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Community Gear Lists

Community gear lists are available for your review and download. If you'd like your gear list to appear on this page, you can upload it via your forum profile page (click the "Change My Profile" link on the right hand navigation menu).

UserLocaleDownload Gear List (PDF)
a a (stewby15) Download Gear List (PDF)
a b (Ice-axe) Download Gear List (PDF)
Aaron Zuniga (gliden2) Northwest TRT Gear List
Aaron Benson (AaronMB) Central Valley California Aaron's Warm(er) Season Gear List
Adam Frizzell (adamf) Mid-Atlantic Black Forest Trail Overnighter - 40mi, Rain, Low 40sF, Testing cuben MLD DuoMid
albert barragan (comaone) PNW Beginings...
Alex Feng (Splitzen) Santa Barbara, CA 6/19/2014 - First Pack
Alex Wallace (FeetFirst) Northern California Sierra, 3 season, solo
Alex Gilman (Vertigo) Washington Current Gear List
Alex Joseph (alxjalxj) Rocky Mountains grew up Lk Superior My Gear List
Alexey Pomortsev (al.vic.pom) The Stone Belt Patterns and instructions to sew a quilt
Allen Butts (butts0989) Northern Rockies AT-thru hike list
Allison Sayre (TeamAlli) PNW 3-Season Weekend to Multi-Week
Andrew Covino (BrokenArrow) Southeast San Diego Trans County Trail gear list
Andrew Gustafson (Gusty) Southern Minnesota My Current Superior Hiking Trail Thru-Hike List
Andrew Mazibrada (cohenfain) UK and Western Europe Dry UL 3-Season Gear List
Andrew F (andrew.f) San Francisco Bay Area Emigrant group trip list
Andy Duncan (bluewater) SoCal Winter Sierra Gear List
Andy Berner (Berner9) Michigan 2 nighter. Fall colors Manistee River Trail 09
Andy Rhine (willrun4fun) In the Beginning
Andy Lanning (spclagenth) Northeast my gear list
Andy F (AndyF) Ohio Wet-cold winter
Anthony Green (antgreen) Reading - UK Pack List
Anthony Huhn (anthonyjhuhn) Mid West Anthony's SUL Gear List
ANTHONY ZEPPETELLA (zepppower) Our gear list for my wife and I. Not so light in certain areas, but still nice and comfy. We love it.
Arn Aarreberg (aarrebea) Northern Bay Area, CA Sierras 3 season gearlist
Art Tyszka (arttyszka) Minnesota 3 Season Solo Gear List
Austin Trinh (ul_backpacker) Northern Arizona Download Gear List (PDF)
Barry Cuthbert (nzbazza) New Zealand New Zealand 3 Season
Barry P (BarryP) Eastern Idaho (moved from Midwest) Barry's Gear List
ben wood (benwood) flatlands of MO Gila NF may 2010
Ben Whitsett (BenWhitsett) My Stove Comparison
Ben guss (benguss) PNW 9.1.14
Benen Huntley (benen) South Australia Basic Gear List (summer and winter)
Benoit DMC (Beanael) France Gl
Bill Poett ( Santa Barbara Master 3 season list
Bill (L.Dog) Garlinghouse (WJGhouse) Western Michigan My Spring 2014 List
Bob Moulder (bobmny10562) Westchester County, NY Winter 0degF gear list
Bobby Pack (Piddler) West Virginia Winter '09 Tested to 15F
brad SF (Bforrey) Hudson Valley NY 3 Season Gear List
Brad Branan (bradbranan) Sacramento Valley Download Gear List (PDF)
Brad Groves (4quietwoods) Michigan always changing
Bradford Rogers (Mocs123) Southeast Tennessee Pecos Wilderness Late May 2015
Brady Fulton (bfulton) Phoenix Arizona AZT March 2010
Brandt Zook (BassDude) Texas 2014 CT Thru-Hike
Brendan West (bderw) Northeast Pennsylvania Fall weekender list
brent driggers (cadyak) southwest georgia skin out winter 8 day Smokies
Brett . (Brett1234) CA Summer gear list 10'C
Brett Rasmussen (ascientist) Grants Pass, Oregon Kilimanjaro Gear List
Brian Morgan (bmor831) Houston, TX 3-Season Gear List
Brian Lewis (brianle) Pacific NW Brian Lewis (Gadget) AT NOBO 2010 Gearlist --- late Feb start
Brian Green (bfgreen) Charlotte, NC Mt Whitney Gear List
Brian Keith Gunter (bkgunter) Midwest Download Gear List (PDF)
Bruce Mansfield (bcmansfield) Pacific Northwest Summer Gear
Bruce Warren (Aimee) South Texas Tiny and Light Gear List
b willi jones (mrjones) NZ,,, best place in the world !? 3 season NZ
Caleb Johnson (fastpakr) Gear List
carl becker (carlbecker) Northern Virginia 3 season
Carol Crooker (cmcrooker) Desert Southwest, USA Hammock, Lows to 40
Cesar Valdez (PrimeZombie) Scandinavia Cesar's 3 Season 2014
Chad Miller (chadnsc) Duluth, Minnesota Summer Gear List
Chad Fawcett (fawcett_chad) High Plains of CO Summer Gear List
Chad Webster (blaktee) Targhee National Forest Download Gear List (PDF)
Chad "Stick" Poindexter (Stick) Wet & Humid Southeast.... Basic 30 - 50 F Gear List
Charles Grier (Rincon) Desert Southwest Three season gear for western mountains.
Charles Vines (Charliev) Eatonton, Georgia Jam 50 Summer Gear List
Charles Nuttall-Smith (cnuttall) Northeast Fair Weather Luxury Gear List
Charlie Dangerfield (StueyD) Download Gear List (PDF)
Chase Medina (Thexplorer) Pacific Northwest 2015 BMWO Gear List
chris markley (motorapido) Black Forest Trail gear list 35 degrees
chris Mcfarland (pecos) baba yaga's porch pnw 3 season
Chris S (csteutterman) Tahoe Ultimate JMT Gear List
Chris Lucas (ChemE) SC SUL 3-Season Full Comfort
Chris Wiewiora (Crispy_Scapes) 9 Day Overland Track Gear List
Chris Morgan (ChrisMorgan) Southern Oregon Summer 3 Day List - 2011
Chris Muthig (cmuthig) Georgia Download Gear List (PDF)
Chris Benson (roguenode) Boulder 3 season above treeline, bug, rain, 30 degree list - 12.7lbs
Chris W (simplespirit) . .
Chris Gray (ChrisFol) Denver, Coloado Three-season Colorado, Sub 9Lb
Christian Edstrom (bjorn240) Westchester County, NY -20 to +20C gear lists
Christopher Chiappini (Juggles) NJ/NYC AT NOBO 2012 Gear List
Christopher Holly (climber72) At my desk Final gear list for JMT Section Hike
Christopher Chupka (FatTexan) NTX Summer Mountain Gear List
Christopher Taggart (PennDude) Western PA Weekend Warrior List
Christopher Gilmore (chrisjgilmore) New Almaden Backpacking List
Christopher Heine (heine19) Colorado 1-2 nights spring
Christopher Holden (back2basics) Southeast USA Download Gear List (PDF)
Christy Rosander ( Southern tip of the Sierra Nevadas 2011 PCT Gear List
Clayton Mauritzen (GlacierRambler) NW Montana Download Gear List (PDF)
Clint Hewitt (WalkSoftly33) New England Current AT - Set up
Conner D (cdipaolo) SoCal Download Gear List (PDF)
Connie Dodson (ConnieDodson9) Montana Download Gear List (PDF)
Connie Dodson (ConnieDodson) Montana My Lightweight Backpack - most recent
Courtney Waal (d0rqums) Bike tour packing list (on road)
Craig Gulley (cgulley) Midwest SHT gear list July 2010 4.5 days 60 miles
Craig Smith (cesmit2652) SouthEast 2013 Gear List: Im not light but I enjoy
Craig W. (xnomanx) General Adventuring Gearlist (2013)
Craig Burton (MissingUtah) Smoky Mountains 7 Days / 6 Nights summer in the Smokies
Curtis B. (rutilate) Pacific Northwest 6 Days through Yellowstone in August, 2011
Curtis Ware (ware_curtis) Midwest UL Gear List
Cynthia FAUBION (Cfaubion) Pacific Northwest Summer PNW Gear List 2014
Cynthia Lovejoy (cyndylovejoy) Pacific Northwest Gear list Backpacking
D LARSON (epilektric) Midwest Short Trip - Warm Weather
dale stuart (onetwolaugh) Pacific NW Normal gear list
Dale Wambaugh (dwambaugh) Pacific Northwest Generic Ultralight Gear List
Dan Magdoff (highsierraguy) Northern California updated gear list
Dan Whalley (thedanwhalley) peakdistrict natonial park, UK UK 3 Season U.L Gear List
Dan S (nunyabiznes32) Pacific NW Gear List 20130515
Dan Cunningham (mn-backpacker) Land of 12,000 Loons SHT Thru Hike Gear List
Dan Frazer (Frazer) Sheridan, Wyoming Needs work
Dan Durston (dandydan) BMWO 2013
daniel B (dbogey) East Coast
Daniel Ellis (delliscota17) Southeastern Download Gear List (PDF)
Daniel Goldenberg (DanG) Summer Gear List
Danielle Williams (DaniLou22) Pennsylvania JMT 2010
Danny Korn (d0nk3yk0n9) New York Significantly Better Than Before, But Not Quite There Yet
Darren M. (dmacdaddy) West 3 season UL list
Dave Gordon (diplodocus) Ontario, Canada Ontario Winter Backpacking Clothes
Dave Triano (Dtriano) Desolation Wilderness Gear3
Dave Osbourne (SuperDaveOsbourne) Rocky Mountain Download Gear List (PDF)
Dave . (Ramapo) Download Gear List (PDF)
David (Bleach) (dtabachnick) 2013 PCT OR (w/electronics)
David Chan (iamthechan) Southern California AT 2007 NOBO
David Snoek (djs) USA Upper Midwest Pictorial Overnight List.
David Wills (willspower3) PCT 2011
David Drake (DavidDrake) North Idaho 2014 Basic 3 Season 3 Day
David Lohrentz (DLohrentz) Wisconsin Initial gear and purchase list
David Lorenz (NuclearWinter) Northern Utah Winter Pack
David Neumann (idahomtman) Northern Idaho Dave's Wonderland SUL List
David Chenault (DaveC) Crown of the Continent Winter '14/15
David Noll (dpnoll) Maroon Bells Fall Superior Hiking Trail
David Pex (dpex) Pacific NW Pex's Revised Gear List
David Wilkins (jaywilks18) Tetons (via Idaho) Yellowstone Aug 09
David Eastwood (easty) Sierra Download Gear List (PDF)
Derek Cox (derekcox) Southeast 3 Season UL Comfort
Don Meredith (donmeredith) SouthEast Overnight Gear List
Don Andrews (daandrews) gear list
Donald Smith (clubmgr) Utah Pack list
doug loshbaugh (mutski) Brooks Range Fall 07 Nine Days
Doug Ericson (douglaspericson) Middle of NC Summer Gear List for Western North Carolina
Doug Johnson (djohnson) Washington State Sub 4 SUL- Doug Johnson
Drew Jay (drewjh) Central Coast 2013 UL, M-SUL, & SUL lists
Duane Bindschadler (DLBVenice) Venice Planning List for JMT 2014
Dustin Snyder (DustinTSnyder) Southeast Summer Uber Light Gear List
e s (cicadia) winston-salem, nc AT 2015
Ed Barkowski (edbarkowski) .
Edward Barton (porosantihodos) Boston Download Gear List (PDF)
Eileen Duncan (eileensd) The Sierra or the SF Bay Area Gear_JMT 2014
Einstein X (EinsteinX) The Netherlands Gear list TGO Challenge 2008
Elena Lee (lenchik101) Pacific Northwest (USA) N Cascades
eli kelehan (ekelehan) On the chesapeake Current 3 season
Elizabeth Kunkee (ElizabethK) Southern California Download Gear List (PDF)
Emily Lisborg (emilylisborg) appalachian trail NB
Emmett Lyman (ejl10) Mid Atlantic 2009 Patagonia Gear List
eric levine (ericl) Northern Colorado backpackweights 7&51.pdf
Eric Lundquist (cobberman) Northern Colorado 3-Season Sierra
Eric Swab (ericswab) Rockies Colorado Rockies 3 Season
Eric K (GWUDude) Probably not near you Gear List (As of 09/2015)
Eric Fredricksen (efredricksen) Silicon Valley Current gear plan
Erik Danielsen (er1kksen) The Western Door Old Disorganized Gear List
Erik G (fox212) THE Bay Area :) 3-Season Gear list as of 09-2013
Ethan Schuler (Impington) My Only
Eugene Smith (Eugeneius) Nuevo Mexico 2 year old outdated gear list that needs to be updated badly
Evan McCarthy (evanrussia) Mid-Atlantic Gear List for June-July Kungsleden
Evan Hunt (Ehsender) Northeast New Summer List
Forest Walker (scarred_foot) canada Current_Gear_Fall2013
Frank Perkins (fperkins) North East 3 season gear list.
Frank H. (porker110) California rae lakes loop august 5-8
Frank Steele (knarfster) Arizona Weekend Boy Scout outing
Gary Pikovsky (gosha007) New Hampshire White Mountains Download Gear List (PDF)
George Davis (nsiderbam) mid-Atlantic 3-season List
Gilbert K Appler (patapsco) MidWest/Macao Summer AT Gear List, Main Items
Glenn S (Glenn64) Snowhere, MN My 3-Day Weekend Gear List
Glenn Dixon (dixonge) North Texas The Heavy List
Gordon Smith (swearingen) Portland, Oregon Gear List (4-day, summer, mountains, dry weather)
Gos Hikes (gos) The Netherlands UL Hammock GearList
Greg Kittridge (gkitt80) Download Gear List (PDF)
Greg Lewis (gpl916) PNW Grand canyon four day
Greg Brandt (gern001) Midwest 3 Season Gear List
Gregory Topf (notoriousGRT) PNW / Switzerland Packrafting the Bob - August 2009
Harrison Carpenter (carpenh) St. Vrain River Valley 3-day, 3-season, Solo
Heath Pitts (heathpitts) Nashville Download Gear List (PDF)
Heath Poulter (hpoulter) Southwest Download Gear List (PDF)
Hikin' Jim (hikin_jim) Orange County, CA, USA Grand Canyon May 2015 Gear List & Proposed Changes
Hiking Malto (gg-man) 2011 PCT GearList
Hk Newman (hknewman) Western US Ever changing gear list
Humboldt . (Humboldt) Gear list
Huzefa Siamwala (huzefa) N/A
Ike Jutkowitz (Ike) Central Michigan Trap Hills 3 season gear list
Ito Jakuchu (jakuchu) Japan Download Gear List (PDF)
J W (jhaura) Trail Download Gear List (PDF)
J Bailey (jbaile38) Rocky Mountains co 3 season
Jace Mullen (climberslacker) Your guess is as good as mine. PCT Gear List
jacob huwe (uticafats) Upstate New York Download Gear List (PDF)
Jake Willits (TrailSavvy) Arkansas Ozarks Winter Weeklong gearlist
Jama Crawford (Jama) Western Slope Download Gear List (PDF)
James Patsalides ( New England Current Gear List - August 2009
James Keener (jjhiker) San Francisco Bay Area Southern California Gear List
James Jones (maniacjwj) Colorado Rockies No cook Lumbar Pack/RikSak Gear List
James Deane (jdeane) East Tenn 2014 JDeane Gear List
James Nelson (bigmuddy) Midwest Download Gear List (PDF)
James DeMonaco (jdemonaco) San Francisco My Gear List
James DeGraaf (jdegraaf) Bay Area James M-SUL
Jamie Shortt (jshortt) North Carolina Jamie Shortt 3 Season Gear List - 4lb Base
Jane McMichen (jmcmichen) Maine, DownEast Coast No Gear List
Jared Baker (simply_light) Midwest, US Summer UL
Jason Jang (xcarverla) West Coast Gear List for Backpacking with weight
Jason Ham (jhamhb) Ventura Summer in the Sierras
Jason Hortin (jhortin) Chicago Download Gear List (PDF)
Jason Brinkman (jbrinkmanboi) Idaho Rocky Mountain Summer 3-day Gear List
Jason Smith (JasonS) Northeast Current Gear List
jay fernan ( Northwest Joe's gear list
Jay Seely (JaySeely) Alberta, Canada AT SOBO Gear List 2012
Jay Wilkerson (Creachen) East Bay 2014 UL Gear List
Jay Draiman (yjdmd1) West coast Energy conservation
Jed Augustine (jaugusti) Appalachians/Rockies Jed's UL 1 Week 3 Season List
Jeff Sims (jeffreytsims) So. Cal Pine Creek 2013
Jeffrey McConnell (Catalyst) 3 Season SoCal/Sierra List
Jennifer McFarlane (JennyMcFarlane) Southern California Family 5-6 night High Sierra Gear list
Jens Aarnaes (Finnmark) Rocky Mountains Download Gear List (PDF)
Jeremy Walton (jlwalton) The Frigid North Jeremy's Gear List
Jeremy Gus (gustafsj) Minneapolis Gear List - 3 day - Minus 20F
Jeremy Osburn (earn_my_turns) New England BPL Vermont Trip!!!
Jeremy Platt (jeremy089786) Sydney NZ lists
Jeremy Marzani (marzanij) Gear list
Jesse McKinney (jessemckinney) Mid-Atlantic Gearlist
jim bailey (florigen) South East summer gear list 09
jim nash (jameswnash) SoCal Summer Sierra 4 Day
Jim MacDiarmid (jrmacd) Generic Winter Gear List
Jim Morrison (Pliny) Pacific Northwest One Week Trip, Pacific Northwest, Hypothetical
Jim Colten (jcolten) MN test
Jim W. (jimqpublic) So-Cal 2009 solo & family gear
joe newton (holdfast) Bergen, Norway Download Gear List (PDF)
Joe DeLoss (GoingGrindel) Sunny Central Ohio SUL
Joe Cangelosi (JoeFish) All Over California 3 Season CA Gear List
Joe Bancks (JackPike) Midwest Winter Dayhike
Joe Bryant (jrbryant) Southeast General 3 Season
Joel Stephenson (fooby) Northumberland, UK USA 2014 Gear List
John St. Laurent (johnstl) Pacific NW Bob Marshall Wilderness Open 2013
John H (pastyj) SE US None
John Tyberg (jtyberg) Southern California JMT August 2009
John Roan (JRoan) Vegas Couples 3 season list
John Davis (billybooster) So Cal Less than 10lb on my back
John Mowery (Mow) Minnesota, USA Hiking and Fishing 2008
John Brochu (JohnnyBgood4) New Hampshire Download Gear List (PDF)
John Schutzman (jjoschutz) Midwest My favorites
John Harper (johnnyh88) The SouthWest Download Gear List (PDF)
John Haley (Quoddy) New York/Vermont Border Quoddy's Sub 3 Gear List for 3 Season's Plus
John Castro-Rappl (Jabber) Download Gear List (PDF)
John Wozniak (woz9683) Southeast Winter Gear List
John S. (jshann) Sample Gearlist
John Frederick Anderson (fredfoto) Spain Gear List 2010
Jon Christensen (JonnyC) Midwest Maroon Bell 4 Pass Loop, CO gear list
Jonathan Ryan (Jkrew81) White Mtns Pemi
Jonathan Bird (jsbird) Chandler, AZ Desert Summer/Fall OvernightGear List
Jonathan Larson (jonathandlarson) Orange County, CA JMT 2009
Jonathon Rogers (signet77) East TN Mt. Rogers Multi-Day Trip
Jorge Villalobos (minusfive) Ontario, Canada UL (In Progress)
Joseph Bernier (sigeats) Southern California 3 Season Gear List
Joseph Chaconas (trailsandwhatnot) Southern California Under Construction
Josh Hopkins (joshuadhopkins) Indianapolis Ultralight Gear
Josh Earl (joshearl) Northern California Short Trip Heavy Base Weight
Joslyn Bloodworth (JoslynB) Southwest Backpacking Wish List for Two
Jozef _____ (DerJosef) The southern border of Holland General_packlist_7day_trekking_solo_2011
Justin Tremlin (notu) Central Washington PNW 3-Season Gear List
Justin C (paintballr4life) East Coast 8lb - 3 Season Gear List - 2013
Justin Ling (ling_jd) columbus ohio Winter gear list 1.4.08
Justin Marney (gotascii) Shenandoah Shenandoah Winter Gear List
Justin Chaussee (judach) Earth Summer gear list
Justin Brennan (jgbrennan) Here and there. 3 Season Gear List
Juston Taul (Junction) Atlanta, GA 2011 Gear List
Karple T (ctracyverizon) Mid-Alantic Sub 5lb 3 Day List
Katy Y (katy6514) New England PCT 2016
Keith Hultman (helios) Missouri 3 Season
Keith Selbo (herman666) Northern Virginia Three Season Gear List
Keith F (hamerica) Northern Virginia Solo Lists
Ken Charpie (kencharpie) Western Oregon Central Oregon Cascades and Coastal Range 2 to 3 days
Kenneth Jacobs (f8less) Midwest 13.8831lbs Base Pack Weight
kevin davidson (kdesign) Mythical State of Jefferson Sierra Early Fall 06 Gearlist--lows to high 20's
Kevin Harper (kevinharper2) Southwest Kevin Harper Gear
Kevin Egelhoff (kegelhoff) Southern Cal Food list for 9 day hike- revised AGAIN
Klas Eklof (klaseklof) Northern California TRT '07
Konrad . (Konrad1013) Gear list for 3-season overnighters and weekends
Lance Cunningham (Lancelot2u) So. Cal. JMT Gear List as of 04/05/14
Lance Marshall (Lancem) Oregon PCT Gear Lists
Larry Dyer (veriest1) Texas Download Gear List (PDF)
Larry Sullivan (150mph) Los Angeles Download Gear List (PDF)
Laura Shaffer (shafferello) northern California Basic Stuff for Fair Weather
Laural Bourque (lauralbaby) PNW 2-Person/Couples PNW Gear List
Laurence Beck (beckla) Southern California Mar 2011 - Stuck at 15-16 lbs
Lawrence Szopinski (Guitarguy) Southwest Gear Lists - wife and I
Leigh Baker (leighb) Northeast Texas Pineywoods Early Fall/Late Spring weekend list
leon lynes (mrgadget921) south west still quite heavy! but as $$$ allow!
Leslie Fisher (lirabyrd) SouthEast Winter Smoky Mountains
Lester Moore (Satori) Olympic Peninsula, WA JMT Aug 25 - Sep 12
Levon Jensen (LevonJensen) Canadian Rockies 3-4 season 0 Degree List.
Lili Bishop (lilibishop) The State w/o a National Park JMT 2012 Incomplete
Linda Vassallo (eastbayhiker) Eastbay Gear List (updated 2012)
Lindsey Sommer (lgsommer) January 2014 Gear List
Lucas Boyer (jhawkwx) 38.97˚N, 95.26˚W OHT Gear List
Luke Ludwig (ludwigl) Minnesota Border Route and Superior Hiking Trail 2006
Luke Beveridge (lukebeveridge) Australia Gear List_Luke Beveridge_January 2015
M Compton (tjayblues) Southeast May 2015, Shenandoah NP, 3D/2N
Maggie Harlan (MaggieMaeFlower) Ohio Download Gear List (PDF)
Marc Mensing (soldierspike) Southwest Summer
Marcel Bak (Rzez) Pamir - packrafting
Marcus Dyson (DoctorDee) Yorkshire, UK Download Gear List (PDF)
mark henley (flash582) Marks 3 lb list - Good down to 40 degrees
Mark Roberts (redwedge) Lapland Halti Gear List
Mark Verber (verber) San Francisco Bay Area 3 Season, Sierras, 4 Season Coast List
Mark McLauchlin (markmclauchlin) Western Australia BPL Gear list
Mark Haffner (markhaffner) PNW Download Gear List (PDF)
Mark Bishop (mark_b) Northwest (WA) Mark's 3 day / 3 season gear list
Mark Hobbs (markhobbs) 3-Season List
Mark Ryan (Sixguns01) Somewhere. Probably lost. Ryan's All-Purpose Gear List
Mathias Gillum (MattyG) Midwest Midwest 3 Season
Matt L (LaChupacabra) Southern California 3-Season Sierras Kit
Matt Keenan (MLKeenan) In the Mountains in the clouds 3 season UL
Matt Lutz (citystuckhiker) Midwest Winter 2011-12
Matt Brodhead (mattbrodhead) Michigan Download Gear List (PDF)
Matt Vandenberg (matty204) Download Gear List (PDF)
Matt F (matt_f) Winter Lightweight List
Matthew Stenger (MatthewStenger) its flat but its home CDT SoBo June 17th 2015
Matthew Parker (mparker20) SoCal Matt and Molly JMT 2009
Matthew Steingass (Steingass) Washington no weights yet
Matthew Swierkowski (Berserker) Southeast Typical Gear List
Matthew Elam (slashpastor) Colorado now!!! AT Thru-hike Gear List
Matthew Zion (mzion) Boulder, CO PCT '12
Matthew DePan (jethro277) Upstate NY Finger Lakes Overnight
McDowell Crook (mcdcrook) Southeast Download Gear List (PDF)
Megan McDuffie (le_megn) So. Cal Download Gear List (PDF)
Meredith Eberhart (nimblewill) Midwest Thru-hike - 4,500-mile North Country Trail
Merritt D (tmdraney) No Mountains Close-by VA Gear List
michael trafton (traftonm3203) South East Download Gear List (PDF)
Michael Levy (neweyes) Colorado Trail Gearlist
Michael Ray (topshot) Midwest Maroon Bells - August 2011
Michael Williams (qldhike) Queensland Overnight 3 Season Gear List
Michael Mathisen (mathix) Oregon 3 Season gear list
Michael Johnstone (mjohnstone) Midwest 2010 Gear List - RMNP
Mike M (mtwarden) Montana 3 day SUL gear list
Mike Clelland (mikeclelland) The Tetons (via Idaho) 8 pound base weight
Mike Megee (fx4hauler) Spring Gear List
Mikele Darcangelo (ACR406) SARLink PLB
Miles Barger (milesbarger) West Virginia Download Gear List (PDF)
Millette Jones (ttaboro) Southeast revised summer gear list
Mina Loomis (elmvine) Central Texas JMT 2011 Gear List
Mitchell Murphy (Texico) North Georgia Gear List (Current and *Future*)
Morgan Strauss (voodmann) Sespe Spring 2011 Overnighter
Nate Powell (powell1nj) North Carolina Foothills Trail Gearlist - March 28 - April 1, 2012
Neal Anderson (nmanhipot) North Georgia Download Gear List (PDF)
Neil McGee (thegreatclod) Northeast, East Asia Download Gear List (PDF)
Nicholas Meadors (nickoli) Teh Front Range CT 2012
Nick Bramhall (nbramhall) Scottish Highlands Spring Overnighter
Nick Gatel (ngatel) Southern California Sub 4 lb
Nick Klockenga (newtonick) Chicago Area Appalachian Trial NOBO 2014 Gear List
Nick Larsen (stingray4540) South Bay GearList
Ole Saether (osaether) Norway Weekend trip list Summer 2012 v2
P. Larson (reacttocontact) Download Gear List (PDF)
Patrick Starich (pjstarich) N. Rocky Mountains Download Gear List (PDF)
Paul Wozniak (PaulW) Midwest 3 season
Paul Davis (FauxRealz) East Coast Hypothetical Gear List
Paul Cronshaw (beemancron) Southwest US PCT Section H (JMT) Gear List
Paul Maguire (ppatmag) Gear list
Phil Barton (flyfast) Oklahoma Phil's spring 2007 gear list
Philip Parrott (GroundhogPhil) Cincinnati 4 Season Heavyweight Relative Comfort
Philip Mack Furlow (PhilipMack) North Texas Bitterroot Divide 6 days - lighter but not as light as could be
Piotr Z. (piotr) SF South Bay SHR 2012, preliminary
Piper S. (sbhikes) Santa Barbara (Name: Diane) Piper's Gear
PIstoo Sherpa (ferdericb) FR 2 days south Alps in summer
Rebecca Shanks (rebeccashanks) Gear List
Reed Koch (reedkoch) Northwest 9 LB Pacific Northwest 3 Season Hiking
Reginald Donaldson (worth) Wind River Range 2 Weeks in the Mountains
Remington Roth (remjroth) Atlantic Coast Click on link above ^
Rich Hastings (Hottrod33) PCT Clothes List
Richard Mccarver (rmccarver) United States Newbie 3 Season
Richard May (richardmay) Swamplands. Download Gear List (PDF)
Richard Nisley (richard295) San Francisco Bay Area Protocol B Aging Chart Source Detail
Richard Morton (remfla76) Florida Download Gear List (PDF)
rick . (overheadview) NYC Summer 10lb baseweight list
Rick Burtt (rburtt) Standard Weekend
Ritchey Ruff (ruffwork) Pacific Northwest Ultralight Gear List for PCT Section Hiking
Rob Vandiver (ShortBus) So Cal Current 3 Season
Rob Lewis (roblewis) Northeast Download Gear List (PDF)
Rob Mcrae (emptyman) the other, big Ontario AT gear list in grams not oz
Robert Larue (RobertL) Summer 2010 Canadian Rockies - two person
Robert Brown (unclebob) Northeast 2012 Me -Ga Gear List
Robert Quimby (traildog) Great Lakes/Ontario weekend solo - three season great lakes region/ont
Robin McKay (rlmckay) Auckland NZ Rob's 3 Season NZ Gear List 2013
Rocco Speranza (Mechrock) Western NC Mtns Solo List
Rod Dickfos (rdickfos) Sydney, Northern Beaches Rod gearlist one
Roleigh Martin (marti124) Moderator-JohnMuirTrail Yahoo Group My gear list as of 4/3/2010
Roman Ryder (RomanLA) Southwest Louisiana 3+ Season Gear List
Russell Klopfer (fluxxball) Pittsburgh Download Gear List (PDF)
Rutherford Platt (tunaboy999) Mid Atlantic Down to Freezing Gear List for the Rockies and AT
Ryan Luke (rluke) Atlanta (missing CA) 3-Season, 5-Day list
Ryan C (radio_guy) Alaska Zion Traverse 2013
Ryan Jordan (ryan) Greater Yellowstone Fall 2007 Absaroka Backbone
Ryan ALLISON (ryan.allison) PNW Most recent trip gear list for 7-8 days
Ryan Faulkner (ryanf) Mid atlantic, No. Cal Winds-Yellowstone Trek 2008
Ryan Hutchins (ryan_hutchins) Somewhere out there SW Institutional Winter
S H (raisins) PCT 2012
S F (sf) Sierra Download Gear List (PDF)
Sam Haraldson (sharalds) Gallatin Range 2014 Summer List - Rocky Mountains
sco jo (scojo) Upper Midwest Current Gear List
scott daniels (ScottDaniels) PNW Download Gear List (PDF)
scott nelson (twostudios) Sierra Madre, Ca My current gear
Scott Bentz (scottbentz) Southern California North Lake South Lake 2012
Scott Koons (skoons) Basic Trip list
Sean Krajacic (photosean) Midwest 2013 Base Weight
Sean Miner (kromangun) San Francisco Bay Area Sean Miner's Almost Ultralight Gear List
Seth Brewer (Whistler) Gear List 2012.pdf
Shahrin Bin Shariff (zzmelayu) In the shadow of Table Mountain TMB Dry-Run
Shane Miller (Grayhawk845) hudson Valley My Gear
Shannon Davis (-CoolBreeze-) South Central 3 Season - Tarp (PDF)
Shawn Taylor (staylor310) Sierra Download Gear List (PDF)
Shawn McDonald (shawnm) Great Lakes 3 season
Shawn Forry (porkpie73) High Sierra Colorado Trail
Simon Wurster (Einstein) Big Apple Summer 2010 Gear List
Simone Zmood (sim1oz) Melbourne, Australia Shared Gear for Family of Four
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