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KlearWater by Xinix Chlorine Dioxide No-Mix Water Treatment Solution (30 ml)

Weighed On Our Scales » 32 ml bottle: 2.89 oz (82 g)

KlearWater by Xinix Chlorine Dioxide No-Mix Water Treatment Solution (30 ml)

A pre-mixed, stable, ready-to-use chlorine dioxide alternative provides ease of use, outstanding efficacy, and proven legitimacy for nearly a decade in military and expedition environments.

A Exclusive is proud to be the exclusive U.S. launch partner for the KlearWater by Xinix Chlorine Dioxide Water Treatment Kit.

The primary benefits of KlearWater by Xinix Chlorine Dioxide solution are:

  • The proven efficacy of chlorine dioxide against a variety of pathogens.
  • Virtually odor- and taste-free water treatment solution.
  • Specially formulated solution allows KlearWater by Xinix Chlorine Dioxide to be used directly for wound cleansing, oral hygiene, hand washing, and more.
  • Pre-mixed, stabilized chlorine dioxide solution requires no wait time for a multi-part mixture to activate prior to adding solution to your water.

KlearWater by Xinix Chlorine Dioxide Water Treatment Kit

Ryan Jordan's Comments

I've had the chance to use a variety of Xinix and KlearWater formulations during the past several months. My experiences have given me a lot of confidence about these products. However, they are new enough to the market that I expect consumers to make informed decisions about how to care for them, use them, and understand their efficacy. I'm sure we'll all be learning a lot about KlearWater simply based on sharing our experiences with it over the next several months.

Shelf Life Comments: KlearWater comes packaged in brown glass bottles that are heavier than the plastic bottles we are normally accustomed to. However, the 32 ml kit still weighs only 2.9 oz, and treats 30+ L of water. Keeping KlearWater in a brown glass bottle is the best way to preserve its shelf life. When not using it on a trek, it's best to keep it refrigerated in its brown glass bottle. Refrigerated, KlearWater will keep up to probably 2 years or so unopened, and 8 months or so opened. Unrefrigerated, but still stored in a cool, dark, environment (like a basement), the shelf life seems to be about half that time. I've talked extensively to the manufacturer about the relationship between the shade of yellow and the product's efficacy. They have tested this, and assure that as long as the solution has any shade of visible yellow in it, there is more than enough active ingredient for it to be efficacious.

Redistributing KlearWater into other containers. Of course, the manufacturer does not condone this, but ultralight backpackers will certainly want to try it, and I've experimented with this as well. I've decanted Klearwater solution into the Backpacking Light MiniDrop Bottles, which just a tad under 10 ml of KlearWater solution. I've found the shelf life of this chemical in these bottles to range from about 2 to 6 weeks, depending on the environmental temperatures. When I decant into these bottles, I'm usually halving the dosage and increasing contact time to extend the range of the bottle capacity. Discover for yourself the # of drops from your bottle of choice required to fill a 1ml dosage volume. Use the cap provided with a KlearWater bottle to do this.

Dosing Strategies. The following is not unique to KlearWater, and I use this strategy for Aqua Mira as well. Generally, as you halve the dose, you must double the treatment time for the same efficacy. This is a good way to minimize the amount of chemical you take on a trek. Likewise, if you want your water treated faster, or you are treating a more suspect water source, consider doubling your dosage and/or your treatment time. Generally, I use 1/2 ml of KlearWater per liter (e.g., of clear stream water) and wait 30-60 minutes before drinking it. Before going to bed, I use as little as 1/4 ml of KlearWater per liter, and let the water sit overnight. This strategy allows me to treat about 25-30 liters of water from a full MiniDrop bottle (6+ days of hard hiking on a bottle that weighs 0.5 oz full) and more than 80 liters of water from a full 32 ml KlearWater glass bottle (20+ days, 2.9 oz full). That's a very aggressive approach to extending the range of KlearWater. Generally, if the guidelines are followed, a full 32 ml glass bottle of KlearWater (2.9 oz) will last most hikers a week or more on the trail.

Final Notes. KlearWater is heavier than Aqua Mira, if you consider the weight of the glass bottle. For some, the small weight increase will far outweigh the significant increase in convenience in using this product. I can actually treat water while hiking, something that is very difficult to do with a two part system requiring mixing and waiting for the solution to activate. Does this mean that KlearWater is necessarily "better" than Aqua Mira? Of course not. There are tradeoffs, for sure: price, bottle weight, shelf life. Consider yourself, after reading this entire product description, a consumer informed enough to make the best decision for your own style: both KlearWater and AquaMira are outstanding products in their own way!

Robyn Benincasa's Experiences. Robyn is a very experienced expedition adventure racer and the team captain for Merrell/Wigwam. In addition to her impressive AR resume that includes first place finishes in the Eco-Challenge and Raid Gouloises, she's been using KlearWater/Xinix since 1998. I've been asking her lots of questions about her experiences and she's been most helpful. Her letter to me is found at the end of this product description.

Product Features

Pre-mixed formulation: no wait time to activate solution.

Unlike existing formulations, the new formulation comes pre-mixed and stabilized, with an opened-bottle shelf life suitable for most expedition length events. Refrigeration extends the open bottle shelf life to about eight months.

The pre-mixed product solves the ease-of-use dilemma that is the primary criticism of other chlorine dioxide kits. Simply uncap the bottle, pour a metered dose into the cap, and empty into your water bottle. Wait times for disinfection are similar to other products, ranging from 15 to 30 minutes.

Formulated for multiple uses.

This formulation is a multi-use product with excellent applications for field first aid treatment and hygiene. Cuts and scrapes can be disinfected directly with KlearWater to minimize the chance for infection. It can be used in its concentrated or lightly diluted form for handwashing/disinfection, mouth rinsing/brushing, and fungal control on the feet and in areas prone to chafing.

Proven chemistry.

Chlorine dioxide is the active ingredient in Aqua Mira, Pristine, and thousands of public and private water treatment facilities in the US and Europe.

More Information & History About KlearWater

The following information was provided to us by the manufacturer.

About KlearWater

DTI-Sweden, in collaboration with, is proud to introduce KlearWater water treatment, a safe, fast acting, and powerful water treatment containing active Chlorine Dioxide.

The KlearWater formula was developed in Sweden over a decade ago by Dr. Iwan Zatterquist, who is recognized throughout Europe as an authority in the fields of pathogen remediation and water treatment technology.

The KlearWater formula is the only pre-measured, pre-mixed, active, Chlorine Dioxide available in the world today.

The KlearWater formula has been proven by years of use in Europe, and is equivalent to DTI’s XiniX Extreme, which is currently used by the US Special Operations Command. XiniX Extreme has also been accepted a part of the Medic training program of the Joint Special Ops Medical Training Center.

KlearWater’s effectiveness and light weight has also made it the water treatment preferred by the top-ranked professional Adventure Sports Racing Teams in the US and abroad. Team Merrell/Wigwam, after extensive testing in ASR events around the world, has endorsed KlearWater exclusively.

KlearWater water treatment is now available to hikers, campers, travelers, and all outdoor sports enthusiasts.

What makes KlearWater unique?

KlearWater contains only active Chlorine Dioxide and de-ionized water. KlearWater is used directly from the container, and begins to work immediately. KlearWater requires no pre-mixing or waiting for two-part chemical reactions. KlearWater is ready-to-use, and no other Chlorine Dioxide based product available to consumers can make that claim.

KlearWater is powerful. The active Chlorine Dioxide formula found in KlearWater quickly eliminates a broad variety of bacteria, viruses and parasites. Because the Chlorine Dioxide in KlearWater is active, its powerful oxidizing effect goes to work immediately.

KlearWater is durable. When stored properly (in a cool, dark environment), KlearWater lasts for many months after opening. In optimum conditions KlearWater can last for a year or more.

KlearWater's shelf life is self indicating. KlearWater is yellow when active. When it is no longer effective it becomes clear. You always know when it is safe to use.

KlearWater is simple to use. KlearWater has a simple measuring top that is marked for one(1) milliliter(ml). This is the normal amount used to treat one liter of water.* An orifice insert in the bottle makes dispensing easy and prevents spills. Just fill the top to the 1 ml mark, and then pour into 1 liter of water.

* Suspect, cloudy, or very cold water may require 2 ml per liter and/or an increase in treatment time.

KlearWater is multi-purpose. KlearWater may be used full strength or diluted for use as an oral rinse, hand cleaner, or as a wash for fruits and vegetables. KlearWater is effective as a cleaner for utensils and other surfaces. KlearWater also acts as an excellent emergency wound irrigant.

KlearWater is safe. The concentration of chlorine dioxide is safe and effective for use as a water treatment. KlearWater does not produce a high residual concentration of chlorite. Klearwater is more effective through a broad range of pH and temperature than other chlorine- (i.e., bleach, mixed oxidants) or iodine-based water treatment chemistries.

About Chlorine Dioxide

The active ingredient in KlearWater, Chlorine Dioxide (ClO2), has long been recognized as an effective and safe method of treating water. ClO2 is used by many municipal water treatment facilities to eliminate viruses, bacteria, and protozoa that can cause physical discomfort, disease and infections. Many of these pathogens, such as E-Coli, Cryptosporidium, and Giardia, can be found in streams and lakes in the US. Even public water supplies in underdeveloped countries often contain harmful microbes. The oxygenating effect of Chlorine Dioxide eliminates harmful pathogens, particularly those trapped in biofilm, and helps improve both taste and odor of the water.

Whether you’re hiking, camping, or traveling abroad, KlearWater can act as your personal, portable, water treatment system.

Who can use KlearWater?

  • Hikers/Campers: Treat water, oral rinse, hand and surface cleaner, emergency wound irrigant.
  • Travelers: Treat water from suspicious sources, wash fixtures in hotel rooms, wash hands before eating.
  • Hunters: Treat stream water before drinking, hand cleaner.
  • Boaters: Treat water from fresh water tank, hand cleaner.
  • Homeowners: Treat water, surface cleaner, emergency preparedness.
  • Adventure Racers, Extreme Sports: Treat Water, oral rinse, hand and surface cleaner, emergency wound irrigant.
  • Military: Water treatment, multi-use for field expediency.

Letter From Robyn Benincasa About Her Experience with KlearWater/Xinix

November 2, 2005

Hi Ryan,

I'm thrilled to see that is launching KlearWater (Xinix) in the US! I've had a lot of experience using KlearWater as a professional Adventure Racer and Firefighter.

My adventure racing teams and I have been using the product (as its Swedish brand, Xinix) since 1998, and can't recommend it enough - not only for water purification, but also for field disinfection of cuts and scrapes, and as a mouth rinse for oral hygiene (sadly we don't do a lot of teeth brushing while racing hard for 7-10 days in expedition-length races like the Eco-Challenge!--don't tell Mom!).

The main benefits of a product like KlearWater for racers, fastpackers, etc., is that it's really easy to use while on the "run" (literally - we use it without ever taking our packs off, simply dip a bottle into a creek as you cross it and treat it as you keep walking). There is no mixing involved, and there is no foul taste when it's added to water or drink mixes (unlike iodine or other technologies that impart a bleach-like flavor to the water).

We also have plenty of confidence in its spectrum "cootie coverage": most of the world-class expedition-length racers use this product, and we use it everywhere: in some of the nastiest waters on earth. The fact that we've all remained relatively bug-free over the past eight years of using it is a great testament to the KlearWater/Xinix product!

Klearwater/Xinix would probably be the first thing on my Top 10 Things to Have on a Deserted Island list!

Adventure Always,
Robyn Benincasa
Team Merrell/Wigwam Adventure
Director of Fun, World Class Teams


  • Versatile: Effective through a broad range of temperatures and pH.
  • Durable: Lasts for months after opening.
  • Self-indicating: KlearWater is yellow when active, becomes clear when inactive.
  • Multi-Use: KlearWater may be used as a hand and surface cleaner, oral rinse, and emergency wound irrigant.
  • Safe: No harmful chlorite residue.
  • Convenient: Premixed.  Simple to use, easy to carry.
  • Lightweight: Compact size < 3 oz package weight (32 ml)
  • Cost Effective: 32ml bottle treats 32 liters minimum - treat more by increasing contact time and decreasing dose
  • Proven Chemistry: Chlorine dioxide has over 10 years of proven performance worldwide.


  • Active ingredient: Chlorine Dioxide 0.15%
  • Bottle type: Opaque brown glass, 32 ml or 50 ml
  • Dosing mechanism: Built into cap
  • Dosage & contact time: 1 ml for 15-30 minutes. Halve dosage and double the treatment time, or double dosage and halve the treatment time. Increase treatment time for cold water temperatures, cloudy water, and treatment of some organisms (e.g., protozoan cysts).
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