible to loose in the dark and the battery seems to last forever. They claim to have left one on for a year, permantly on and could still use it to read a newpaper.. a map would have been more appropiate..nm :) i just know i havnt changed the battery on my original pak-lite since i brought it, i still carry it with me even though i got the new one as its so light and i tend to use it as a night light in my tent.

Although its very small it gives of a surprising amount of light, the super is a lot brighter than the original and has 2 settings.

Built using high grade materials such as gold plated contacts.

There are some cool looking accessories such as headband holder and velco strips to stick them where you like, although ive never purchased any to comment further.

Edited by Daveyboy on 01/16/2008 14:12:31 MST.

Mike Saxton
( Hokie )
Pac Lite White Super on 01/17/2008 02:22:12 MST Report Post Print

Rating: 5 / 5

Had to agree with previous reviewer but wanted to add some data:

Weight with lithium 9 volt battery - 43 gms (source: my scales)

Duration: 80 hours on High, 1200 hours on LOW (source: mfg)

Not sure of lumen level but LOW is much brighter than the "moonlight" of Photon ReX for example.

Care was not taken on the order I placed directly with the maker as I ordered several with the lithium battery (extra $), but they did not come that way. Watch this if you order direct.

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paul johnson
( pj )

LazyBoy in my Den - miss the forest
the best 5mm LED Task Light? on 05/10/2008 18:00:31 MDT Report Post Print

Rating: 5 / 5

when i need a 5mm task light this is now my "go to" light for the last couple of months. why?

1. light in weight

2. bright in light [output]

3. i'll die of old-age before i burnout the Li Primary 9V battery that came with it.

4. dual output levels are just right for my uses. the low o.p. level is low enough and the high o.p. level is plenty bright for just two 5mm LEDs.

5. easy to attach to a ballcap brim with the velcro strips option.

6. i also use a couple of 300mAh Maha 9V NiMH rechargeable batteries (~9.4 to 9.6 VDC off the charger) which also perform quite well. the 230mAh Maha 9.6V NiMH battery works well also, but off the charger it's ~ +11VDC, or so, and so i only use the low setting on the Pak-Lite when i use this particular battery. my concern is overdriving the LED when the supply voltage is that high.

7. the optional headband is quite functional if i'm sans ballcap or wearing different headgear and can't velcro the light to a stiff brim/visor.

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Robert Taylor
( Robtay )
Great Great Great on 05/23/2008 11:52:46 MDT Report Post Print

Rating: 5 / 5

Hi folks, after reading so many useful and informative reviews on this site i thought i'd better throw in my 10 cents worth. BTW thanks for all the reviews, although i've just made myself a member some of the information on this site has been first class and i always check hear before buying anything.

- The Pak-Lite

Although the battery is exposed to the elements, surprisingly to me, this doesn't matter, i've learnt just how robust batteries are after owning one of these. I like to think that my light source is in no danger of failing, thats why the Pak-Lite is my top choice. A single battery will last you for many many trips out without worry, the leds last for around 2 human life times, and the thing itself, although very small is extremely well built, even the switch on it has been tested rigoursly (forget the amount of on - offs) but i believe they import them from Japan, they feel good, inclined switch, not a button, hard to accidentaly switch on.
Like others have said, they glow in the dark and give of more than enough light.

The weight comes down to what battery you use. Lithium is half the weight of alkaline and lasts twice as long so worth the extra pennies.

Although the pak-lite website does have some nice accessies i cant get hold of any here in the uk so ive fanshioned my own. I use a head band from another torch company designed more for AA not V9 size torch, but it squeezes in and is in no danger of falling out, Velcro can be brought anywhere, i got a load of it at the market for a couple of £ though i still tend to just duct tape it where i want it (lazy).

In short, i know there are lighter alternatives, but your talking about your torch hear and you need to be able to rely on it in emergencies. The weight comes from the V9 battery which gives it a Humugous burn time.

My only negative thing to say is the switch can be hard to use wearing gloves, although its hard to see a way round it.

Buck Nelson
( Colter )

Good light, heavier than necessary on 10/08/2008 11:31:21 MDT Report Post Print

Rating: 4 / 5

This is a very good light. I'm giving it a 4 instead of a 5 because this is the Backpackinglight website, and there are other lights that are much smaller, lighter, and do a similarly good job. For example, the Photon Micro Light II weighs about .17 oz. while the Pak-lite weighs 1.5 oz (both lights with batteries.) Thus, you can carry a Photon with a second Photon as a backup for a fraction of the weight of a single Pak-lite.

The biggest advantage of the Pak-lite over the photon is a much longer burntime. However, two photons easily last me for an entire thru-hike, so it isn't much of an issue in the real world for me.

I like the Pak-lite. It's a cool gadget, but for me it will not replace the Photon for backpacking.


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Daniel Rushton
( DanTheMan )
The light that never goes out on 08/23/2009 04:54:33 MDT Report Post Print

Rating: 5 / 5

Its 2 leds on a glow in the dark plastic cap that fit onto a battery. I've had 1 for about a year and a half, i use it all the while not just when i'm treking / camping and its still as bright as the day i got it, I've got it wet, dropped it numerous times and it just keeps going, quite incredible.

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