MYOG: Backpack fabrics, features, and dimensions
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Ken Thompson
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Re: it's anoying to put a subject up here, lol on 08/08/2014 19:57:57 MDT Print View

Not if you use the reply button in the header with the title instead of the post reply button at the bottom.

Just so people know.

Bill Townsend
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Re: Re: it's anoying to put a subject up here, lol on 08/10/2014 09:27:27 MDT Print View

Well... Look at that, lol
Too much reading here and not much posting.

Samuel C. Farrington
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MYOG packs on 08/24/2014 21:27:01 MDT Print View

Thank you for sharing your experiences with the different fabrics and constructions.
That is the only way we make MYOG progress. Otherwise the amount of guessing gets very expensive. So your article is much appreciated.

You mentioned the annoyance of pocket construction. One thing I've tried with good results, especially where the pockets will hold water containers or wet stuff, is to sew opposite sides of a rectangle to the pack with the amount of slack in the rectangle equivalent to the amount of space desired in the pocket. Lace loops are sewn at intervals on the bottom of the rectangle. Then lace is passed through the loops and joined at its ends with a knot, creating a 'bottom' for the pocket. The same thing can be done at the pocket top, with a cord lock on the lace that joins the loops so that water containers, fording shoes and other wet stuff can be firmly secured in the pocket.

That's what was done on this pack, although the photo is not very clear:
But the same construction could be used for pockets at other locations.
The local bootmaker tells me lace or narrow webbing loops will pull out, but I like them because they can be stitched in place with as strong a thread and as many stitches as are needed to produce the desired strength.

For a wide pocket on the back of the pack, I'd use zig-zag lacing along the bottom connecting laces sewn to the pocket bottom and to the pack, the latter preferably at a seam. No more need to sew box-shaped structures and sew tape over the inside of all the seams.

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