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Petzl Updates Tikka with the Tikka XP First Look (Outdoor Retailer Winter Market 2005)


by Alan Dixon | 2005-01-31 03:00:00-07

Learning a lot from their 3-watt single LED MYO XP, Petzl completely redesigned the Tikka. They call it “a compact, yet powerful headlamp offering both a long-range, focused beam and a diffused wide-angle beam from a single 1-watt LED.”

Like the MYO XP, the boost mode allows long-range lighting up to 164 ft for 20 seconds. A thermal sensor prevents the LED from overheating. Once the unit cools down, the boost mode can once again be activated.

  • 1-watt focused LED for long-range light
  • 3 lighting levels, plus boost mode
  • 50 hours run time in high mode (not boost)
  • Power level indicator (colored LED and flashing main beam)
  • 3.3 oz (95 g) with three AAA alkaline batteries

Compared to the Eos, the Tikka XP weighs a bit less and has longer run times. The Eos has the advantage of current regulation for more constant light output, and can operate continuously in its highest mode. Until we can bench test the Tikka XP we can’t comment on the relative light output for each headlamp in its highest mode. Needless to say, we’re very interested in a side-by-side performance test between these two headlamps.

Detail of Tikka XP showing 2-button operation. Left button activates the boost mode. Right button operates other lighting modes. There is a small tri-color LED on the front of the headlamp (not visible in pic) that indicates battery level. The small, clear tab just right of the letter “l” in Petzl slides over a recessed diffusion lens for wide-angle lighting.

The only feature the Tikka XP lacks is current regulation, but with the flat discharge curve of lithium batteries one could get fairly constant output from this headlamp.

One feature I like is that the boost-lighting button instantly activates the high-output mode for 20 seconds no matter what mode the headlamp is in - even off. This makes great sense for battery conservation while navigating on difficult terrain. I would use my headlamp on low, activating the high beam occasionally in a difficult spot or to scan the route ahead before dropping it back down to low.

Another nice feature is the sliding diffusion lens to turn the focused LED into a flood. The diffusion lens can be interchanged with red, blue, or green lenses.

  • Single 1-Watt, high-output LED with 3 lighting levels, plus an emergency blinking mode, boost mode, and a wide-angle lens
  • Weight: 59 g / 2.1 oz + batteries (36 g /1.3 oz) = 95 g /3.4 oz
  • Single light source with multiple lighting options (wide angle and focused)
  • Powerful lighting: up to 50 m /164 ft in boost mode, up to 115 ft on high, 89 ft on optimum, and 59 ft on economy level
  • Burn time: 50 hours on high, 80 hours on optimum, 120 hours on economy level
  • Diffused beam for proximity lighting (using integral wide-angle lens)
  • Battery life indicator (tri-color LED). Warns when battery is 70% (orange) and 90% (red) discharged
  • 1-Watt LED pulses as a visual reminder to switch to lower lighting levels for extended battery life when the battery life indicator changes colors


"Petzl Updates Tikka with the Tikka XP First Look (Outdoor Retailer Winter Market 2005)," by Alan Dixon. (ISSN 1537-0364)., 2005-01-31 03:00:00-07.