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New MSR Stoves Delayed First Look (Outdoor Retailer Winter Market 2005)


by Alan Dixon | 2005-01-30 03:00:00-07

The new MSR Capillary Stove Technology System Vapore-Jet stove has been delayed to 2007 at the earliest. Apparently Vapore-Jet, the manufacturer of the critical capillary burner element, was unable to meet production at their facilities. MSR decided to move production to their Seattle facility. It will take MSR time to tool up and manufacture the capillary stove jet in production quantities. We are hoping to get a test sample by August 2006.

The integrated canister stove system (code name “fire pot”) is holding closer to schedule and should be available January 2006. Still, that’s a long time to wait. By then, JetBoil may be on to their next generation stove. Possibly a titanium one!

The revised XGK EX we reported on at the Summer OR show has been delayed for more testing. Expected availability is May 2005.

Finally, the two-burner Viking style gourmet camp stove has also been delayed to an unspecified date in 2007.


"New MSR Stoves Delayed First Look (Outdoor Retailer Winter Market 2005)," by Alan Dixon. (ISSN 1537-0364)., 2005-01-30 03:00:00-07.