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WTB: 800 fill, sub 25degree mummy
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Michael Skwarczek
(uberkatzen) - F

Locale: Sudamerica
WTB: 800 fill, sub 25degree mummy on 08/29/2007 13:28:45 MDT Print View

I can help you clear out that gear closet while helping a friend get on the trail. He desperately needs to upgrade his sleep system but finances are the barrier.

Looking for:
800 down
sub 25 degree
under 2.5lbs preferred
MAX $150


mark cole
bag on 08/29/2007 15:14:30 MDT Print View

I have an excellent shape WM Versalite (2lb.) I'd let go for $200 plus shipping.

Christopher Chupka

Locale: NTX
REI Sub Kilo +20 on 08/29/2007 18:52:20 MDT Print View

750 down 1lb 13oz $239

Edited by FatTexan on 08/29/2007 18:57:04 MDT.

Russell Swanson
(rswanson) - F

Locale: Midatlantic
Re: WTB: 800 fill, sub 25degree mummy on 08/29/2007 19:33:39 MDT Print View


Several of your criteria are adding up to make this a virtual impossiblity- 20 degree bag, 800fp down, $150. Tough to do unless you find something used.

If you can accept the 2.5-ish range, the options open up. Try looking at 600fp bags in that weight range, you'll find plenty.

Michael Skwarczek
(uberkatzen) - F

Locale: Sudamerica
20degree 800fp down on 08/30/2007 00:13:36 MDT Print View

You're absolutely right, there isn't going to be a new bag within those criteria; at that price, my goal was to find something used, like Mark's bag.


brian fitzmartin
(brianfitz) - F

Locale: philadelphia PA
reply on 08/30/2007 01:42:24 MDT Print View

ihave a moonstone lucid 800 .
20 degrees, reg size, under 2.5 lbs., 800 fp. used about 3 nights in great condtion. been hanging from the ceiling to protect the loft . backpacker magazine gave it a great review. it was $220 new i would be able to part with it for $150 just send a pm . i will be leaving for vacation on sunday . no hurry, just give a heads up just i case you are waiting for a reply .

Ben 2 World
(ben2world) - MLife

Locale: So Cal
Used Bag on 08/30/2007 10:48:34 MDT Print View


I've purchased a WM bag from Mark before and will vouch for his trustworthiness and quick shipping. :)

Russell Swanson
(rswanson) - F

Locale: Midatlantic
Lucid and Versalite on 08/30/2007 12:37:38 MDT Print View

The offer on the Moonstone Lucid is a great deal. I've never used the bag but I've also read plenty of good reviews. As for the Versalite, if your friend can beg/borrow/steal the extra $50, he will not regret it. That's a world-class bag. I have a WM Ultralight, which is the same bag but rated at 20 degrees and I couldn't be happier.

Steve .
(pappekak) - F

Locale: Tralfamadore
Lucid and Versalite Write Ups on 08/30/2007 13:00:24 MDT Print View

I have to agree with Russell on the quality of the WM Ultralite.

Here is a sleeping bag write up that includes both the Moonstone Lucid and the WM Versalite - about 2/3 of the way down.

Sven Klingemann
(svenklingemann) - F
re: used Versalite on 08/30/2007 13:52:33 MDT Print View

Hey Mark,
how old is the Versalite? I may be interested as well ... :-)
Is it rated to 15F or 10F (i.e. 800 or 850 down?)

Edited by svenklingemann on 08/30/2007 13:54:28 MDT.

Michael Skwarczek
(uberkatzen) - F

Locale: Sudamerica
WTB: 800 fill, sub 25degree mummy on 08/30/2007 14:19:13 MDT Print View

WHOA! Hang on there Sven. Hehe.

The WM Versalite is a great bag and Mark's is a good deal. My buddy simply does not have more than $150, so I'm going to ponny up the extra $50 to help him out. Thanks, everyone, for your feedback.

Mark, I'll PM you and we'll make arrangements.


Edited by uberkatzen on 08/30/2007 14:28:16 MDT.

Sven Klingemann
(svenklingemann) - F
Re: WTB: 800 fill, sub 25degree mummy on 08/30/2007 14:22:09 MDT Print View

*Sneak* hey, worth a try, right? Have fun with the bag ;-)

Russell Swanson
(rswanson) - F

Locale: Midatlantic
Re: WTB: 800 fill, sub 25degree mummy on 08/30/2007 14:59:40 MDT Print View


Quite the friend you are! He'll be pleased with the bag.

I use my Ultralight as a 3 season (well, often 4 here in the Appalachians) and when its too warm (for me this means expected temps over 65 at night) I just use a $20 fleece bag (which weighs almost as much!). You can unzip and use as a quilt when it gets too warm. So, the Versalight will do in a pinch. I think a summer weight quilt (e.g. BMW Cocoon UL 60 or Jacks R Better Shenandoah) would be ideal from night time temps over 50 degrees or so, but I always seem to find a reason to postpone buying one.

When next spring rolls around, there are a good amount of sub-2lb. summer weight options for $150 or less. In warmer temps, you'll naturally be carrying less gear, so weight isn't as critical.

Michael Skwarczek
(uberkatzen) - F

Locale: Sudamerica
WTB: 800 fill, sub 25degree mummy on 08/30/2007 16:15:28 MDT Print View

Thanks Russell.

I've been procrastinating on the Cocoon 60 in exactly the same manner.

As the summers get hotter and I explore UL, e.g. tarp and bivy, the option to simply sleep on top of my bag in my birthday suit is feeling a bit too exposed. Do you consistently bivy even come summer? Or, just bag/quilt and maybe a bug bivy?

This is becoming a new thread. Maybe I should start a new one to explore the 3 season, 4 season and summer sleep systems folks are using.


Russell Swanson
(rswanson) - F

Locale: Midatlantic
Re: WTB: 800 fill, sub 25degree mummy on 08/30/2007 18:13:14 MDT Print View

Yeah at this point probably posting in the G Spot is better than pounding this thread in Gear Swap. As for bivvying- I don't I use a tarptent. An enclosed shelter is neccessary where I live due to bugs and I can suck up the additional pound for the convenience of a tent. Good luck finding a solution; there's a ton of info in the G Spot on this topic.

Mike Barney
(eaglemb) - F

Locale: AZ, the Great Southwest!
Re: Re: WTB: 800 fill, sub 25degree mummy on 09/01/2007 10:01:28 MDT Print View

How about a 900 fill -20 bag for $250?