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Hall of Fame Features

The following list features Backpacking Light's "Hall of Fame" - the highest traffic articles ever published at BPL - a great place to start reading for new visitors and subscribers!

Today's Most Popular Gear Reviews & Articles

Winter Backpacking Checklist (Gear List): Ultralight Winter Snowcave Camping

By Ryan Jordan | on December 10, 2014 | in Gear » Gear Lists
A lightweight approach to traveling light in the winter on snowshoes.

Tarptent Rainbow Tent REVIEW

By Will Rietveld | on July 12, 2006 | in Gear » Reviews
This radically different Tarptent is destined for greatness, but needs a few refinements here and there.

MSR Hubba Hubba HP Tent Review

By Ray Estrella | on April 13, 2010 | in Gear » Reviews
With new fabrics, a strong design and plenty of pitching options, the HP is quite attractive. Will this relatively lightweight double-wall abode have us exclaiming with enthusiasm or will we hurry on to the next cutie?

Lightweight Backpacking, Wal-Mart Style

By Benjamin Roode | on December 07, 2010 | in Trends » Commentary
I love gear, but I hate paying for it. Could I get a lightweight shelter, pack, sleeping bag, and sleeping pad for under $100? And if I could... how long would it last me?

Comfort and Moisture Transport in Lightweight Wool and Synthetic Base Layers

on July 25, 2006 | in Technology » Test Reports
An in-depth comparison of the properties of wool and synthetic fabric for base layers yielded some surprising results.

PHD Minim 400 Sleeping Bag Review

By Janet Reichl | on February 09, 2010 | in Gear » Reviews
This zipperless down mummy-style 23 F rated sleeping bag is elegant for its simplicity, light weight, and high loft-to-weight ratio.

Outdoor Retailer Summer Market 2010: Introduction and Tribute to Small Ultralight Gear Companies not Exhibiting at OR

By Will Rietveld | on August 02, 2010 | in Trends » Outdoor Retailer News
Summer OR is underway! We begin our coverage with new products from small companies who specialize in ultralight backpacking gear, including some new names.

Vango Helium Superlite 200 Tent Review

By Danny Milks & Kristin Tennessen | on September 27, 2011 | in Gear » Reviews
A sub-40 ounce, two-person, double-wall, hybrid tunnel tent that sheds wind and rain with ease?

Markill Peak Illuminator Canister Lantern SPOTLITE REVIEW

By Will Rietveld | on October 11, 2005 | in Gear » SpotLite Reviews
A mantle-type canister fuel lantern that puts out lots of light, is silent, and gets good gas mileage


By Will Rietveld and Janet Reichl | on February 25, 2007 | in Gear » SpotLite Reviews
Creates a very versatile footwear system when worn in lightweight trail runners for snow or wet conditions.

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