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Any Gear Co.'s offer Stock Options?
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John Rowling II
(jrowling) - F - MLife

Locale: Great Lakes Area
Any Gear Co.'s offer Stock Options? on 10/12/2007 16:04:10 MDT Print View

Does anyone know if any of UL /SUL gear companies offer Stock or IPO's that are just starting?

John Mowery
(Mow) - F

Locale: Minnesota, USA
Stock "Options" on 10/26/2007 08:38:54 MDT Print View

I'll assume you're talking private stock because none of the cottage makers (SMD, MLD, ULA etc.) have anywhere near the capitalization necessary to IPO. Assuming that is the case, private stock in such a tiny operation would be basically worthless because the liquidity would be poor - not many buyers of stock who's cash flow is at best $100,000 (a wild guess) a year and growing at 30% a year (another wild guess).

A limited partnership paying dividends on invested capital equal to the growth rate of cash flow would be one way to structure investing in such a small company.

Of course, NONE of this is investment advice, just my uninformed opinion.