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Bob Marshall (early August)
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Gabe P
(Gabe) - MLife
Bob Marshall (early August) on 06/13/2014 09:44:00 MDT Print View

I'm hoping to connect with people who are interested in a 3-4 day walk through the Bob early this August. I love to packraft and fish and I have a decked Yukon and some experience, but I assume the water flow will be too low in August – but if anyone wants to incorporate packrafting into a walk, I’d love that. Maybe something like Benchmark to White River Pass and then float the White River to South Fork and on up?

At this point, since I’m planning a solo trip, but would love to hike with others, I’m thinking about something along the lines of the following, which I’ve done before (although instead of walking east of the North Wall I dropped down Switchback Pass to Pentagon Creek and then on to Spotted Bear Pass and down to the White River) and loved it. I average 25 to 30 or so miles per day on trail, but I'm open to another pace.

Day 1: Morrison Creek TH to Schafer, Dolly Varden Creek to Trilobite Lake and then to Dean Lake.
Day 2: Head by Lake Levale, walk the North Wall to Red Shale Creek and then to Spotted Bear Pass and My Lake.
Day 3: Brushy Park down the White River to the confluence of the White River and South Fork and then on to Salmon Fork. (interested also in alternate route over Pagoda Mtn)
Day 4: From Salmon Lake to Holland Lake

Anyone interested in an early August - 4 day walk through the Bob?

David Chenault
(DaveC) - BPL Staff - F

Locale: Crown of the Continent
Re: Bob Marshall (early August) on 06/13/2014 09:54:48 MDT Print View

The South Fork should be a go to float below the White in early August. The White itself will probably be too low.

From Juliet Creek below Larch Hill Pass it's pretty simple to XC up below the Wall Creek ridge and contour around the south side of Silvertip on tundra and a bit of talus. I've not done it, but it looks like it'd be fairly simple to follow the ridge south to Pagoda and the trail.

My schedule in August is pretty full, unfortunately.

Edited by DaveC on 06/13/2014 09:55:20 MDT.

Gabe P
(Gabe) - MLife
Walk through the Bob on 06/13/2014 14:49:29 MDT Print View

Dave, thanks for the advice on the White and Pagoda - I appreciate it

Do you have any favorite routes through the Bob that I should consider?

By the way, I've read through your C of the C packrafting guide a few times now. Thanks for making it available. good stuff

David Chenault
(DaveC) - BPL Staff - F

Locale: Crown of the Continent
Re: Walk through the Bob on 06/17/2014 08:27:56 MDT Print View

Thanks Gabe.

The traverse of the top of the Chinese Wall (from Larch to Haystack) I did last summer is right at the top of the list, of hikes anywhere. Being able to float the White the same day makes it pretty much unbeatable. I've only been up there once, but water availability up there in August might be an issue. I bet you'd be able to find some, but you might have to hunt a bit.

I hoping to do the top of the north wall at the end of the month.