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M Make Your Own Gear: Open Jet Alcohol Stove

by Jay Ham

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Article Summary:

There is a certain allure to making your own gear and using it to survive in the wilderness. Alcohol stoves are a first homemade gear project for many lightweight hikers because they are cheap to make, very light, not terribly difficult to construct (depending on design), and allow us the opportunity to play with fire and flammable substances. The best part about building your own alcohol stove is that you'll probably like it more than stoves, like white gas and canister, that you can buy. Alcohol stoves are quiet, light, cheap, reliable, and the preference of many lightweight backpackers and through-hikers. In this Make Your Own Gear project, I'll walk you through the steps to building an open jet alcohol stove. The open jet style is a favorite of our reviewers, and this version of that style results in a reliable, efficient stove.


  • Overview
    • Cost: $10
    • Weight: 0.4 oz
    • Time to Construct: 2-3 hours
    • Skill (scale 1-10): 4
    • Tools (scale 1-10): 4
  • Disclaimers
  • Equipment List
    • Recommended Equipment
    • Substitute Equipment
  • Preparing the Cans
  • The Stove Top
  • Forming the Bottom
  • Fitting the Pieces
  • Creating the Inner Wall
  • Assembly
  • Lighting
  • Congratulations!

    WORD COUNT: 3,300
    # PHOTOS: 36

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