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Comfort and Moisture Transport in Lightweight Wool and Synthetic Base Layers

on July 25, 2006 | in Technology » Test Reports
An in-depth comparison of the properties of wool and synthetic fabric for base layers yielded some surprising results.

M Beyond Our Boundaries: Episode 12

By Damien and Renee Tougas | on August 05, 2014 | in People » Profiles
Follow the story of a family of five as they backpack over 2000 miles from Georgia to Maine.

M MYOG: Backpack fabrics, features, and dimensions

By David Chenault | on July 30, 2014 | in Techniques » Make Your Own Gear
Making your own gear is a frustrating and expensive yet very rewarding process. Making your own pack allows you to tailor it to your needs and is a fantastic way to learn about gear.

Denali Light: The 2007 Attempt

By Matt Hage, Agnes Stowe | on December 08, 2009 | in Places » Photo Essays
Lightening up on Alaska’s classic mountaineering route.

Delmar's Poll

By Roger Caffin and Delmar O'Donnell | on July 08, 2014 | in Trends » Commentary
Delmar O'Donnell conducted a poll of BPL readers and teamed with Roger Caffin to relay the results which tell a lot about the BPL demographic and their backpacking preferences.

New Lightweight Backpacking Foods (Outdoor Retailer Summer Market 2004)

By Carol Crooker | on August 12, 2004 | in Trends » Outdoor Retailer News
Backpacking food manufacturers take advantage of the Outdoor Retailer Summer Market to introduce new flavors and recipes for the coming season.

The Yellowstone Paddling Dilemma

By Chase Jordan | on July 01, 2014 | in Trends » Commentary
Hand Propelled Vessels are banned in Yellowstone National Park. This is in direct violation of the Park's founding principles. Not only should HPVs be allowed on Yellowstone's waterways but their presence will improve the health of the ecosystem.

Freestanding Double Wall Tents - A Cursory Review of 1P/2P Offerings from Mountain Hardwear, The North Face, and Nemo

By Sean McDevitt | on April 15, 2014 | in Gear » Reviews
Ultralight tents are becoming more lightweight and durable. This is good news for ultralighters.

Lightweight Backpacking, Wal-Mart Style

By Benjamin Roode | on December 07, 2010 | in Trends » Commentary
I love gear, but I hate paying for it. Could I get a lightweight shelter, pack, sleeping bag, and sleeping pad for under $100? And if I could... how long would it last me?

Jetboil Sol Ti Premium Cooking System Review

By Will Rietveld | on October 19, 2011 | in Gear » Reviews
Jetboil’s lightest and most technically advanced integrated canister fuel cooking system.

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