WTB: Rain jacket (XL, Event preferably)
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Dave T
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WTB: Rain jacket (XL, Event preferably) on 08/06/2014 09:55:19 MDT Print View



Hi all.

Looking for an good deal on a near new / gently used rain jacket, in size XL. Most use will be on a bike, either winter commuting or bikepacking. I would prefer an Event jacket, if possible. Loud colors (esp. orange, yellow, red) are fine!

Let me know what you have.


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Stephen Murphy
(sjtm) - F
New option on 08/06/2014 11:38:43 MDT Print View

Check out EMS Air Flow. On sale for $119. Event DVL (2.5 layer). This jacket has pit zips which are hard to find on Event or Neoshell jackets. I do not work for EMS - just bought this jacket and was very pleased with price / value equation. Plus they offer free shipping and easy returns.

Dave T
(DaveT) - F
EMS Air Flow on 08/06/2014 11:51:56 MDT Print View

Hi Stephen,

Thanks for the heads up. Looks pretty good at that price! And for biking, the Acid Green and Red both are good to me!

A couple questions:

1. Saw you wear an XL. How would you describe the fit vs. normal American XL sizing?

2. Saw comments about the 2.5-layer version being a little plasticky-feeling inside perhaps? What are you thoughts about the feeling on bare arms? (I'm not too worried!)


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Kevin Babione
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Locale: Pennsylvania
WTB: Rain Jacket - Consider The Packa on 08/06/2014 12:24:26 MDT Print View

If you don't find something on Gear Swap, consider The Packa as an alternative. I have an XL in eVent that weighs about 17 ounces but the huge pit zips and the integrated pack cover might work really well for you for biking with a pack.

The downside is that the pack cover looks a little silly when you're not carrying a pack. Mine is a bright red, but I believe Eddie has other colors to offer.

Dave T
(DaveT) - F
packa on 08/06/2014 12:59:38 MDT Print View

I think the Packa might be good for backpacking with lots of wet with a backpack, but seems like it would be really flappy and floppy on a bike, especially since I avoid riding with a backpack of any kind. Thanks for the idea though!

Stephen Murphy
(sjtm) - F
Sorry for the late reply on 08/06/2014 15:18:15 MDT Print View

I am 195 / 38" waist. The XL is trimmer than my previous xl EMS shell, but still leaves enough room for some thermal layer if needed. I tried on a Large and it was way too tight, so xl was easy choice for me.

Since I always hike in long sleeves due to New England having lots of ticks / mosquitos, the plastic feeling is a non- issue for me.

Finally a 3 layer event jacket would be optimal for some, but I liked the light weight ( mine is 11.5 oz) the pit zips and the other features ( good hood adjustment, hem cinch, long tail, etc.) that the price / value equation was as good as I could find. I also have always been very happy with EMS products - they seem to understand how to put out a reasonably priced product that check most if not all the boxes for me.

Dave T
(DaveT) - F
EMS jacket on 08/06/2014 15:32:31 MDT Print View

No worries on the reply. I was sold on the features vs. cost, and I appreciate your great recommendation. Should be a great jacket for biking and the usually low-levels of rain I have to deal with out here in the west. Thanks!

Anthony Weston
(anthonyweston) - MLife

Locale: Southern CA
raingear on 08/06/2014 16:17:59 MDT Print View

I have a Montbell Versalite XL dark Green, used once.
purchased in 2008 and has just been hanging on my shelf.
$40 like new.