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8-figure burner head gas stove
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Yukio Yamakawa

Locale: Tokyo,JAPAN
8-figure burner head gas stove on 08/15/2007 09:47:04 MDT Print View


最下のバーナーヘッド、Φ1.2mm brass pipe 0.3mmの銅線を巻き付けてあります。炎の安定化と拡散効果のためです。予熱パイプ部分を8字状に加工して、予熱性能を最も向上させています。重さは、約3gです。200ccを80秒で沸騰。焼きなまし、あえて行いません。強度を保持するためです。予熱性能はパイプが細いほど優秀になる傾向があります。接続チューブはΦ1mmのシリコンチューブを使っています。床面から鍋底まで、25mmぐらいが実験結果では最適です。高さ50mmまでは使えますが、あまり背が高いのは不利でしょう。

Img_1408 close up 

The burner head of the lowest, the copper wire of φ1.2mm brass pipe 0.3mm is wound. It is because of the stabilization of the flame and spread effect. Processing the preheating pipe part to 8 letter conditions, most it has improved preheating efficiency. Weight is approximately 3g. 200cc it boils in 80 seconds. Annealing, being able to meet, it does not do. Is in order to keep strength. As for preheating efficiency the extent where the pipe is thin is a tendency which becomes excellent. The connected tube uses the silicon tube of φ1mm. About 25mm with the experimental result is optimum from the floor face to bottom of a pan. You can use to height 50mm, but it probably is disadvantageous for the back to be high excessively,

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Tony Beasley
(tbeasley) - MLife

Locale: Pigeon House Mt from the Castle
re: 8-figure burner head gas stove on 08/15/2007 22:12:54 MDT Print View

Nice work Yukiosan,

your stove just keep getting smaller.


Yukio Yamakawa

Locale: Tokyo,JAPAN
Eightman stove & 1 cup-module on 08/18/2007 23:04:53 MDT Print View

Thank you! Tony

Eightman5 チタン風防 10gなどを加えると合計で、147gです。

内訳、SP300チタンカップは改良してハンドルを持ち上げ式に変更して在ります。45g。そして、自作の0.1mm厚みのフタ、およそ4gです。ステンレス製のスタンドは、7gです。ライター用のガスボンベ40g入りは缶を含んで、60gです。流量調整は事務クリップで挟む方法が簡単です。右側の赤い輪は、ガス抜き用のキャップです。赤い小物部品と共に、ボンベの同梱品です。日本では、このボンベは@¥300程度で買える一般的な商品です。1 カップモジュールとは、200mlのお湯を沸かすガス給湯システム全体を指しています。軽量な袋入り食料の場合に、加えるお湯の量は200mlで済むので、一度に沸かすのは200mlで充分です

When titanium wind prevention 10g and the like is added, it is 147g altogether system.

Breakdown, the SP300 titanium cup improving, raises the steering wheel and is modified in formula and increases. 45g. And, the cover of original 0.1mm thickness, it is approximately 4g. The stand of the stainless steel make is 7g. The chemical cylinder 40g entering for the lighter/writer including the can, is 60g. As for flow adjustment the method of putting with the office work clip is simple. The wheel where the right side is red is the cap for breathing. With the red small article part, it is the bundled item of the cylinder. In Japan, as for this cylinder it is the general commodity which can be bought with the @300 yen. 1 cup modules, it points hot water supply system to the whole gas which boils the hot water of 200ml. Because in case of the lightweight sack entering food, the quantity of the hot water which is added is sufficient 200ml, it is sufficient with 200ml to boil at one time.

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Dan Yeruski
(zelph) - MLife

Re: Eightman stove & 1 cup-module on 08/19/2007 15:59:23 MDT Print View

Very nice Yukiosan. Very well done and easily understood. Photos are very nice. You are an inspiration for future stove making, thank you!!!!


ke wu
(asidesign) - F

Locale: Block seven
great work! on 08/19/2007 20:54:49 MDT Print View

8-figure burner is real unique work and well made,it is very great for so small a gas burner to boil 200ml water only in 80 second!