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Strong tent stake....just one for a hexamid
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Bob Gross
(--B.G.--) - F

Locale: Silicon Valley
Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Thanks! on 05/28/2014 17:16:58 MDT Print View

There is Rust-Oleum brand specialty Glow In The Dark luminous latex paint. It comes in a 7-ounce can, so I find that handy for dipping things into it. Latex is not a hard paint, though, so sometimes I find it handy to harden it with a coating of clear fingernail polish.

There is Krylon Glowz spray paint, which comes in a 6-ounce aerosol can.

There is Glow-In-The-Dark luminous adhesive tape. This comes on a large roll, and it is often stocked by stage equipment companies. This is what they use backstage to put on all of the hard items to keep stagehands from bumping into them in the dark.

Let's take a metal shelter stake, for example. If you paint the top of it where it might be hit by a rock, then the glow stuff may disintegrate quickly. If you pick just about any other metal surface on the stake, then it will last longer. How long it lasts will also depend on how you prepare the metal surface. If you roughen up the surface with some sandpaper and then clean and dry it, that works the best.

Glow In The Dark micro cord is manufactured by the Atwood Rope Company and sold through a bazillion retailers. It is only 1.18mm in diameter, so it is not the best choice for some line locks on some shelters.


Brandon Richards
(ZenDragon) - MLife

Locale: Southern Arizona
Re: Re: Strong tent stake....just one for a hexamid on 05/29/2014 08:34:28 MDT Print View

"MSR Groundhog."

I second this statement, this is all I use. There is also a smaller lighter version called the mini-groundhog that's just a inch or two shorter but otherwise identical.

Ive used these with my Tadpole 23 (not ultralight by any means), in 30-40 mph winds in both soft and hard dirt and I've never bent one. I've still had to put rocks on them (the minis) in the super soft dirt, but otherwise ne'er a problem with them. I usually carry 6 of them, just a hair over 2oz.

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Nick Gatel
(ngatel) - MLife

Locale: Southern California
Re: Strong tent stake....just one for a hexamid on 05/29/2014 09:07:16 MDT Print View

The ground hogs or the 9" Easton stakes work best. SMC snow stakes work best in sandy soil. That being said, in the mountains I usually take titanium shepherd hooks.

John Abela
(JohnAbela) - MLife

Re: Re: Strong tent stake....just one for a hexamid on 05/29/2014 10:05:58 MDT Print View

Two years ago I got one of these from a bag that Ron Moak had sitting around that I somehow ended up with in my bag after the GGG. (yes, I offered it back to him and he just did the famous Ron laugh - which, of course, is not a laugh, but more of a sigh - giggle) I have been using it for the last two years for my Hexamid Solo, Hexamid Pocket, Skyscape X, and now my Hexamid SolPlex. I have not yet found any ground I could not drive this sucker into. Crazy inexpensive too. I bought one at my local store, as a backup, for $1.89 last month.

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Nick Gatel
(ngatel) - MLife

Locale: Southern California
Re: Re: Re: Strong tent stake....just one for a hexamid on 05/29/2014 11:23:24 MDT Print View

I have a couple dozen of those from a time long, long ago. Strong, but heavy.

Jake S
larger hook stakes on 05/29/2014 11:46:40 MDT Print View

Lawson is selling some larger ti shepherds hook stakes now. I haven't used them yet, but it right about what OP is asking for. Mix and match for different points of the shelter.

stakes on 05/31/2014 09:33:43 MDT Print View

For hard dry ground you need thin Ti stakes

For loose soft ground, you can use longer fatter stakes OR put a rock or log on your thin Ti stakes

you dont want to have to try to get the fat stakes into hard dry rocky ground.