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M Make Your Own Gear: The “Z-Stand” Pot Support for Alcohol Stoves

by Jay Ham

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Article Summary:

This is the second article in a three part series on making your own alcohol stove set. In our first article we made an alcohol stove out of aluminum soda cans (0.4 oz), patterned after one of our favorite designs from the alcohol stoves we reviewed. There is a particular order you must follow to create an efficient stove set. The design of your windscreen depends on how high and wide you make your stove stand, which depends on the design of your stove. Following this intuitive order, this article will describe the creation of a pot stand that compliments the can stove we made in our first article.


  • Overview
    • Cost: $0-15
    • Weight: 0.4 - 1.1 oz
    • Time to Construct: 1 hour
    • Skill (scale 1-10): 2
    • Tools (scale 1-10): 2
  • Recommended Equipment
  • Making the Template
  • Bending the Metal into Shape
  • The Final Step

    # WORDS: 1,600
    # PHOTOS: 25
    # TABLES: 1

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