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Hall of Fame Features

The following list features Backpacking Light's "Hall of Fame" - the highest traffic articles ever published at BPL - a great place to start reading for new visitors and subscribers!

Today's Most Popular Gear Reviews & Articles

M Deep Freeze: A Cold, Hard Look at Winter Stoves

By Brad Groves | on January 31, 2012 | in Gear » State of the Market Reports
Investigating the lightest-weight options on the market and assessing ease-of-use, reliability, fuel efficiency, and time to boil.

Lightweight Backpacking News: Digest No. 2

By Eric Vann | on October 22, 2014 | in Trends » Media Reviews
Backpacking Light has scoured the web and will now bring you salient backpacking news stories, gear releases, and trip reports.

M Packrafting without a Good Map

By Luke Schmidt | on November 04, 2014 | in Places » Trip Reports
Despite losing their map during a stream crossing early in the trip, the adventurers trek on determined to hit the big water.

Indoor Girl Takes on a Yurt

By Margie Broschinsky | on March 27, 2012 | in Places » Trip Reports
Baby steps: out of love for her outdoorsy husband, Margie looks before she leaps and books a weekend in a Utah yurt, THEN learns the definition of "yurt."

M Lightweight Mealtime Routines for Group Cooking

By Ryan Jordan | on October 22, 2014 | in Techniques » Techniques & Best Practices
Simplifying the process of planning, preparing, and cooking for groups in the wild.

Techniques for River Corridor Camping

By Ryan Jordan | on October 08, 2013 | in Techniques » Techniques
Tarp camping is tricky enough. Couple that with unstable ground and strong winds and that perfect campsite can quickly become a nightmare. Learn all the tricks to stay dry and happy.

Oware Flat Tarps (6x8, 8x10, 10x10)

By the Product Review Staff | on September 29, 2003 | in Gear » Reviews

Ultralight Tip of the Week

By Mike Clelland! | on January 13, 2012 | in Techniques » Techniques & Best Practices
Rotating feature with tips and illustrations from Mike Clelland!'s new book: Ultralight Backpackin' Tips

Tenkara for Backpackers: State of the Market Report - Part 1

By Chris Stewart | on August 13, 2013 | in Gear » State of the Market Reports
A look at the best rods to bring into the Backcountry. It may not be what you think. Sometimes the best combination takes into account both the weight and the reach of the rod.

The Evolution of a Winter Stove - Part 1

By Roger Caffin | on July 03, 2013 | in Gear » SpotLite Reviews
Dissatisfied with what was commercially available at the time, the author has been working on the design of a lightweight winter canister stove since 2007.

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