Jacks 'R' Better 8'x8' Square SilNyl Tarp SPOTLITE REVIEW

First look at the Jacks 'R' Better 8'x8' Square SilNyl Tarp.


by Carol Crooker | 2005-07-09 03:00:00-06

Jacks 'R' Better 8'x8' Square SilNyl Tarp SPOTLITE REVIEW


Jacks 'R' Better is a small cottage company founded by... you guessed it, two guys named Jack. Their gear is aimed at hammock hangers, but some of it, the 8'x'8 Square SilNyl Tarp included, crosses over for tent/tarp camping use as well.

The Square SilNly tarp is designed to be strung above a hammock on the diagonal. Jacks 'R' Better says that it also works well in a flying diamond configuration, or in a standard 'A' frame pitch for ground sleepers.

Rumor has it that the Jacks are working on a modification so that the tarp can also serve as rain gear.

Features and Specifications

  • Fabric: Siliconized Cordura
  • 8'x8' (2.4 m x 2.4 m) square
  • 10 tie outs, including center tie outs on both surfaces of the tarp
  • Ridgeline seam on the diagonal
  • Requires only two stakes if strung between trees
  • 9.4 oz (266 g)
  • MSRP $79.95


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