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Hall of Fame Features

The following list features Backpacking Light's "Hall of Fame" - the highest traffic articles ever published at BPL - a great place to start reading for new visitors and subscribers!

Today's Most Popular Gear Reviews & Articles

M Storm Resistance of Ultralight Shelters: Part 1, Introduction

By Ryan Jordan | on January 31, 2012 | in Technology » Science, Theory & Math
Evaluating the wind and snow loading of shelters for ultralight backpacking in inclement conditions.

Lightweight Backpacking News: Digest No. 4

By Eric Vann | on November 18, 2014 | in Trends » Media Reviews
Backpacking Light has scoured the web and will now bring you salient backpacking news stories, gear releases, and trip reports.

M The Range of Light: Fastpacking the John Muir Trail in Under a Week

By Josh Mathe | on November 18, 2014 | in Places » Trip Reports
Fastpacking the John Muir trail is a grueling yet rewarding challenge. Nevertheless, the main benefits are the lessons learned throughout the process that can be applied to your life.

Can I Cook in my Tent?

By Roger Caffin | on November 11, 2014 | in Techniques » Techniques
Cooking in a tent has revolved around a stigma of gear destruction and personal harm. Cooking in a tent is not that dangerous and being responsible and aware of the hazards allows for safe cooking in a tent.

M Father & Son Re-unite in the Wind Rivers, WY

By Michael Boisvert | on November 18, 2014 | in Places » Trip Reports
A journey defined by reunion, challenges, and a love of the outdoors, Michael and his son, Matt, share fellowship in the rugged Wind Rivers.

Bear Bag Hanging Techniques

By Ryan Jordan | on May 30, 2004 | in Techniques » Techniques
A brief review of bear bag hanging techniques with a focus on minimizing weight and maximizing simplicity.

Comfort and Moisture Transport in Lightweight Wool and Synthetic Base Layers

on July 25, 2006 | in Technology » Test Reports
An in-depth comparison of the properties of wool and synthetic fabric for base layers yielded some surprising results.

Eleven Years Old on the PCT

By Eric Gjonnes | on April 12, 2011 | in People » Profiles
Recently unemployed, with a daughter itching to complete a thru-hike, what's a dad to do? Get sponsors and yank her from school, of course!

Backpacking versus Thru-hiking

By Francis Tapon | on September 20, 2011 | in Techniques » Techniques & Best Practices
Thru-hiking is not simply a longer version of a backpacking trip. Considering thru-hiking a long trail? Make sure you know what you're getting into and set yourself up for success.

MontBell Plasma 1000 Down Jacket Review

By Will Rietveld | on November 05, 2013 | in Gear » Reviews
Although certainly a very dependable jacket, the Plasma seems to be more of a technology statement rather than a high-value jacket.

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