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NOIN stove
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Yukio Yamakawa

Locale: Tokyo,JAPAN
NOIN stove on 09/11/2007 03:59:19 MDT Print View



"NOIN"     It means nine.

it is butan-gas stove.  ( burner head )

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Dan Yeruski
(zelph) - MLife

Re: NOIN stove on 09/11/2007 08:04:12 MDT Print View

Requires priming.

It is very sensitive to wind, breeze and is difficult to adjust flame. Inside use only.

Jason Klass
(jasonklass) - F

Locale: Parker, CO
Ummmmm...what? on 09/11/2007 19:36:56 MDT Print View

Wakarimasen. Kore wa nan desu ka?

Yukio Yamakawa

Locale: Tokyo,JAPAN
Re: Ummmmm...what? on 09/12/2007 09:28:29 MDT Print View


これは、私が開発中の新作ストーブ”NOIN”です。特徴としては、ガスストーブですので、余熱は無用です。ライターを使って簡単に点火して燃焼出来ます。可変出力もバルブを調整するだけで容易です。水400ccを沸騰するのに要する時間は、約280秒から480秒です。素材は2mmの真鍮パイプ製です。およそ4gのバーナーヘッドです。ジェネレーター付きですので液出し(liquid feed)も可能です。耐寒テストはまだですが、基本的には7℃まで使えるはずです。風防は無くても、スノーピークのガスストーブ「地」のように使えます。他のガスストーブと同様に、あったほうが熱効率が良くなります。しかし単純な仕組みですので、欠点もあります。強い火力のときに炎が飛び消えやすいが、ポットが在ると底面に衝突して拡散するので、うまく燃やし続けられます。スタンドの高さは25mmから40mmが最適です。この写真では、高さ40mmのスタンドを使っています。つまり、ポット自体も燃焼器の一部分(トッププレート)として欠かせない大事な機能を果たしているのです。


This is the new work stove” NOIN” where I am in the midst of developing.
As a feature, because it is the gas heater, remaining heat is needless.
Using the lighter/writer, igniting simply, it can burn.
Also variable output just adjusts the valve is easy.
The time when water 400cc is required although it boils, is 480 seconds from approximately 280 seconds.
The material is the brass pipe make of 2mm. It is the burner head of approximately 4g.
Because it is the generator attachment, the liquid it puts out and (liquid feed) it is possible.
The cold-proof test still is, but it is the expectation which can be used basically to the 7℃.
There is no wind prevention and like gas heater “area” of snow peak it can use also the [te].
So becomes same, the one which is thermal efficiency good as the other gas heater.
But because it is the simple mechanism, there is also a fault.
The flame to fly at the time of the strong thermal power, it is easy to go out, but when there is a pot
Colliding to the base, because it spreads, it is continued to burn well.
Height of the stand 40mm is optimum from 25mm.
With this photograph, the stand of height 40mm is used.
In other words, the pot itself one part of the combustor (the top plate) as
It is to carry out the important function which you cannot miss.

Jason Klass
(jasonklass) - F

Locale: Parker, CO
Ahhhhhh.... on 09/13/2007 18:06:32 MDT Print View

Soo desu ne.