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Aussie overnight list suggestions??
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Andrew :-)
(terra) - F

Locale: Sydney, Australia.
Aussie overnight list suggestions?? on 08/02/2007 01:11:35 MDT Print View

GEARLIST 2007 Snowy Mountains Hike – 2 day, 1 night. Late Autumn, Weather was sunny with very slight breeze, no rain, clear nights. Temps +18 to -1 degree Celsius. Often steep/open terrain, mostly above tree line.

Golite Gust pack 567g
Glad garbage bag packliner 36g
Montbell sleeping bag Alpine Down #5 487g
Silk s’bag liner, no stuffsacs 140g
Six Moons Europa 1125g, front pole 50g, 6 pegs wih ziplock 93g
Sleeping mat Thermarest Prolite 4 Short 459g
Thermarest coupler loop 14g
Mini first aid kit 80g
Ductape 4g
Sunblock in ziplock 25g
MSR Sweetwater Minifilter (minimised) 256g
Camelback bladder 134g
Map CMA, 1 only 54g
Petzl Tikka+ 79g
Phone Nokia 5140i (compass, torch, thermometer) 102g
Camera Canon G5, double ziplocks 533g
T’brush, deodorant, toilet paper 60g

Macpac Shell top 353g
Kathmandu shell pants 315g
Mont down vest 347g
Thermal top 145g (worn)
Thermal pant 152g
Underwear, plus change 40g each (1 worn)
Cycling coolmax liner socks 30g (worn)
Wool hiking socks 126g & spare 126g (1 worn)
Activent white sunshirt 241g (worn)
Quick-dry boardshorts 90g (worn)
Beanie, wool 74g
Peaked cap 58g (worn)
Light polypro gloves 31g
Sunglasses 26g (worn)
Trail runners 726g pair (worn)

Cooking Gear (stored in 1.5L bowl, in plastic bag)
1.5L Trangia alum/stainless bowl 205g
Alum foil bowl lid, folded 7g
Small standard Esbit stove in ziplock 90g
Fuel 6 squares @ 22g ea, in ziplock 2g = 134g
Matches 12 and flint 3g, in Esbit
Lighter Mini-Bic 13g, in Esbit
Tealight candle small 13g, in Esbit
Heatshield, rolled alum 45g
Foil base reflector, folded 5g
Leatherman SquirtP4, multi knife 60g
Soap and small scourer cube in ziplock 5g
Plastic spoon/fork 3g set
(partner re-used foam bowl from noodle lunch)

Carried weight including pack: Andrew 6220g. Partner 4485g (not including food/water).
I didn’t weigh food at the time, will do so for next trip.

Walking with partner who carried very similar personal gear but no communal gear. Instead she carried almost all our food - therefore her pack started about the same weight but became continually lighter during the trip from the first meal onward.


I could ditch the camera in less photogenic areas. But where else would you look to reduce weight. A foam mat would be lighter too. Note that I’m a student (again) and don’t want spend big just to save a couple of grams. I think the gram savings will be a little bit here and a little bit there, from trimming/tuning current items.

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ian wright
(ianwright) - F

Locale: Photo - Mt Everest - 1980
snowy Mts on 08/02/2007 03:15:30 MDT Print View

Hi. Can only suggest ditching the camelback and just take a platypus, a 2L is about 30g or so. Ya gotta take a camera but yours is a bit heavy unless it's a SLR. A nice pocket job would be about half the weight. Otherwise, realistically fine.

Andrew :-)
(terra) - F

Locale: Sydney, Australia.
Thanks for reply, I did some weighing... on 08/02/2007 20:47:07 MDT Print View

Here are some cheap/easy weight savings.
Trimmed silk s’bag liner -30g (can get light silk for $35)
Foam sleeping mat only saves 20g (its 5' long)
Don't take thermarest coupler loop -14g (oh well)
Get Platy 1.8L bladder -98g
Take headband off Petzl Tikka -22g
Don't take Camera Canon G5 -533g
Tuned T’brush, deodorant, toilet paper -30g

Get 1.5L alum bowl (not alum/s'stl) -50g
Buy BPL Ti esbit -75g
Use b'day candle not tealight -10g

Total saving: 882g (31.1oz or 1.94lb)
Total saving not including camera: 349g (12.3oz or 0.77lb)

Could use stanley blade (2g) and not take
Leatherman knife (60g) but then I need a
pot holder, as P4 has pliers. (-58g or 2oz)

Replace phone with Brunton compass-thermometer
and save another 84g (2.9oz). An option when phone
is useless due to hike with no signal.

I don't know that i'll save weight on the thermal underwear and beanie. BUT I hope to get warmer items for the same weight. The top was a thin polypro T and the bottoms were thin polypro too. The beanie is a normal woolen hat. Any suggestions?

If money wasn't a problem then the Mont-bell inner jacket would save 150gm (5.3oz) and keep me warmer.

PLus I just realised I can tune some weight out of the shell pants (unused back pocket with zipper).

BTW I weighed tags/labels off clothing, you only save about 1g per label, small tags even less.

(Edit for platy weight)

Edited by terra on 08/14/2007 03:07:41 MDT.