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Macpac Amp 35

in Backpacks - Internal Frame

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Dan Healy
( electricpanda )

Macpac Amp 35 on 08/09/2005 02:53:26 MDT Report Post Print

Rating: 5 / 5

For the past year my self and girlfriend have been mostly using Macpac Amp 35 which is about the size of a normal 45l (approx 2700ci) pack. I normally carry a total of between 7 - 14kg (15.4lb – 30lb) with this pack (I carry all the food, shelter, cooking gear so as to make a happy trip and have her come out more often!).
Here is what you get for 1050g (2.2lbs)
Cool Features: shock cord system for 2 water bottles – on the front straps!, 2x food and gadget pouches right where you need them – in front of you!, easy to get at side pouches with a shockcord closing system so your beanie, gloves and WB jacket does not fall/get ripped out (no other pack comes close here), 2 organising pouches on the top lid, shock cord on the rear for wet tarp or jacket. All this means I am not stopping to get at different clothes, food, changing a jacket etc. Also taking a photo or using binos is easy (clip the binos on the front straps) so I tend to do it more. As well as ice axes and crampons carried on the rear panel you can increase the size of the shockcord arrangement on the rear of the pack to carry wet tarps etc.
Tough materials and good construction mean you can bash around in the bush without fear of it falling apart on the trip. All leading to a more enjoyable and hassle experience.
In Australia we regularly carry 3 to 5 litres of water so pack weights can get to 12kg+ very easily. The clever suspension system allows me to comfortably carry 10kg all day for 5 days and not start wondering where the finish of the trip is.

Edited by electricpanda on 08/09/2005 05:08:18 MDT.

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