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mini iron II
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peter kvamme
(karacolor) - F

Locale: midwest
mini iron II on 09/03/2007 19:37:20 MDT Print View

has anyone used this product, or one like it?mini iron II with adaptors
primarily it is used for ironing small surfaces, but this new model ("mini iron II" instead of just the original mini iron) has several adaptors one of which accepts an xacto blade for hot cutting.

i have heard it works well to cut and seal nylon, but i am skeptical about both the ease of cutting as well as how well it would seal the fabric. i tried using a candle and it puckered the edges, and would take a long time if i were being careful.

Lance Parrish
(lancejparrish) - F

Locale: Southeast US
Just a thought: on 09/05/2007 16:39:12 MDT Print View

This is in no way, shape, or form going to answer your question, but I'm having a thought about your inquiry. Without knowing exactly what you're making with your silnylon I can't be too specific, but oftentimes you don't HAVE TO heat seal the cut edge of silnylon. The silicone coating on the fabric tends to stop it from fraying while you're working with it, and I'm (dangerously) assuming that you will be sewing this raw edge into some sort of seam which will enclose the edge. Rolled or flat-felled seams seem to work the best for this. They're both relatively sturdy and enclose the raw edge, thereby saving you the heartache of melting the edges. That being said, if you're using a simple stitch that leaves the raw edges exposed, you should probably wait to see what the other members have to say about that snazzy little iron gizmo. I hope this helps. Take care!