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AT NOBO gear list
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Allen Butts
(butts0989) - F - MLife

Locale: Northern Rockies
AT NOBO gear list on 03/04/2014 13:48:02 MST Print View

I leave for my thru hike 2 weeks from today, and I've gotten all of my gear set up and this is my final list I'm planning on taking. Without buying any new gear, I was wondering if anyone is seeing any obvious ways i can cut weight? I'm getting antsy to leave so soon and I just want to make sure I've got it dialed. Any last thoughts??

Brian Lewis
(brianle) - F

Locale: Pacific NW
Mid-March AT start on 03/05/2014 10:07:34 MST Print View

I'm hiking for about a month on the AT, starting just a few days before you, so I'm mentally dialed into this a bit now.

Overall a great list IMO. And your "winter" baseweight is well under mine, so bear that in mind.

Swapping to a lighter pack is an interesting approach; not a bad one on the AT. I'm using a Circuit myself for my ~month hike.

I'm personally not a fan of rain pants, but am bringing my light rain chaps on this one. 10 oz for rain pants seems like a bit of a hit to me, however. I'm actually bringing both chaps and rain kilt, but each of those is 1.7 oz, for a total hit of 3.4 oz, and one or the other can be mailed home separately if desired. It's admittedly not, however, a great combo to wear while washing other clothes (I also carry a light set of shorts that double as spare underwear).

Alpine Light Parka --- I own this very same item and ALMOST brought it. Looking at recent weather trends, I will instead bring a combination of R1 hoody and Ex Light down jacket. Definitely not as warm, but a flexible combo, can use the hoody on-trail. I really liked the Alpine Light Parka when I started the AT in late Feb in 2010. But the weight and bulk of some things I brought then were more than I think I'll be able to get by with starting this year March 12th.

Glove liners and rain mitts however --- you might want something more for your hands (?). I'm bringing just those things AND a pair of OR PL 400 mittens.

Shoes or boots? Bring a pair or two of breadbags if so; handy I find to put on dry socks and keep them dry for walking around in camp. Which I tend to do more on the AT, it's a more "social" trail.

Thermarest xlite --- warm enough for your start? Consider getting a 1/8" gossamer gear thinlight pad and putting it on top for the colder nights. Put it underneath on the other nights as I personally don't think that a polycro sheet will help protect from irregular shelter floors all that much. Could reduce "wearing out", but anything that could puncture an inflatable will go right through the polycro.

Why are you carrying a power cords for ipod and nook but not the items themselves? I'm not suggesting that you should carry the items ...
I do find that a very light standalone (single AAA battery) MP3 player is worth carrying, but wouldn't consider a book reader. The AT is a social trail. I can read on my phone if I want downtime in a motel or hostel.

How will you carry your phone? Keeping it handy (on a pack strap) is important to me, as it's my camera among other uses.

Deet: won't need it for a good while, can always buy along the way when you do.

Something to dig a cathole with?

You could swap out your headlamp for something lighter once you get to, say, Pearisburg.

Have a great trip!

Allen Butts
(butts0989) - F - MLife

Locale: Northern Rockies
Re: Mid-March AT start on 03/05/2014 10:42:36 MST Print View

Great advice Brian i appreciate the thoroughness. I like the idea with the bread-bags, ill bring those along. power cords were a mess up, only bringing the one for my iphone. I was thinking of using my sleep socks for some extra mitts if my hands get really cold...?

AT on 03/05/2014 21:25:22 MST Print View

well, I see a few ways to cut weight.

Ill be on the AT for about 5 days in NC in mid April with my son, and to check out some gear I plan to use on the JMT this summer.

Take only a few pages from the guide, and send the rest ahead to periodic towns in a bounce box with any other stuff you MIGHT need but dont want to carry all the time. Easily save 6 oz.

Nothing wrong with the headlamp. I use a much smaller one, even for night hiking. Depends on your intention, for just around camp I wouldnt tote 1/4 lb headlamp when <1oz will do the job.

You wont need sunglasses on the AT. You can get sunburned a little in early spring before leafout, but you dont need sunglasses. Its not like the sierra, its a forested trail.

You dont need 2 lighters. One of the other 20 people you camp with every night will have one to lend you till you get to town in 3 days if yours fails. Besides, you have matches.

I would ditch the leatherman micra, and at most bring a 0.8 oz swiss army knife

You really dont need heavy spare headlamp batteries. You are in town every couple days. Just be careful with use. My main light takes 1 AAA, and I bring one spare AAA (0.27 oz) when I do night hike. Energizer Ultimate Lithium are the most powerful and lightest btw.

Bring 2 1L water bottles, forget about the platy. You wont need that much water capacity on the AT.

Your etowah stove is very heavy. A simple cat can stove is like 0.3 oz. Even a soda can stove is~ 1oz.

have you considered a styrofoam coffee cup = 0.1 oz and can replace in any town ? if its good enough for home and office?? keep in pot to keep from getting crushed.

I have never had a problem with Ti J stakes on the AT. I use ruta locura carbon stakes for main ridgeliine of tarp though for better holding power. my 8 stakes in cuben sack weighs 1.95 oz.

If you sleep in shelters a lot, just get a piece of tyvek. it will be more durable and less hassle , doesnt blow around as easy, etc, and offer the neoair better protection.

I always have some form of CCF incase xlite fails, even if only 2 oz of pad. But bring the little patches for the Xlite too.

ditch the MSR coffee thing, use instant packets. I actually prefer the nescafe to starbucks, etc.

Probably want better hand insulation until warm weather comes.

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