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MYOG backpack prototype
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Darren Graff
(Packfan) - F

Locale: Sierra Nevadas
MYOG backpack prototype on 07/24/2014 23:15:43 MDT Print View

This one should have been done along time ago. Such is life when you work construction. Finally got it done. Thanks for the inspiration And E. This pack has two sleeves on the inside for flat bar aluminum stays. The stays need to be 25" long. I have not bought the stays yet. I think I'll go all out and get 7075. Anyone have a good source?
I used tan Rit dye on white uncoated ballistics nylon. This pack has no waterproofing. I used some climbing webbing for the daisy chains on the front panel. I was not trying to save weight as I wanted a durable pack for testing and loaning the pack out. The pack weighs 36 oz. with out the stays. I was surprised its that light.PackpackPackpackPackpackPackpackPackpackPackpackPackthe lunch sack closedPackthe lunch sack open.Pack
This pack is really comfortable. Going to put some miles on it and see how it does. Thanks to all. GOD BLESS!

And E
(LunchANDYnner) - F

Locale: Pacific Northwest
Awesome job! on 07/24/2014 23:35:27 MDT Print View

That looks fantastic! I really like the way you made the main pack opening. Are your shoulder straps Velcro/adjustable?

Jon Holthaus
(t25hatch) - M
RE: Aluminum on 07/25/2014 06:35:29 MDT Print View


I've heard good things about

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Darren Graff
(Packfan) - F

Locale: Sierra Nevadas
MYOG backpack prototype on 07/25/2014 10:04:49 MDT Print View

Thanks And E
The shoulder straps are adjustable. I used a pals system with Velcro. I cover the build on a post entitled " MYOG shoulder straps".
The lunch bag closure was taken off an old post I saw, and could not find when I was making the pack. I used Home Depot lumber strapping for it. I cut 4 pieces 4" long for the fold. This closure is so simple, I'm done with Velcro closures. Going to start a day pack next. GOD BLESS!

Thanks for the info Jon

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Sam Haraldson
(sharalds) - MLife

Locale: Gallatin Range
MYOG backpack prototype on 07/25/2014 12:14:09 MDT Print View

"lunch sack". I like it.

Al Baran
(FishBone) - F

Locale: Mid-South
Aluminum Stays on 08/01/2014 14:46:58 MDT Print View

I've got some aluminum stay material that might work for you.
4 pieces -- 24" x 1/2" (2.1 oz apiece) and 1 piece --- 24" x 1". I'm not sure of the grade of material, but if memory serves, it was 6061, or something like that - spec taken from one of the cottage pack manufacturers. PM me and we can work out the price, if they are long enough for you. VERY nice pack, BTW. I'm working on one myself right now with a double stay design, kind of a GG Gorilla clone.

David Thomas
(DavidinKenai) - MLife

Locale: North Woods. Far North.
Re: Aluminum Stays on 08/01/2014 15:26:33 MDT Print View

Another possibility for those aluminum stays are rulers, be they exactly 24 inches, 24+ in some styles, or 36" and cut down to 25". Could be as little as $3-6 each at Home Depot, Walmart, or off of eBay out of Shanghai.

Or, to be old-school about it - the ORIGINAL composite material - wood. A wooden yardstick at Homer Depot is $0.78.

Cut to length and varnish it to reduce water absorption. If you want it to be even stronger and/or stiffer, put some fiberglass on each side. A super-cheap way to do that (while not as strong as, say 6-ounce FG clothe two-part-amine-epoxied onto the wood) is to apply adhesive fiberglass joint tape sold for use on drywall or backboard:

Use varnish or paint as your combo sealant / affixant. Heck, buy 4 yardsticks, FG and paint three of them. Then stress to destruction a plain one and an FG-ed one.

Aluminum is, of course, potentially bendable to conform to your back. But if straight stays suffice, going with wood will certainly give you more stiffness with less weight than aluminum.

David Drake
(DavidDrake) - F

Locale: North Idaho
Re: MYOG backpack prototype on 08/05/2014 12:47:53 MDT Print View

Nice pack, Darren. The post where you originally saw the lunch sack closure might have been this one:

I adapted my version (which used lumber strap, much the same as yours) from a description by John Donewar of his pack closures.

I can report that after more than two years of near-daily use (as commuter and hiking pack), the lunch sack closure on my pack has been foolproof, easy to use, and plenty durable.

Just a thought: if that's tubular climber's webbing you used for the front daises, it's prob. overkill no matter what conditions you put it through. The flat webbing you used for the straps is prob. more than enough.

Gordon Gray
(GordonG) - F

Locale: Front Range, CO
right on on 08/06/2014 08:00:08 MDT Print View


Darren Graff
(Packfan) - F

Locale: Sierra Nevadas
MYOG backpack prototype on 08/06/2014 21:32:07 MDT Print View

Thanks, for all the comments
Al, I would hit you up for the stays, but this one has to have 25" stays. Thanks for the offer. You should post your pack when it's done.
David T. ,wood sounds like a great alternative. Kirfaru makes some interesting stays using wood. The smallest thickness on the 7075 aluminum seems to be 1/4". I was thinking someone with a bandsaw could cut it down to 1/8" thick. Ill just start calling some of these suppliers to see about getting 1/8" thickness.
David D.,I don't think that was the post I originally saw. Your pack is very impressive. I like how your thread choice accented the pack. This was the fist time I used a heavy colored thread to make the bar tacks stand out. The climbing webbing was just being repurposed. Truth is I just thought it looked cool. The front panel definitely weighed a lot with the tubular webbing. The webbing I'm using for the stay sleeves is probably way to thick to. I think it's 2" seatbelt webbing.
Thanks for looking, GOD BLESS!

Brendan S
(brendans) - MLife

Locale: Fruita CO
7075 stays on 08/06/2014 22:39:37 MDT Print View

Onlinemetals has 1/8 7075 but it's in the sheet section. Just select your dimensions there (1/8x25x1/2 or whatever).