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Photon ReX Rechargeable Micro Flashlight (Outdoor Retailer Summer Market 2007)

New four LED 0.6 ounce Photon will really light up the night, and it's rechargeable from a single flashlight battery.

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by Will Rietveld | 2007-08-12 22:10:00-06


David Allen, founder and inventor of Photon Micro-Lights, is a remarkable person. We got to meet and talk with him at the Summer 2007 Outdoor Retailer Show, and heard some of the background behind the development of the original Photon Micro-Light, as well as his philosophy for developing his latest and greatest Photon ReX four LED rechargeable Micro-Light.

Photon ReX Rechargeable Micro Flashlight (Outdoor Retailer Summer Market 2007) - 1
The Photon ReX rechargeable micro-light (top and bottom views) weighs just 0.6 ounce.

Would you believe a keychain pinch light with four LEDs that will put out a light beam equivalent to many conventional headlamps? The unit incorporates a rechargeable Lithium-ion battery and basically the same circuitry as the Photon Freedom - one click turns it on at its brightest setting, or holding the button down ramps the brightness down to the desired level.

Photon ReX Rechargeable Micro Flashlight (Outdoor Retailer Summer Market 2007) - 2
Attached to its accessory headband, the ReX is typically worn on the side of the head, as modelled by Photon outdoor idol Matthew Beck (left). The band will also attach it to an arm (right).

The ReX is rechargeable from most standard batteries; simply attach two magnetic connectors to the ends of the battery. The average cost is $.06/charge using a D-cell battery, and using a rechargeable NiMH battery reduces the cost to $.003/charge (that’s one-third of a penny!). A AA battery will give about 2-3 charges. The ReX will recharge up to 500 times, signals when it is charging, and cannot be overcharged because of special circuitry. Charging takes about 2 hours.

Photon ReX Rechargeable Micro Flashlight (Outdoor Retailer Summer Market 2007) - 3
The Photon ReX attaches to any battery for charging (left); a AA cell will charge the light 2-3 times. A solar collector (right, face down) will also be available to charge the light.

With four LEDs, the ReX will only last about an 2 hours at its brightest setting, but will go for as long as 48 hours on its lowest setting.

Photon ReX Rechargeable Micro Flashlight (Outdoor Retailer Summer Market 2007) - 4
Accessories being developed for the ReX include a solar charger, USB charger, and AC charger. The accessory kit will also include a headband.

The Photon ReX perfectly matches David Allen’s philosophy for invention and for the environment by minimizing the use of materials in the manufacture of the product and keeping scores of batteries out of landfills.

Specifications and Features

  • Manufacturer: LRI
  • Dimensions: about 2 in long x 1.25 in wide x 0.5 inch thick
  • Features: Glow in the dark soft touch button, multi-function Freedom digital circuitry, rechargeable Lithium-ion battery, polycarbonate case, four LED array
  • Weight: 0.6 ounce (light only)
  • Available: October 2007
  • MSRP: Light and charging attachment are $29.95; accessory kit is $19.95


"Photon ReX Rechargeable Micro Flashlight (Outdoor Retailer Summer Market 2007)," by Will Rietveld. (ISSN 1537-0364)., 2007-08-12 22:10:00-06.


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Photon ReX Rechargeable Micro Flashlight (Outdoor Retailer Summer Market 2007)
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Will Rietveld
(WilliWabbit) - MLife

Locale: Southwest Colorado
Photon ReX Rechargeable Micro Flashlight (Outdoor Retailer Summer Market 2007) on 08/12/2007 22:14:54 MDT Print View

Companion forum thread to:

Photon ReX Rechargeable Micro Flashlight (Outdoor Retailer Summer Market 2007)

Aaron Sorensen
(awsorensen) - MLife

Locale: South of Forester Pass
Re: Photon ReX Rechargeable Micro Flashlight (Outdoor Retailer Summer Market 2007) on 08/12/2007 22:22:11 MDT Print View

For a Photon, it's prety sweet.
I would really like to see the light up against another, (say the E-Light).
A candle-power out-put # would be nice too.

Ben 2 World
(ben2world) - MLife

Locale: So Cal
Nice! on 08/12/2007 22:36:27 MDT Print View

The thing I like most about rechargeable batteries is that one can always start a trip with freshly charged batteries, rather than guessing how much juice is still left from previous trip(s).

Now I wonder if there's a way that one can use a D or AA battery to charge the current Freedom Micro's CR 2016 batteries???

Nathan Moody
(atomick) - MLife

Locale: San Francisco Bay Area
Re: Photon ReX Rechargeable Micro Flashlight (Outdoor Retailer Summer Market 2007) on 08/12/2007 22:42:36 MDT Print View

The solar charger is a really nice glad to see manufacturers trying to work around needing so many batteries.

Plus, the back face looks light a lit-up SKULL! :-)

Edited by atomick on 08/12/2007 22:43:08 MDT.

Scott Peterson
(scottalanp) - F

Locale: Northern California
Photon ReX Rechargeable Micro Flashlight on 08/13/2007 08:23:14 MDT Print View

Would also be nice if they developed a clip, like the current photon's rather than the head band. I prefer to attach mine to a cap or beanie, since I generally am already wearing those typcially.

Rick Dreher
(halfturbo) - MLife

Locale: Northernish California
Re: Photon ReX Rechargeable Micro Flashlight on 08/13/2007 10:41:17 MDT Print View

Neat! Charges like the Meridian Design mUV. I've been wondering when someone would replicate that Swiss LED microlight with the integrated solar cell; this isn't quite it but it's a great option for those who would like to ditch the button cells and start every evening with a fully bright light.

Brett .
(Brett1234) - F

Locale: CA
would buy if specs are comparable on 08/13/2007 22:11:25 MDT Print View

This is a very appealing gadget, especially for the rechargable characteristics. One could, as Ben said, always start a trip with a full battery. For me, this would be a viable option to replace the Freedom as my backup light, a role for which I currently use a .92 oz Fenix L0D CE.
Im wondering why Photon didn't release the lumen/hr specs; certainly they know them by now? It would be tough to compete with the Fenix L0D lumen/hour stats; 63,70,50 (low/med/high). There is an advantage to having all electronic devices use the same batteries, in case you need to swap them out; this ReX would still be an exception to my uniform use of AAAs.. and any rechargable batteries could use a small solar cell. If it can out-do the the L0D CE I'd buy one to try out. Too bad they did not plan on a hat visor clip like the Freedom had.

Joshua Mitchell
(jdmitch) - F

Locale: Kansas
That's a pretty slick little charging setup on 08/14/2007 12:46:31 MDT Print View

between the solar option and being able to pop a AAA or AA out of your 'hand' light...

Sebastian Ventris
(sabme) - F - M

Locale: SW UK
my idea on 08/15/2007 03:59:52 MDT Print View


I emailed Photon some time ago suggesting they made a multi-LED solar powered Photon.

Gerry Brucia
(taedawood) - MLife

Locale: Louisiana, USA
Podcast with David Allen? on 08/16/2007 05:59:21 MDT Print View

How about a podcast interview with David Allen? I think it would very interesting.

ed short
(shortdottedline) - F
Re: Photon ReX Rechargeable Micro Flashlight (Outdoor Retailer Summer Market 2007) on 08/16/2007 22:04:01 MDT Print View

6 mo. ago I googled led lights. came up with a very small photon like light ,surprisingly bright, had to buy 100 of them about 120$s total. chinese I believe. for 1.20 each, they are disposible.! weigh in the .1 oz. last a long time. I used them for medical work for my students in rural Nicaragua. as well as for my back packing. a small dot of velcro on your ball cap and one on the led makes a great head lamp, remember "KISS" (and inexpensive!) ews

Chris Chastain
(Thangfish) - F

Locale: S. Central NC, USA
Swiss solar LED on 09/23/2007 17:07:37 MDT Print View

Any info on the weight of Swiss solar lights?

Rick Dreher
(halfturbo) - MLife

Locale: Northernish California
Re: Swiss solar LED on 09/23/2007 17:35:39 MDT Print View

They have two models, 28g and 20g each.

The heavier one looks more useful, but I can't claim any experience with one.

Tim Heckel
(ThinAir) - M

Locale: 6237' - Manitou Springs
Re: Swiss solar LED on 10/04/2007 15:39:24 MDT Print View

I bought 2 of these on closeout a couple years back. xped branded I believe. They are still going strong and are with me on most backpacking trips strapped to the top of the pack when the sun is out. Also toss them onto the car dashboard to charge when driving to and from outings.

Edited by ThinAir on 10/04/2007 15:40:56 MDT.

David C. Menges
(davidmenges) - F
Re: Photon ReX Rechargeable Micro Flashlight (Outdoor Retailer Summer Market 2007) on 10/26/2007 21:33:24 MDT Print View

I didn't see this info elsewhere, so... anyone know more? I realize LED / ABS-bodied / etc. devices are naturally quite safe.

Other URLs checked (but not a member):


Subject: RE: ReX & water?
Date: 2007-10-24 17:38

David, according to the manufacture the Rex has no water resistance rating. If we learn any more details we'll pass it along to you. Thank you. Rudy Werner.

-----Original Message-----
From: "David C. Menges"
Sent: Tuesday, October 23, 2007 5:43pm
Subject: ReX & water?

I saw no mention of your new ReX's water resistance / proofness - what is it? Splash? Dunk? Dive? It'd be a shame not to have something.

I have mount ideas if you're interested.

Mike Saxton
(Hokie) - F
Battery life of Photon ReX on 01/26/2008 04:55:00 MST Print View

I recently tested my Photon ReX and recorded the following:

Hi beam -lasted 1.5 hrs w/ dramatic lumen drop off in 15 min..

Moonlight mode - lasted about 90 hours.

I did not have a means to record lumens but the hi beam was brighter initially than a PacLite white superlite if that helps anyone. It was dimmer after 15 minutes.

1-AAA Lithium battery will recharge 3 1/4 times. Charge takes about 1 1/2 hrs.

I plan to use it with my Fenox LOD since they can both use AAAs and one is better for camp while the other can be used for a more focused trail beam.

I am not sure why my data was superior to what they advertised, but nice problem to have.

Kevin Clayton
(kclayton) - F

Locale: Greater Yellowstone
Re: Photon ReX Rechargeable Micro Flashlight on 01/26/2008 09:46:13 MST Print View

Does anyone have any idea when the accessory pack, with the headband, will be available on BPL and if it will be available separately?