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MLD Burn, Golite Jam 35 or GG Kumo Superlight
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Zack Moberg
MLD Burn, Golite Jam 35 or GG Kumo Superlight on 06/21/2014 12:12:14 MDT Print View

I figured this would be a fun subject to stir up and see where it leads. I've heard of a few people on the AT with its abundance of water, using a Burn for their thru hike. For most that seems a bit crazy, but it shows with careful packing and gear selection that it can be done. So let's say for the discussions sake you were going to chose one of these packs for 3-5 day trips all the way to a lightweight summer thru hike with decent water sources. They are all very similar but completely different.

Golite Jam 35 - Weight: 1lb 11oz Volume: 2135 in3, 35 LMaximum Recommended Load: 30 lbs

MLD Burn -  Weight:12oz 
• Total Maximum Volume: 1950ci main pack / 2200ci using extension collar
• Minimum Volume: 1200ci with compression bungees engaged.
• Main Pack: 1500ci
• Main Outside Pocket: 200ci
• Side Pockets: 150ci + 150ci 
• Extension Collar: 300ci
• Pack Fabric: Dyneema X (TM)
• Extension Collar: 70D Silicone Coated Ripstop Nylon

GG Kumo Superlight - Weight: Large: 14.65 oz 
Capacity - 2,200 c.i. (36 l.) total1,700 c.i. (28 l.) in main pack body/extension collar500 c.i. (8 l.) in main pocket25 lb. maximum carry capacity, but 20 lbs. is better.


Adam Sloan
(duelle) - F

Locale: Midwest
Re: MLD Burn, Golite Jam 35 or GG Kumo Superlight on 06/22/2014 13:58:53 MDT Print View

The Jam makes no sense in this comparison because it is literally double the weight of the other packs. The main thing that causes this weight difference is the hipbelt. If you want a full padding style hipbelt, go with the Jam. Otherwise, narrow your decision to the other two.

I've never used the Burn or Kumo, but have heard great things about the the Burn. Haven't heard anything either way on the Kumo. Also, if you have the means, consider getting a custom 35-40L Arc Blast, which would be around 15oz and have a better suspension.

Ian B.

Locale: PNW
Re: MLD Burn, Golite Jam 35 or GG Kumo Superlight on 06/22/2014 14:12:00 MDT Print View

I own the MLD Prophet and had a chance to try on a Burn and Murmur at the GGG this year. I've never tried the Golite Jam but would automatically exclude it from this list due to weight and the fact that I'm fine carrying a 20lb pack on my shoulders so don't need the belt.

With the other two packs, my base weight would be roughly 8lbs. With five days of food and a liter of water, my total pack weight would be close to 20lbs which again, is fine for me to carry on my shoulders. You can of course use a sleep pad and the included/optional belts to transfer some of this weight to the hips but this isn't something I need or am interested in.

Between the Burn and Kumo/Murmur, they're too close to call in my opinion and it would come down to personal preference. It would be nice to have quick access to a sit pad but I found for me personally, the Burn was more comfortable on my shoulders.

Edit to add: same goes for the Prophet which I own. If I had to order one today, I'd get it with a removable belt.

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Hiking Malto
(gg-man) - F
Easy answer on 06/22/2014 14:39:09 MDT Print View

I went from an older Golite Jam to a burn almost 4 years ago and won't look back. For your scenario of 3-5 days on the AT, I have zero trouble with volume. With a seven day carry on the PCT I had to get a bit creative for a day or two until my volume of food went down. IS a Burn right for you? You had better have a very low volume setup. Also, it helps if you make or buy food bags that fit the pack properly. The biggest negative (and advantage) of the pack is the narrow width. It is tough to pack with a full load. I made two cuben food bags sized perfectly to fit the burn. Made loading a dream.

Also, you will see VERY few Burns on the AT. I have seen one other than mine but he was a triple crowner plus.

Zack Moberg
MLD Burn on 06/22/2014 18:34:18 MDT Print View

I actually already own a Burn, I was just looking to start a debate among BPL. I stand behind the burn 100%, I just wanted to see what others feelings were. The jam 35's hip belt/pockets just look super comfy and the convenience of the accessable sit pad on the Kumo are the only debatable features in my mind..thankfully I own a sewing machine and I can make both happen. I just wanted to see others oppinions.