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Ethics of Disposable Batteries in Cameras
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Ken Bennett
(ken_bennett) - F

Locale: southeastern usa
Using AA batteries -- comments? on 12/21/2004 17:39:24 MST Print View


I have long been a fan of digital cameras that could use AA batteries -- I could use rechargeable NiMH cells at home, and disposable Lithium AA cells on the trail. The Lithium AAs are really light, and last a long time, so I only need to carry one set for a weekend hike.

Now I am rethinking my use of disposable batteries. Frankly, I am wondering whether the envrionmental impact of disposables is worth saving a few ounces in my pack. NiMH and Lithium AAs cost the same -- about $2.50 each -- but the NiMHs can be recharged many times. The major drawback is lower capacity, so I have to carry at least one set of spares.

I'm certainly not trolling, or flaming anyone. I am simply rethinking something that I had previously decided. I would welcome any comments, or experiences with using rechargeables on the trail.

My new camera uses rechargeable lithium cells, which seem to last for several days at a time. I am carrying one spare (just in case), but I don't have the experience yet to judge how long I could hike without carrying a charger.

Thanks for your comments. I should add that photography is important to me, and I shoot a lot of pictures on a hike.

Ken Bennett

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Rick Dreher
(halfturbo) - MLife

Locale: Northernish California
To toss, or not to toss on 08/18/2005 16:06:40 MDT Print View

I can't directly compare my photography experience because virtually all my cameras use disposables, and that's that. However, with my GPS and headlamps I use NiMH batteries unless I'm taking multi-night trips where the assurance of getting by with a single disposable Li set overwhelms the rechargable option. In that sense I avoid throwing away a couple dozen batteries a year (karmic makeup for all those headlamp performance tests ;-)

Recharging in the field seems too unwieldly to be viable, at least on a saved-weight basis.

While I've not looked terribly closely, very compact digicams that use AAs and AAAs seem rare, is that the case? Most seem to use proprietary batteries that require carrying at least one extra.

p.s. The last time I was in Lowes they had a battery recycle bin that accepted everything but lead-acid.