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Jetboil – French Press Option First Look (Outdoor Retailer Winter Market 2005)


by Alan Dixon | 2005-01-28 03:00:00-07

We first reviewed the Jetboil at last year’s Winter OR show (Jetboil Stove First Looks Review), then went on to do more in-depth testing of this integrated cooking system (Jetboil Stove Review). Jetboil developed a system to efficiently transfer heat from a canister stove to the pot (even in the wind) – something that has been sorely lacking and completely missing from commercial canister stove design. This winter Jetboil adds elegance to backcountry coffee with a French press. Goodbye Cowboy coffee and grounds in the bottom of your cup. Now you can have a perfect cup of coffee without the bulk and weight of carrying a separate gourmet coffee pot. The screen and plunger exactly fit the cooking pot, it comes with a new top lid that works with the plunger, and, as you would expect from Jetboil, everything stows neatly away inside the cooking pot.

Grind up a bunch of your favorite beans (coarse for a French Press!) and have yourself some of the best coffee in the backcountry.


"Jetboil – French Press Option First Look (Outdoor Retailer Winter Market 2005)," by Alan Dixon. (ISSN 1537-0364)., 2005-01-28 03:00:00-07.