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Hall of Fame Features

The following list features Backpacking Light's "Hall of Fame" - the highest traffic articles ever published at BPL - a great place to start reading for new visitors and subscribers!

Today's Most Popular Gear Reviews & Articles

Flash Reviews No. 10

By Jonathan Davis and Ryan Jordan | on July 02, 2015 | in Gear »
Flash Reviews No. 10: La Sportiva Helios SR, Sawyer Mini Water Filtration System, Nalgene Flask

Effectively Using Hiking Poles: The Gas-Brake-Coast Method

By Skip Spitzer | on October 11, 2011 | in Techniques » Techniques & Best Practices
Poking poles around for added stability is fairly intuitive, but the full promise of two more legs - greater endurance, building upper body strength, and reducing injury from stress or falls - requires some technique. Try Skip's straightforward and effective approach!

M John Muir and Robert Marshall: Actions and Ideologies

By Chase Jordan | on June 30, 2015 | in People » Historical & Documentary
An historical comparison of the philosophies of two of the leading pioneers of conservation and the wilderness regions they helped create.

Comfort and Moisture Transport in Lightweight Wool and Synthetic Base Layers

on July 25, 2006 | in Technology » Test Reports
An in-depth comparison of the properties of wool and synthetic fabric for base layers yielded some surprising results.

M Planning Your First Backpacking Trip Out West

By David Chenault | on June 23, 2015 | in Places » Featured Routes
Backpacking in the west can be physically challenging and logistically belittling to the uninitiated however don't let that stop you! The rewards of this exploration are worth the hardship.

Gear Guide: Ultralight Inflatable Pillows

By Ryan Jordan | on October 01, 2014 | in Gear » State of the Market Reports
Neck problems? Back problems? An ultralight inflatable pillow may be an ideal solution, but don't dive in head first. Read this first to see which ultralight pillows are the best.

Flash Reviews No. 9

By Ryan Jordan and Jonathan Davis | on June 17, 2015 | in Gear » Flash Reviews
Flash Reviews No. 9: MSR Aquatabs, WoolX Men's Lightweight T-Shirt, Thrunite Ti-3.

Lightweight Backpacking 101: An Introductory Manual for Lightening Your Load Today (1st Edition - August 2001)

By Ryan Jordan, Alan Dixon, George Cole, Lee Van Horn, Dave Schultz, and Rick Dreher | on August 27, 2001 | in Techniques » Techniques
Lightweight Backpacking 101: An Introductory Manual for Lightening Your Load Today (1st Edition - August 2001)

Frequently Asked Questions About Lightweight Canister Stoves and Fuels

By Will Rietveld | on February 08, 2005 | in Techniques » Techniques

Lightweight Backpacking News: Digest No. 19

By Jonathan Davis | on June 23, 2015 | in Trends »
News this week: Get a look at the Tahoe Rim Trail, a stove shootout, meet the founder of Soul RIver Runs Wild, and more.

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