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Vaseline-soaked Cotton Balls

By Georgieann Lilgreen | on February 12, 2014 | in Techniques » Make Your Own Gear
Vaseline fire starters are a very versatile tool and can light a fire in almost any weather condition. Better yet, you can make them from very inexpensive materials from the comfort of your own home.

Lightweight Backpacking for Couples

By Alison Simon and Alan Dixon | on September 03, 2003 | in Techniques » Techniques & Best Practices

Explorations into Candle Stoves

By Mark Hurd and Roger Caffin | on January 02, 2008 | in Technology » Research Reviews
Wax has a reasonably high energy density and unlike other fuels it does not spill (when cold): can you make an adequate DIY stove with it?

M REI Dash 2 (2-Person, Double Wall) Tent Review

By Will Rietveld | on April 01, 2014 | in Gear » Reviews
A lightweight, high performance tent great for ultralight backpackers looking for more comfort in the wilderness - most notably couples.

Thermoregulation: An Overview of Heat Loss Mechanisms and Practical Guidelines for Staying Warm with Lightweight Gear

By Ryan Jordan | on October 24, 2003 | in Techniques » Techniques

M Beyond Our Boundaries: Episode 2

By Damien and Renee Tougas | on March 19, 2014 | in People » Profiles
Follow the story of a family of five as they backpack over 2000 miles from Georgia to Maine.

2005 Backpacking Light Trip Planning Spreadsheet Contest Entries

By BPL Staff | on December 15, 2005 | in Techniques » Techniques
Reader submissions of spreadsheet files used for trip planning and gear lists.

Walking the Backbone: A Journey on the Continental Divide Trail

By Paul Magnanti | on April 05, 2011 | in Places » Photo Essays
Anyone who hikes the long trails is asked “Why go?” There are many answers: the physical challenge, being immersed in the wilderness for months at a time, the joy of seeing new sights every day, the camaraderie of people we meet along the way. Ultimately, the reason I go is for the journey itself.

The Backpacking Fly Fisherman

By Ryan Jordan | on July 26, 2005 | in Techniques » Techniques & Best Practices
Ultralight fly fishing gear for the backpacker fishing on the move.

Peak Design Capture Pro Camera clip

By Roger Caffin | on November 12, 2013 | in Gear » Reviews
While the camera clip may be useful in some settings, it is not ideal for wilderness travel.

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